Michael Schoen left a comment for KC Cady
"thanks for the connection K-C"
Jun 8, 2011
Michael Schoen left a comment for Lisa Tharp Hurst
"Oh, Lisa, how are things in Cupertino? and is Tino there? Greetings from NYC on the occasion of your birthday (and mine) since we share that birthdate."
Jun 8, 2011
Michael Schoen left a comment for Cherokee Cillie
"Happy Birthday Cherokee (June 8th 2011) we share a birthday."
Jun 8, 2011
Michael Schoen left a comment for kimberly ann klasnic
"Happy Birthday June 8th, 2011. We share a birthday!
Michael Schoen"
Jun 8, 2011
Michael Schoen left a comment for Josey Miller
"Hi Josey
Great to see you here!"
Jan 1, 2011
Michael Schoen left a comment for Edie Magnus
"Hi Edie
Glad we are friends here on VU. I am sure we met at CBS, NY back in the day. I always enjoyed your work. Anything I can do to help -- get in touch."
Nov 10, 2010
Michael Schoen commented on Michael Schoen's video
"Alice -- I owe you a critique of your new demos -- will do soonest.
Hang in -- we'll figure it out.
welcome to VU!"
Oct 29, 2010
Michael Schoen left a comment for Cynthia Holloway
"Hi Cynth
Nice to see you here on the VU!"
Sep 23, 2010
Michael Schoen left a comment for Marissa Leinart
"Hi Marissa!!
Great to find you here.
I hope you have been paid for that "you know what" job!
..and hope you are well.
May 21, 2010
Michael Schoen posted a video
Johnson and Johnson has been a longtime client of mine.I used to have to travel to their TV studio in New Brunswick, New Jersey to voice for them -- (and a patch from the west coast) but now, I do it in my home studio.
Feb 28, 2010
Michael Schoen left a comment for Tammy Trujillo
"Hi Tammy,
Welcome to the voiceover universe -- lots here about the industry and a few friends from your past!
Sep 21, 2009
Michael Schoen left a comment for Will Lyman
Thanks for the note about "Tide of Tears" -- just had it's L-A (not LA) premiere earlier this month.
I got one yesterday you'll appreciate. The spec was for Will Lyman combined with a touch of John Cusak! How'd they come up with that!"
Aug 28, 2009
Michael Schoen left a comment for Dave Steele
"Thanks for the add Dave --nice to be connected with you"
Aug 13, 2009
Michael Schoen left a comment for Nancy Wolfson
"Welcome as member 3000!
Great to see you here!"
Aug 7, 2009
Michael Schoen left a comment for Erin deWard
"Hi Erin and welcome neighbor.
I am in Grand View on Hudson, just down the road from you.
Very Nice voice.
Welcome to Voiceover Universe.
Need anything, get in touch.
Aug 4, 2009
Michael Schoen left a comment for Sheryl Lee Ralph
"Hi Sheryl Lee,
Caught your July 4th hit on CNN from New Orleans -- you were great! Love your enthusiasm. Good luck with your new show!
Jul 4, 2009

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  • Hey Michael...sounds like you have wonderful things going on....congrats!!
  • Hey Michael! Yeah, small world, huh? How have you been?
  • Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the compliment. With Audacity, do you need an M-audio box? What equipment is needed for Audacity?
  • Hi Michael,

    I read that you use Audacity. Do you need some sort of M-audio box in order to use that program? I'm currently struggling with Pro Tools 8. It's very confusing and seems to be way more than I need.

  • Hi Michael!
    That's so funny you remember the newstand! That was Voices Voicecasting first office (corner of Laurel Cyn. and Moorpark)..good times! We're still in Studio City, just down the way from the old newstand....Anyway, thanks for the note and maybe we'll meet again....
  • Thanks for the welcome! I was wondering if you could listen to my demos I JUST posted. Feel free to join into the free chat with me and let me know! I'm anxious to get feedback from anyone willing to give it! BE BRUTAL! It's the only way I'll learn.

    Again, thanks!
  • Hey Michael -- great to see you as well. Ah yes ... I remember that session we did at a place "not to be named" :) Hope 2009 is treating you great!!
  • I like all your demos! You sound awesome!

  • I have some questions for you, but can't seem to find a way to send a message without everyone being able to see it. I'm a VU newbie. is there a way? or can you give me your email address? thanks. jenjiles@aol.com
  • Thanks so much for your lovely comment. though working at Radio City was memorable, I like this part of the biz much better! easier on the back!
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