Mutt left a comment for Penny Abshire
"Enjoy yourself tonight! Say hi to my friend Jon Taylor if you see him and thanks so much for the sweet words about my doggy lover passing on. Nice to know you thought about her.

:)) Mutt"
Sep 2, 2009
Mutt left a comment for Penny Abshire

Got a new web site theme and a new commercial demo done. Would love to hear what your thoughts are...and always be brutal!!

Go to

Hope all is good out there with ya!

Sep 2, 2009
Mutt left a comment for Penny Abshire

Thank you very much for checking in and up on me. Yes the last few months have been very good! My business is blooming right before my very eyes but still have yet to get any attention from the agents you suggested I send to.

Sure would be…"
May 11, 2009
Mutt left a comment for Robin Wolf

Hopefully at home you're just as smiley and even more fun to be around than you were during the good old days when we worked in the same building. Even when you were pissed you had a smile on your face which says alot about your level of…"
Mar 18, 2009
Mutt left a comment for Luis Acevedo

Thanks for reaching out to me hermano! It has been a good year. January set the bar pretty high and so far each month is getting better and better. VO is just like sales. The more time you put into it. The more patience you have and the more…"
Mar 18, 2009
Mutt left a comment for Frank James Bailey
"Thanks for the nice words about my trailer reads bro...I appreciate the kudos!"
Nov 24, 2008
Mutt left a comment for Joey Pepin

When you say promo agents, not coming from the industry Im not sure what you mean? Where would I begin to find them? I'm not normally so useless....but my mommy always taught me to ask questions so you dont waste your time.

Thanks for…"
Oct 8, 2008
Mutt left a comment for Joey Pepin
"Wow...Joey the clarity of your demo's are amazing! Im jealous! Thanks for the nice words and the advice. It is taken to heart, and I look forward to talking with you sometime over a phone. I know most people dont use them these days living in a…"
Sep 24, 2008
Mutt left a comment for Joe Cipriano

About 6 months ago when I lost my radio gig you took the time to write me back with some great advice, and I just wanted to say thanks for showing that there still is a few classy guys left in this industry.

All the best

Mark Summers"
Sep 22, 2008
Mutt left a comment for Jimmy Steele
"Jimmy...good seeing you at R&R last week!

I really enjoyed our geeky studio tech talk out on the smoking deck and followed your advice about joining this elite group.

Look forward to hearing some feedback from you.

Take care

Mark Summers
AKA Mutt"
Sep 22, 2008

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  • Hi Mutt!

    I'd love to hear your new demo and see your website. I'm in LA for the Don La Fontaine VO Lab Fund Raiser tonight, but I'll take and look and listen when I get back next week! I already know they are brilliant!!

    I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your dog. It's always painful to lose a friend. Just concentrate on all the wonderful times you had together and the memories you made and it will get you through it.

    Many hugs,

  • Hi Mutt!

    I have heard from you for so long.....How are things going. It sounds like you're plenty busy these days. Any luck with the Atlanta agent?

    Just listened to your TV spots - they are great, kid! I especially like the one for the vet. What a great character voice!


  • You are so sweet, I missed working with professionals like you too. That's why I isn't what it once was. I'm happy, healthy and have a great hubby and kids...vo is going better than expected. Please if you need anything, hubby is a radio engineer, let me know!
  • Hey Mutt, read your posts regarding dry vs. wet auditions...Would love to hear how things are going. You have an awesome voice bro...How is the job situation? later man... Luis
  • So good to see you. I've been at this for a little over a out of the rat race and staying home with my baby boy and teenager. Let me know if you need anything.
  • Finally had time to listen to your is my critique (100% honest...and nothing but and you know that) I don't think you should have anything but you first. You have this clip of someone or something else cut out that beginning audio it's not needed? Perhaps I"m wrong, but I know that's standard in most.

    I like the your first trailer, but I don't know that you need the whole trailer do you? It would be nice if there was a little more difference between the first and the did soften your voice but the read is the exact same...I might not be an expert on the trailer demo, but my experience always says I'd have your third clip in the second position to give more variety..the second one is repetitive to the first in rythum and the third read....
    I think you should shorten the clips a bit (the first one), then go to clip 3, keep it about the lenght it is cause it has more variety, then go with read 2 (shorter clip) then with clip 4 as it is...

    I like it....good job...What is the time Mutt? Also I wonder if you could have cut a bit out of each one and had room for one other read that I would have loved to have done with do have some good variety here already and your voice sounds great...they did a good job on production...I would change the order though...

    I would have more of a comedy spot either as the extra one I'm referring to, or in replace of number 2....or you could do a wicked romance one....then you'd have a really nice range...

    K, that's enough...that's my two cents. DId you send to Bob Bergen....I'd recommend some other names to you like Beau Weaver, Don Morrow, but I don't know if they critique demos for free or not so I don't want to refer unless I know for sure...Bob is great though and knows the industry better than I.

    Great very proud
  • I'm no expert when it comes to doing movie trailers but what I hear of your stuff sounds awesome!

  • Yo, it was nice meeting you too. Austin & smokes seem to go hand in hand. Looking forward to staying in touch!
  • Mutt-

    I mean that there are some agencies that have a strong promo department, mostly in LA or NY. One big NY Promo agent is Atlas. LA is SBV. There are a host of others but for that kind of work, stick to LA and NY.
    Check out their voiceover reels at it's a huge database of voice demos and top agents.

    Promo's being 'Imaging' for TV.
  • I like phones too. Check out my contact info @
    I look forward to shootin' the Sh#$
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