Philip Banks posted a video
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Sep 1, 2013
Philip Banks left a comment for Nicole Marie
"Hello Nicole. Delighted you've joined this happy band. If you'd like the opportunity to get to know other VOs I can heartily recommend
Best wishes
Apr 7, 2013
Philip Banks posted a video
I was just experimenting with a new lens ...Blimey this took ages ..But it WAS a statement I wanted to make.
Jan 28, 2013
Philip Banks posted a video
Jan 20, 2013
Philip Banks left a comment for Leisa Jo Waller
"Delighted to know you have joined this happy band. Welcome and best wishes. Philip"
Dec 12, 2012
Philip Banks left a comment for Jamie Lee Michael Whalen
"Sorry I missed you LIVE on chat but thanks for popping up and saying hello. My VO work? Do TV promos for CNBC and CBS amongst others, commercials and anything else that lands on my desk ....It's a living."
Sep 23, 2012
Philip Banks left a comment for Fentriss O. Moore
"Delighted to hear from and thank you for the friend request. Best regards
Sep 16, 2012
Philip Banks left a comment for Lisa Leonard
"London studio. depends on your budget and location so let me know if I can  be of further help."
Aug 24, 2012
Philip Banks left a comment for Magda Botteri
"Welcome. Feel free to ask me anything. I may not know the answer but possibly will know someone who does."
Aug 12, 2012
Philip Banks commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"What a delight it was for me to spend a few minutes watching this piece."
Jun 23, 2012
Philip Banks posted a photo
Me in my posh frock
Jun 20, 2012
Philip Banks left a comment for Trecia Lovering
"Hello Trecia,
Not trying to promote anything, recruit you, sell me to you or sell you anything at all.
Just a simple hello and a good luck wish.
Jun 20, 2012
Philip Banks left a comment for Michael Santana
"Michael, thank you for the friend request."
May 3, 2012
Philip Banks posted a video
Another dull excursion in the far from popular Philip Banks internationally based Portgordon Voicer Overism coaching class teaching tutorial series.
May 1, 2012
Philip Banks posted a video
I like this promo if for no other reason than I learned something about that country.
Apr 9, 2012
Philip Banks posted a video
.....and then do a VO session for a national TV and radio campaign
Apr 3, 2012

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  • Thanks, Philip.  Appreciate the recommndation!  Hope to see you on there.  Nicole

  • Hello Philip!

    I really enjoyed talking with you today! And...

    I promise not to use the word Awesome in your presence ( Well, I will do my best )

  • Hi Philip,

    Thank you & best wishes to you too. Hope this finds you well!


  • DOH!  Voice 2010;)...

  • Thank you Mr. Banks... I appreciate the good wishes for my upcoming event and it was indeed an equal pleasure to meet you as well at Voice '08.  I trust all is well with you.  In the meantime, my nearly 5yr old twin boys have found other wiley ways of outsmarting dear ol' dad.   Best to you in life and career!



  • Thank you, thank you, Philip. New at this...the VU website, not voiceover. As an American Scotsman who was bowled over with emotion by a 2-week visit to my ancestors and your area (Ballater/Braemar/Banchory-area) in 2001, and setting up my home studio here in the SF Bay area in the US, I thought I'd attempt to open a dialogue with you to share ideas and make another friend in Scotland. My friend's parents grew up in Buckie. Don't know how all this works and don't want to do it over a website the whole world reads. Suggestions? Jay.
  • Top international voiceoverist Philip Banks, I just sent you a friend request.
  • Just accepted your friend request. Should we exchange email addresses?????
  • Thanks for getting back to me Philip. I guess I'm a wee bit accent obsessed because I now live in America and if I had $10 for every comment I've heard on my accent in the 12 years I've lived here, I'd never have to work again. I get enthuses about the Voice Over Industry then I leave it alone for a while. Maybe I should be more insistent and consistent. I'll be heading over the water in December for 20 days. London, and North Wales where my Dad now lives. Don't think I'll have time for Scotland this trip unfortunately.
  • Hi Philip,
    I'm a fellow Scot originally from just outside of Glasgow. Despite being away from the old country for many years, my accent is still intact thank goodness. Do you seem to get more work because you have an accent????? I've been broadcasting a great Celtic Music show called "Celtic & Beyond" for Ktaos Radio Station over 10 years but really want to expand on my Voice Career. Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas you could send my way ????
    Many Thanks
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