Mike Pongracz left a comment for Jodi Krangle
"Hey Jodi! Thanks for lookin' me up. You're up in Newmarket huh? - I grew up in Stouffville, and spent many a weekend at Upper Canada Mall as young'n. Definitely keep in touch - my e-mail contact info is on my website!
May 25, 2010
Mike Pongracz left a comment for Patrick Sweeney
"Hey thanks Patrick!

Very excited about the opportunity to just focus on my voice career now. It's been a long time coming and I just needed that extra little 'push'; fortunately it came from my family!

Love the networking lunch idea - send me more…"
May 17, 2010
Mike Pongracz posted a video
Very excited to be the voice of this new campaign for a restaurant I LOVE to frequent. Thanks to the great crew at Syndicate Sound in Toronto for a FANTASTIC job on this.
Apr 22, 2010
Mike Pongracz left a comment for Donald James
"Donald! Wise words my friend...wise words... :-) Thanks for the note pal!"
Dec 10, 2009
Mike Pongracz posted a video
Just got this back from the production house. A little TV spot I did in which I got to leap outside my comfort zone. Nothing better than a client who takes a chance on a voicetalent!
Oct 29, 2009
Mike Pongracz posted a video
Oct 28, 2009
Mike Pongracz left a comment for LindZ
"Happy Birthday LindZ!"
Oct 20, 2009
Mike Pongracz left a comment on Canadian Voice Actors
"Hey y'all! I'm needing to look into getting an ISDN line in my house, but from what I hear, getting a hold of the right ear at Bell can be tricky. Any fellow Canadian VO talent have ISDN in their house, and maybe some info as to who you talked to…"
Aug 28, 2009
Mike Pongracz left a comment for Rick Marcil
"Hey Rick! No I'm afraid I'm not related to a Peter Pongracz. I'm sure somewhere down the bloodline there's a distant relation, but not an immediate one. LOL!

Aug 4, 2009
Mike Pongracz left a comment for Garnet Williams
"Hi Garnet! I'm not here to sell you on anything.........except for Mary Brown's Chicken....MMMMMMMMMMMMMMm.......that sh&t is tha' mad note Silent Bob!"
Apr 23, 2009
Mike Pongracz left a comment for Luis Acevedo
"Hey Luis!

Not sure what your sound card/audio input setup is, but here's how I have mine setup. It's probably more complex than it needs to be but it works best in my situation.

I have my microphone/preamp patched straight into my MBox. I then run…"
Apr 3, 2009
Mike Pongracz left a comment for L.A. Lanier
"Welcome to the site! This is a great place :-)"
Jan 26, 2009
Mike Pongracz left a comment for Dave McRae
"Dave! Greetings fellow VOX'er! You are gonna love this site - the peeps here are really positive and it's already turning out to be a great resource when it comes to a whack of stuff.

All the best dude!
Jan 4, 2009
Mike Pongracz left a comment on Canadian Voice Actors
"Feeling nice and patriotic this morning...and nothing better than having a post reside right next to the legendary Norm Foster :-)!"
Dec 1, 2008
Mike Pongracz left a comment on Positive Thinkers UNITE!
"Thanks Nancy - the really silly part in hindsight is that my condition wasn't nearly as bad as you'd expect. In fact, in comparison to some I've seen, it would be considered non existant. But it was the few people who pointed it out at the time…"
Nov 30, 2008
Mike Pongracz left a comment on Positive Thinkers UNITE!
"Well put my fellow countryman...well put!

thanks dude!
Nov 28, 2008

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  • Hi and sorry for the delay in responding. I rarely check this account. Great to be connected with you. Check out my YT Channel when you get a chance: https://www.youtube.com/user/FamousTVvoice?feature=mhee


    Donald James

  • :) Glad we could connect, Mike! I actually grew up in the Bayview & Sheppard area (I remember Bayview Village when it was a strip mall and they still had a Kmart. I worked at just about every store there as a teenager. :D ) - but I've come to truly appreciate Newmarket the long I live here. Hope to see you at a VO TO gathering at some point. All the best, -- Jodi
  • Hey there, Mike! I see Pat has already contacted you. :) I regularly attend the VO TO meetings also and it would be great to see you there! (Love your Green Day impression!! :D) I also recognize a number of the commercials you've done. Fantastic! Well done. And congrats on the move to full time!
  • Great demos Mike. You have a lot of talent to offer out there. I'm sure you will be very successful. Next lunch we are targeting for is Monday, June 14th 12 noon at Frog & Firkin at Yonge and Sheppard. Drop me a note at pat@patsvoice.com so we can stay in touch Mike. Good luck moving forward.

  • Good luck Mike! Hope the full time move into VO is a huge success!!!
  • Mike, just wanted to congratulate you on the move into VO fulltime. I can very much relate to what you are doing as I too am doing the same thing. Having fun doing it too. Lets stay in touch as I live in TO as well. Continued good luck. If interested, I organize a VO Networking lunch every 3 months in Toronto. Let me know if you are interested in joining us. Continued good luck with your VO career.

  • Mike, take it from someone who’s owned over a hundred grand in top end mics; The best mic is the one that sounds best on you!” Michael Jackson's Thriller album broke all kinds of records and yet most of the tracks were recorded with a Shure SM-7 … ‘get what I’m saying? With more than one U47, an Elam 251, M-149, M269c, TLM103 and a bunch of others having been in my collection, the one mic that continued to work best FOR ME is the MKH-416. So get your hands on as many mics as possible and try them out, you might be surprised which one sounds best.

    I hope you dont mind the coment.


    Donald James
  • Hi Mike,
    I went to the University of Lowell 1974 - 1978 with a Peter Pongracz- are you related?
  • You rock Mike...Thx bro...looking forward to the pics and I guess I will get one of those adapters for the 1/8 to 1/4. I might have my mixer set up diff. My Emu1616 breakout box is not connected to the mixer at all. IT goes straight to my computer's sound card. Curious about your set up pics though..thx bro...
  • Mike...hey bro...you probably will not get this for a while but...I need some help brother...with you know who...yes, THAT-1, know who I'm talking about? ha ha...Well, I read your post that you had one so I need help hooking it up. I have a Behringer Xenyx1204 mixer and I am not sure where to hook it into. The only plugs that would fit the input and output of THAT-1 is in the CD/TAPE input and output...is that where you connect you know who, THAT-1? let me know bro... you can email me directly at acevedo.luis@hotmail.com Love your demos BTW....great job...
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