Michael Bell left a comment for Edward Dalmas
Sounds like you are on a role.Thanks for the kudos for Raz.
If you decide to continue studying vo animation contact me at brooklynboymike@gmail.com and let me know if you are interested in attending my one day VO seminar MAY 2nd in Burbank.
Mar 28, 2009
Michael Bell left a comment for katie leigh
In fact after a looooong sabatical, I have decided to teach another class or 2. Oddly enough
about 40 people have approached me in in 08 asking if I would teach and I was sooo
wrapped up in other projects I just couldn't committ. However, I…"
Feb 6, 2009
Michael Bell left a comment for Craig Crumpton
Yup, thas me! As to hiring you for the project, I will keep the possibility in mind IF and WHEN the project gets a go
ahead from the interested company. Right now we are in the Demo stage.
In the meantime, all the voices will have to be…"
Jan 12, 2009
Michael Bell left a comment for Bryan Cox
This page is getting crowded. No room for dour or cranky.
Thanks for appreciating my humour.
Oct 26, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Parry P
"Hey Parry,
Can't see how with your energy and talent you will miss some of the gold rings left in the game. I will give you a call next week and if I can help you move in the right direction, so be it. In the meantime catch those Sat morning…"
Oct 25, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Michael Murphy
"Hey Mike,
When that break comes, just be prepared. Keep listening to the pros and plagerize. You own brand will shine through.
Jeez, I sound like DePak.
Oct 21, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Bob Bergen
Several VO actors have awakened after a night of revelry with a chubby stranger resembling Oscar Homolka only to find they were minus a uvula.
I'm thinking PF ( you know who I mean ). Don't drink anything he offers you that doesn't have a…"
Oct 18, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Chad Brannon
If your name was Murray or Herb, would you have turned out different?
Welcome aboard.
Sep 17, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for katie leigh
"Hey girl,
Nice to have you aboard this vo hot spa.
Sep 17, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Jay Lerner
Consider me friendly. How much do you need?
Sep 15, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Ron Knight
"Hey Ron,
Good to see your voice.
Sep 10, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Michael Bell
"Bravo Mike! Ya done it.
Time to get neutered.
Sep 9, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Charles Rengel
I appreciate the sentiment. I am glad however I decided not to become a mime. I wouldn't want it on my concience that I influenced you in any way to follow in my silent foot steps."
Sep 9, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Lynnanne Zager
There you are. Wondering when I would see you.
Sep 7, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Bill Jurney
"Hey Bill,
Thanks for the welcome.
Sep 3, 2008
Michael Bell left a comment for Joey Pepin
"Hola Joey,
Thanks for the welcome. NIce to be part of the family.
Aug 29, 2008

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  • Oh I missed your birthday! I suck! And it was a big one too.

    Well, a happy belated birthday to you! I hope you were showered with tons of great gifts and love.

    And cake. Gotta have that birthday cake!
  • I'm a huge fan of yours for many, many years!

    I enjoyed watching you at the 2007 Comic Con VO panel.
  • Just saw your productions!! Very Funny-- Great Job!! So let understand what your point is... AFTRA isn't that great?
  • LOL...thanks Michael. Funny stuff about our buddy Howard :-)
    Re: Ashley....I met the lovely Ashley in Maui a couple of years ago. She was on holiday with a good friend of my daughters. She's a very sweet, talented and smart person. In my humble opinion. :-)
  • How funny, Mike, I watched Mark Rylance many times at the RSC while growing up back in London - a favorite of mine and many Londoners. James. ps I've removed the male problem
  • Yes, keeping the faith. And keeping it quiet about doing voices of the unborn until I launch my weekly radio show on the 29th.
    Did you produce the satire shorts linked to that underground site?
    Where is Got Work?
    Mays the SAG negs go well enough to become positive...
  • Hey Mike!

    Great to hear about Ashley. I now know how proud you must be! Can you believe it's been a year since we stood for hours waiting for the train? Ironically enough, it was that weekend at Comic Con we found out we were pregnant with Ani Rose. Not too soon before our early dinner at that little seafood restaurant in downtown S.D. did we take the pregnancy test with positive results. So much can happen in a year! I'll tell April your "Hello"! Hope to see ya soon!

  • EQUIPMENT - 8 inches

    ONLY EIGHT!! - Oh well!

    Welcome aboard Michael!
  • Hi Mike. I'm a longtime admirer of your work, and so glad to see you on this site!
  • I also wrote the one called " GOT WORK". Working on more. Ya never know, I might be calling you to shlep a reflector, hold a boom and record a voice....all at the same time.

    Anytime, Michael. I hope our buddy Howard starts to mend. He's got more shoulder problems than PCH. :-) Joe
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