Pat Duke left a comment on Ask a Voice Doctor
"Anything wrong with gargling with Hydrogen Peroxide to help protect yourself against throat infections?  It seems to work."
Feb 29, 2012
Pat Duke commented on Voiceover Universe's video
Apr 7, 2011
Pat Duke commented on Pat Fraley's video
"Marketing. Genius!"
Feb 5, 2011
Pat Duke commented on Terry Daniel's video
"Wow! Great singing Terry!!!! Wonderful. Really Awesome. YOU NAILED IT!!!!!! Are you sure about this VO thing?"
Mar 16, 2010
Pat Duke left a comment for Natalie Duke
"My bad. Guess it's somebody else I'm related to. Hey, where did you get that amazing photo of you in NYC???"
Apr 21, 2009
Pat Duke left a comment for Natalie Duke
"Are you by any chance related to a famous tri-coastal voiceover superstar?"
Apr 21, 2009
Pat Duke left a comment for Pat Fraley
"Hey Pat! Under equipment you list a 'taut sting'? Wasn't that a Redford Newman movie? -Pat Duke"
Dec 30, 2008
Pat Duke left a comment for ARU Chicago
"ARU is simply the ass-kickingest place to record in Chicago, the best of everything audio with the bestest engineers on the planet, plus they have this mega-hot chick there who greets you when you step off the elevator and basically is the…"
Oct 14, 2008
Pat Duke left a comment for Natalie Duke
""dropped a principle character"? Tell them what character you play and 'dropped' doesn't work for me. I'd say I am so and so in Sacred II
Other than that... COOL BEANS! whatever that means...

Jeff McNeal is my buddy in LA voice of KNBC"
Oct 14, 2008

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  • The movie was actually, "Blue Orbs and Fried Chicken Face." Not BO profits. PF
  • BFF's forever Pat!
  • Hey! let me know what you think of my profile. and the ARU profile. and get me some friends!!
  • Welcome, Pat. Nice to see you made it here.
  • Pat,


    Rick Party, founder
  • Welcome to the Universe, Pat! So nice to have you join us. You'll like it here!

    You are also invited to join my group, Positive Thinkers UNITE. Just click on GROUPS, choose Positive Thinkers UNITE and join! We'd love to see you there!

    Best of luck to you,

    Penny Abshire
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