Michael Bell left a comment for Edward Dalmas
Sounds like you are on a role.Thanks for the kudos for Raz.
If you decide to continue studying vo animation contact me at brooklynboymike@gmail.com and let me know if you are interested in attending my one day VO seminar MAY 2nd in Burbank.
Mar 28, 2009
Michael Bell left a comment for katie leigh
In fact after a looooong sabatical, I have decided to teach another class or 2. Oddly enough
about 40 people have approached me in in 08 asking if I would teach and I was sooo
wrapped up in other projects I just couldn't committ. However, I…"
Feb 6, 2009
Michael Bell left a comment for Craig Crumpton
Yup, thas me! As to hiring you for the project, I will keep the possibility in mind IF and WHEN the project gets a go
ahead from the interested company. Right now we are in the Demo stage.
In the meantime, all the voices will have to be…"
Jan 12, 2009
Michael Bell left a comment for Bryan Cox
This page is getting crowded. No room for dour or cranky.
Thanks for appreciating my humour.
Oct 26, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Parry P
"Hey Parry,
Can't see how with your energy and talent you will miss some of the gold rings left in the game. I will give you a call next week and if I can help you move in the right direction, so be it. In the meantime catch those Sat morning…"
Oct 25, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Michael Murphy
"Hey Mike,
When that break comes, just be prepared. Keep listening to the pros and plagerize. You own brand will shine through.
Jeez, I sound like DePak.
Oct 21, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Bob Bergen
Several VO actors have awakened after a night of revelry with a chubby stranger resembling Oscar Homolka only to find they were minus a uvula.
I'm thinking PF ( you know who I mean ). Don't drink anything he offers you that doesn't have a…"
Oct 18, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Chad Brannon
If your name was Murray or Herb, would you have turned out different?
Welcome aboard.
Sep 17, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for katie leigh
"Hey girl,
Nice to have you aboard this vo hot spa.
Sep 17, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Jay Lerner
Consider me friendly. How much do you need?
Sep 15, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Ron Knight
"Hey Ron,
Good to see your voice.
Sep 10, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Michael Bell
"Bravo Mike! Ya done it.
Time to get neutered.
Sep 9, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Charles Rengel
I appreciate the sentiment. I am glad however I decided not to become a mime. I wouldn't want it on my concience that I influenced you in any way to follow in my silent foot steps."
Sep 9, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Lynnanne Zager
There you are. Wondering when I would see you.
Sep 7, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Bill Jurney
"Hey Bill,
Thanks for the welcome.
Sep 3, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Joey Pepin
"Hola Joey,
Thanks for the welcome. NIce to be part of the family.
Aug 29, 2008

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  • I noticed on this website an opportunity to welcome you to VO Universe. I really just joined today, so I would like to say hi, and it's a real joy to be on a site with one of the most versatile & talented voices in the biz.
  • Yeah...I admit it I was one of those weird kids who watched the Saturday morning cartoons in the 70's as much for the voices as for the entertainment. I wish I could have been there in animation's heyday. My kids give me grief, because when I buy the Warner Bro's DVD's I have to watch the special features first...lol.

    Anyway...From one Michael to another, I hope I can live up to the standards you have set.

    Talk Soon,
  • Hello Michael and welcome. Hope to see you soon.
  • Michael Bell, dude! Man, I haven't seen you in a billion years. Of course, I haven't seen most anybody in this biz in a billion years... damn ISDN. I hope you're doing well. TC
  • At 1:40am on August 8th, 2008, Michael Bell said…
    Mmmmm. Chicago. Love the windchill off the lake. Freezes the snot in your nose. I'll never forget it.

    But just think how warm and toasty you'll be inside your new jacket!

    Pizza's on me if you ever make the trek. Oh, and the popcorn. Nothing like Garrett's popcorn. Just ask anyone from Chi-town. Sent some to Bob Bergen and he can attest to the cheezy, yellow-fingered goodness!
  • Can't imagine how your old coat got into an altercation with a cuisinart but that must've been one BA jacket!

    The gift your wife and daughter got you for your birthday is sooo cool! Sounds like just the perfect gift. They must've searched high and low to find something like that for you. I'm lucky if the hubby picks me up a card and whatever he can find at the Walgreens. It's usually cough drops or wiper fluid.-- Just kidding! But seriously, that is one cool and thoughtful gift.

    And about winter, just come to Chicago. We've got plenty of it to share. PLEASE COME TAKE SOME AWAY!!!! It's all yours!!!!!

    Glad the Big Seven "O" was terrific for you!
  • I found your Mel Blanc story on YouTube and re-posted it here on my page at Voiceover Universe. Funny stuff!
  • Heres a memory for you --your lovely wife used to visit us at London Optical in Tarzana when I owned the establishment and was not so devoted to audio publishing and voice over..
  • That's funny because when I told my husband about the hot knife... you said, he threw me against wall-I missed it- and cracked the window instead.Now we have a new cost and he never had his way with me:(

    Please do a short soon in NYC!

    I'll be waiting with bait breath-

  • On My God,


    YOU are Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hilarious! I would anything to work with you! You're daughter must love every New York minute with you- speaking of New York-that's where I live not LA damn It!:)
    I thought what you proposed sounded fun-but alas I’m AFTRA,SAG & EQUITY so I miss out again to not living in LA but not necessarily being union. I do have a VO LA agent though at TGMD but other than that my carcass resides in NYC with pit stops in LA!
    It’s so great to bump noses-You sound like a fabulous person-I hope to one day meet and do something fabulous union wise together- you hot fork dipped in lava-

    Hugs to you!

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