Mike Hudson left a comment on Voices of Colors
"Just read that the homeless voiceover guy, Ted Williams, has been offered a two year deal by the Cleveland Cavaliers.  I'm happy for Ted but not sure what all the hoopla says about the industry.  How do you Voices of Colors feel about this?  Should…"
Jan 10, 2011
Mike Hudson left a comment for Jerry L. Withers
"Hi Jerry,
Happy holidays to a fellow SAGGITARIUS.
Dec 21, 2010
Mike Hudson left a comment on Voices of Colors
"Check out Rodney Saulsberry's Vocal Warmups. They're often among Voiceover Universe's videos. Start out slow and build up your speed. That works the mouth and helps with diction. Musical scales is a great way to warm up the voice, I've found. And…"
Dec 1, 2010
Mike Hudson commented on Rick Party's video
"Good stuff!"
Nov 22, 2010
Mike Hudson left a comment on Voices of Colors
"Good question and, not being white, one I can't answer. I will say that it sometimes is easier to think of creating an ethnic range if you think in terms of class instead of race. A black scientist is likely to speak differently than a black…"
Sep 9, 2010
Mike Hudson left a comment on LET'S TALK! PROMOS AND TRAILERS
"How long should a promo demo be?"
Aug 16, 2010
Mike Hudson left a comment for Keith "ERQ" Erquhart
"Happy B'Day ERQ. It seems we have covered the same territory. I have worked in both Detroit (WWJ & WJR) as well as Chicago. All the best to you."
Jul 20, 2010
Mike Hudson left a comment for Lowell Deo
"Okay, Lowell. Where do I send the check?"
Jul 8, 2010
Mike Hudson left a comment for Marlon Hogg
Thanks for the encouragement and for joining Voices of Colors. Log in and share your experiences."
Jul 7, 2010
Mike Hudson left a comment for Tracy Ann Johnson
Thanks for the encouragement. See you in September."
Jul 7, 2010
Mike Hudson left a comment for David Marc
Thanks for the encouragement. Sorry we didn't get to meet at Voice. Next time!"
Jul 7, 2010
Mike Hudson left a comment for Hélène Janover
Thanks for the encouragement. You've got a great sound. How' business out in San Fran?"
Jul 7, 2010
Mike Hudson left a comment for Martin Scott
Thanks for the compliment. I like what you're doing with your web site. The link to other voices is very generous of you."
Jul 7, 2010
Mike Hudson left a comment for Lowell Deo
Thanks for the kind words concerning the video. I appreciate you."
Jul 6, 2010
Mike Hudson posted a video
Jul 5, 2010
Mike Hudson left a comment for Kaye Dunaway
"Happy Birthday Kaye,
And by the way, you might want to sign up for my group, Voices of Colors, where we kick around issues of interests to people of color in this business.
All the best,
Jun 25, 2010

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  • Greeting, My name is Sandra, I'm pleased to meet you I looked through your profile and I decided to write you message to inform you that I am interested in you please contact me at (sandra10colly@gmail.com) so I can send you my pictures and details about myself.Ok
  • awesome work Mike!

  • Hay Mike just leaving you a message again. This is Noel the kid from Broawrd that you left a message for. I was wondering if the offer was still open, if so you can call me at 954-439-4042 or contatc me on the web...

  • Hey Mike!

    Its Randi, you sent me a Happy Birthday sentiment months ago and I just haven't been on the website in a while...But thank you and I remember you doing the quiet storm in Chi at WGCI....I started at GCI in 1994 doing an internship with the Doug Banks show and then came back to start producing and eventually on air....but I would love to keep in touch with you...and I want to join Voices of Color....tell me how....

    Ive started taking voice classes again at Bosco Productions....

  • Hey Mike,


    I saw your website. Looks great and very effective. Who did it (if you don't mind me asking)? I'm looking around for a web designer.




  • If you can't reach me on VU, then my numb. is 954-439-4042

  • Hi Mike, this is Noel again, if the offer is still open i am free.

  • Compliments of the new year Mike. 2011's going to be a good year. May all that you've been wishing for come your way this year.

    Take Care..........................

  • Is the “Voices of Colors.” still open? I have been busy with wrok and school, so I
    have some free time if the offer is still open.
  • Thanks for the comments. I've re-edited my VO commercial demo. It can be heard on my page. Have a great rest of the year!
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