Marti Krane left a comment on Positive Thinkers UNITE!
"VOICE 2010 will be great for all members of this "Positive Universe" ! Congratulations to Penny & Jim for presenting another conference. More than just "rubbing elbows," I love the meeting of the minds, and the information and resources and real…"
Jun 11, 2009
Marti Krane left a comment on Positive Thinkers UNITE!
"I don't know if they'll play it in Nashville, but I'm singing,
"The White House is black and I'm choosin' to lose the blues.""
Jan 22, 2009
Marti Krane left a comment on Positive Thinkers UNITE!
"Hi Everyone!
I hope you join me in
Feeling good
Feeling hopeful
Feeling Yes We Can!
These are exciting times - Challenging, but filled with new positive leadership giving us hope that we can move forward in New Era of Responsibility to work together…"
Jan 20, 2009
Marti Krane left a comment for Dave Rivas
"Hey Dave!
Happy Birthday! (Mine is Jan 7) It looks and sounds like you have been doing some really great work! I'd love to work with you again - I miss Brian Woeller's great copy!
Happy New Year
Have fun
Marti Krane"
Jan 6, 2009
Marti Krane left a comment on Positive Thinkers UNITE!
"Just be yourself and be honest and be your best and there will be no one like you!
Have fun
Nov 9, 2008
Marti Krane left a comment on Positive Thinkers UNITE!
"I am sorry if this is coming out of nowhere - I haven't be able to follow the topic, I just wanted to share my excitement.

My new response to Hi Howyadoin?
I'm feeling Good
I'm feeling Hopeful
I'm feeling "Yes We Can!"

Have fun!
Nov 7, 2008
Marti Krane left a comment for Frank Ceasar
"Hey Frank
Good to hear from you! It has been a looooooong time! Would love to work with you again. Maybe we should come up with some clever "He sez- She sez" copy and market ourselves to radio stations that could use some creative help.
Be well
Oct 18, 2008
Marti Krane left a comment on Positive Thinkers UNITE!
"The positive approach has been working for me.
I just want to share my mantra:


I have been using this and I have found it to be VERY effective. I invite you all to add it to your daily dialogue with others as…"
Oct 16, 2008
Marti Krane left a comment for Penny Abshire
"Hi Doll!
Thanks for the invitation to be "your friend" - I have always adored you, and now we are officially friends! How kewl is that.

Once again - just want to thank so much for being so wonderful. I am grateful to you and Jim for all your…"
Oct 16, 2008
Marti Krane left a comment for ilene russell
"Thanks for the comments. Great demo! I just joined - looks like a fun place to be! Thanks for the welcome. Have fun, Marti"
Oct 15, 2008
Marti Krane left a comment for Rick Party
"Hi Rick
Thanks for the welcome! I now feel like I am part of the Universe!
Warm regards,
Have fun!
Oct 15, 2008

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  • HiYa Marti!

    I trust the Voiceover Universe experience has been good for you!

    Also, I hope you'll check out and join a new group that we just started called MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT. It's a group dedicated to discussing ways we can market ourselves - what works; what doesn't. With your experience, you would be a tremendous resource! The link is:

    Thanks for your time! I trust our paths will cross soon!

    Best to ya!

    dan (daniel eduardo) hurst
  • Marti,
    so glad to see you here as part of the V-U family.
  • Welcome to the V-U Fam Marti=)

    Ladie Mo$t...
  • Hiya, yes some he said she said would be good. I do a lot from my home...and it works out well. I can record and send from here and redo if needed. this site is great for making contacts
    glad we made a connection here
  • Hey Marti, I was thinking about you the other day when I visited Mike G. Check my page and join my friends
  • Let me to be one of the first to welcome you to the UNIVERSE! You’ve joined a terrific group of creative and generous people. You’re going to love it here!

    And I’d also like to invite you to join my VoiceOver Universe Group,
    Positive Thinkers UNITE! We can always use another creative, positive voice among us!

    Best wishes for continued success!

    Penny Abshire
  • Hey Marti,

    Long before the days of VU....I would peruse the internet looking for VO's to listen to and learn from.. which is how I stumbled onto your very cool and interactive website. Very memorable... and what a funny lady your are!!! You crack me up...everytime!!!!! Love the read on the client folder. :)

    Welcome...great to see you here.
  • Marti,

    Welcome to Voiceover Universe! Join groups, V-U tv's LIVE webcam, blog, forums, add your demos, network and so much more.

    Glad you joined us!

    Rick Party, founder
    Voiceover Universe
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