Mark Stewart commented on Jaye Delai's video
"That was a great spot Jaye!!!!"
Aug 12, 2011
Mark Stewart commented on Big LLou Johnson's video
"Awesome Llou !!!!"
Feb 8, 2011
Mark Stewart left a comment for Jon Bailey
"Jon ...i just read your featured post for the Trailer !! congrats Dude !!! that is Awesome !"
Sep 17, 2010
Mark Stewart left a comment on Voices of Colors
"Mike ...I will see you at Joan's event in September !"
Jul 1, 2010
Mark Stewart commented on Beau Weaver's video
"Nice !!!!"
Jun 11, 2010
Mark Stewart left a comment for Patrick Sweeney
"Pat...I just check out your site....Very impressive delivery, especially with Medical narration. Well done. Now I know who to pass certain work on to. Yes..we will stay in touch. I'll let you know when I'm in Toronto !

Jun 9, 2010
Mark Stewart left a comment for Larry Davis
" are a serious force !!! Your demos are amazing !!!"
Jun 9, 2010
Mark Stewart left a comment for Susan McCollom
"Great meeting you Susan at your retail Voice panel. Thanks for including me in the exercise. You have me hooked !!!

Jun 9, 2010
Mark Stewart left a comment for Rebecca Davis

Only you would know two voice talents by the name, Mark
It was a pleasure meeting you and yes, when you find the other Mark Stewart from LA, please send him my way !"
Jun 9, 2010
Mark Stewart left a comment for Al B. Love!
" hooked up my demos before that are currently on my page...Thank You. I am about to send you some other well. Can we work?

Jun 7, 2010
Mark Stewart left a comment for James Belliveau
" was a pleasure meeting you at Voice2010 ! Dude...I am happy with the response about you !!! Much success and God's Blessings to you man ! I will hit you up when I'm in the Philadelphia area...if you're still are about to…"
Jun 7, 2010
Mark Stewart left a comment for John Garry
"John...We met at the diversity panel..briefly ! We didn't get a chance to talk...but you said reach out to me I found you now dude !!! Great stuff !

Jun 6, 2010
Mark Stewart left a comment for Kimberly Geter
"Great meeting you at Voice 2010 Kimberly !!!"
Jun 5, 2010
Mark Stewart left a comment for Mike Hudson
"Mike...thanks for the invite to voices of color! I plan to learn a lot from the group.

Dec 31, 2009
Mark Stewart left a comment for Christina D'Alessandro
"Hey Christina!

Glad to see you on here !"
Aug 28, 2009
Mark Stewart commented on Aaron Nixon's video
"Aaron !!!!!!

That was Brilliant !!!!!!!"
May 15, 2009

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  • yeah, thanks! i'm really psyched about it! would've been nice if they had told me that beforehand though! haha!
  • Thanks for the warm welcome Mark.
  • Hey Mark! It was great to meet you in LA last week. May our paths cross again!
    Susan McCollom
  • Marky-Mark,
    Standing by to 'catch' whatever you throw at me! =)

  • Mark...I enjoyed meeting you in Los Angeles....keep up the great work.

    Larry Davis
    SBV Talent - Los Angeles
  • Thanks very much Mark for the kind comments, they are appreciated. Give me a call the next time you are up here. All the best to you moving forward.

  • Hi Mark,

    Just wanted to follow-up with you and say that it was a true pleasure to meet you and Christine at Voice2010. I just listened to your clips on VU and I was very impressed, very well done! Continued success with VO and keep in touch moving forward. I am always interested in how everyone is doing with their VO career. If ever in Toronto, make sure you look me up!

    Good luck out there!

  • Hey Mark! So awesome to meet you and hang out at VOICE 2010! Wishing you all the best!
  • Hi Mark!
    It was great meeting you at Voices 2010! keep up the amazing work!
    all the best!
  • It was a privilege to meet you Mark. I am truly humbled by all that has unfolded over the weekend. I give God all the glory and the praise for the blessed victory. I wish you success in your career and hope you'll keep in touch no matter where I am!

    God bless,
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