Lisa Luck commented on Rick Party's article VO Equipment
"Looking for a small (3.5 x 3) isolated booth in Southern California. Whisper Room, Vocal Booth, etc... If anyone near LA wants to sell their, please shoot me an email. Thanks!"
Jan 10, 2013
Lisa Luck left a comment for Martin Victor
"Hey Martin! I just saw this message right now. Melissa wrote me saying she's starting it up this week. Are you gonna be there? How are you?!? I'm working at a loft company in downtown LA. Just went out for a commercial audition yesterday. Flexible…"
Sep 17, 2009
Lisa Luck left a comment for Mark Measures
Aug 6, 2009
Lisa Luck left a comment for Melissa Moats
"just wanted to decorate the wall! hey, melissa! hey, brittney! happy 1st day of summer! we love purple alligator!"
May 25, 2009
Lisa Luck left a comment for John Fowler
"I could have sworn that was my voice on your demo!"
May 25, 2009
Lisa Luck left a comment for John Fowler
"Sony Sound Forge, Thanks!! I just downloaded Mixcraft late last night (14 day trial). I'll check out SSF. You're awesome!"
May 25, 2009
Lisa Luck left a comment for Martin Victor
"Hope to see ya next week! Thanks for the add!"
Apr 24, 2009
Lisa Luck left a comment for Melissa Moats
"Yes, on the workouts! My email is
I'm available starting next week. Really looking forward to meeting you and the gang!"
Apr 8, 2009
Lisa Luck left a comment for Joe J Thomas
"Hey Hey Joe! You know SomeAudioGuy too?! Me too! Well, I guess you already knew that. I'd hate to paint the world too. Paint gets all up in my fingers and its NOT FEMANINE."
Apr 8, 2009
Lisa Luck left a comment for Zach Hanks
"Hey Zack! Okay, just added you...i think. How are you? I wanna hear everything!"
Jan 23, 2009
Lisa Luck left a comment for SomeAudioGuy
"Hey Juan!! What an amazing looking pup you've got! I met a 42 pound cat named Betty today. They'd be cute together! Hope you're doing great!!"
Aug 29, 2008

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  • Hi Lisa!

    I know you’ve been a member of Voiceover Universe for some time, but I wanted to introduce one of our groups to you.

    I hope you'll check out and join a group called MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT. It's a group dedicated to discussing ways we can market ourselves - what works; what doesn't. You’ll find some very interesting ideas and concepts there! And we would appreciate your input. Click here for the link: MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT!

    Thanks for your time! I trust our paths will cross soon!

    Best to ya!

    dan (daniel eduardo) hurst
  • Hey girl! Just wanted to say hi, and send some purple love! Hope the new job is treatin' ya great! :)
  • No VO Workout for tonight! See you tomorrow! Thanks!
  • Happy summer to you too! And WE LOVE Lisa Tamashiro! :) See you later Alligator! Sooner than later we hope! ;)
  • On My Character Demo? LOL! No that was me, I just used CoolEdit 2.1 to change the Pitch and Timber of the voice (my wife wouldnt do the female voice for me! She's such a chicken!).
  • Oh Mixcraft is great! You'll love it, I use it to make my own talkbeds and music backgrounds. Its drag & drop functionality is awesome! You'll like it, combined with Sound Forge or CoolEdit 21. You can do almost anything!
  • Hi Lisa...I'm sorry I just missed your question in the Chatroom. Without getting into the specifications of your PC. I would say try Sony Sound Forge 9 for your PC. It should work on any standard to advanced PC configuration, XP or Vista and is used by quite alot of VO people. Hope that helps!
  • Hey Lisa,
    Hope you can make it on Thursday night! :)
  • Hi Lisa! We are still doing Thursday night workouts! Would love to meet you! Let me know if you'd like to join us! :)
  • Hi Lisa - thanks for the add!

    Wow, video games, improv, LA - I'm surprised we haven't worked together yet. Plus you know SomeAudioGuy...

    It's a small world (but I'd hate to have to paint it),
    Joe J Thomas
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