Michael Oldham updated their profile photo
May 14, 2021
Michael Oldham updated their profile photo
May 14, 2021
Michael Oldham left a comment for Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst
"Hi Dan. I've been in the VO industry for about 2 years. I have a 16 year background in Radio. I've been out that industry for about 10 years. I am now on internet radio from 3p-6p. My stage name is "Magic" Mike Young. The staion is…"
Mar 9, 2011
Michael Oldham left a comment for Rodney Jackson
"Thank you Rodney. I most certainly will. I hope you enjoy what's remaining of your Thanksgiving Holiday weekend."
Nov 28, 2010
Michael Oldham left a comment for Diane Merritt
"Thank you Diane. I've just witnessed one of my greatest B-days ever! Thank you so much for your well wishes. Peace and Love. Michael."
Nov 25, 2010
Michael Oldham left a comment for BOB NOBLE
"Bob, that was so awesome. Thank you for this special Birthday wish and song. I'd give it a Grammy!!! Have a a great day. Michael"
Nov 23, 2010
Michael Oldham left a comment for Penny Abshire
"I appreciate the love. Getting these beautiful comments are more valuable than receiving monetary gifts. I feel honored."
Nov 23, 2010
Michael Oldham left a comment for Penny Abshire
"Penny, thank you for the well wishes on my Birthday. Athough I'm 46 today, I feel 20 years younger. Perhaps life is just begining for me lol."
Nov 23, 2010
Michael Oldham left a comment for Rodney Jackson
"Rodney, thanks for the well wishes on my Birthday. 46 years and counting."
Nov 23, 2010
Michael Oldham commented on Rodney Saulsberry's video
"Hi Rodney,
Great interview. Keep up the great work. Talk to you soon.
May 19, 2010
Michael Oldham left a comment for Mike Hudson
Thanks for the invite into your Voices of Color Group. I'm sorry it took me so long to respond back to you. I will definitely check it out.
Mar 20, 2010
Michael Oldham left a comment for Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst
"Thank you Dan. I will certainly check out your Marketing Group. My applogies for taking so long to respond back. I haven't been on the site for a while."
Mar 20, 2010
Michael Oldham posted a video
Written, produced, and edited by Michael Oldham
Jun 1, 2009
Michael Oldham posted a video
Oakland Raiders/NFL Films slide presentation.
May 24, 2009
Michael Oldham posted photos
Mar 15, 2009
Michael Oldham left a comment for Randy Thomas
"Thank you so much Randy. I'm headed for the Post Office right now. It's only 5 minutes from my home. By the way, thanks for listening and for the kudos. I'm new at Voice Overs, but I have about 20 years of radio experience as an On Air Talent,…"
Mar 7, 2009

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  • birthday_smileSML.png

    Happy Birthday, Michael!

    I hope it’s your very best one yet!!! Make it a great, positive day!




  • Hi Mike,
    How kind of you to contribute. Her address is 827 NW 79 Terrace
    Plantation FL 33324
    bless you!
    btw. You sound great!
  • Hey Mike,

    I'm so glad that you like my motivational CD! It's doing very well around the world. We have to continue to spread the word. I'm in the process now of making radio and television spots for the CD. Keep a look out for the commercials. Have a great week Mike.
  • Hi Mike -
    Thanks for the encouragement and the recommendations! I'll be sure to pass that along to my Mom.

    We'll have to keep in touch from time to time. I'd love to know how your journey into the VO industry is turning out.
  • Hi Mike -
    Yes, this site is great. I am not even in the voiceover industry, but Rick was gracious enough to invite me to join after we crossed paths on a website that I run.

    I am interested in issues surrounding voice and understand how people use their voices. This interest is because of Mom has a vocal disorder and, thus, has very limited ability to speak.

    Anyway, it is really great to see a fellow Central Floridian on the site!

    Take care and best wishes in the industry!
    ~ Andrea
  • Hi Michael...try to stay safe and dry down there. Yes, I have plenty of advice for transitioning from radio to voice over. I'd suggest you start by picking up a copy of Secrets of Voice Over Success by Joan Baker. You can buy it at any online bookseller. Proceeds go to Alzheimer's Research. I talk about my transition from radio and so do a few other voice over people. It's a good read. I think you'll like it. Joe
  • That sounds great Michael! Success to you on your journey!
    I like that call center movie rated-R...LOL funny stuff.

    Ladie Mo$t...
  • Great to meet you Michael=) Life is always about lessons and sharing...and we all do a pretty good job of it here in the "V-U"!

    1yr subscription to V123=$300.00
    becoming a member of VOICEOVER UNIVERSE=PRICELESS!!!

    Ladie Mo$t...
  • Michael,
    Live the dream. This is a great place to absoarb lots of information from people doing what you want to do -- and you will find the community very suuportive. The rest is up to you.
    Best of luck
  • Most definitely Rodney. I wish I was could attend the event you guys have up in San Fran with Susan Berkley. I have a very hectic schedule right now...working 12-13 hour days. I am a new member of her Inner Circle Program. I look forward to learning to become a student of this business. Thanks again. Michael.
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