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Lisa Foster Voice Overs
Jul 6, 2012
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Mar 30, 2010
Lisa Foster left a comment for Lisa Foster
"Thanks for all the WONDERFUL birthday wishes my vo friends!"
Jul 24, 2009
Lisa Foster left a comment for Scott Carty
"SCOTTO!!! I am so glad you're here! I think about you all the time - plus I HEAR you because I am now playing the Wolf of Icicle Creek Nancy Drew game - everytime I "call" you, you are never any help! The WORST boyfriend EVER! :)"
Sep 17, 2008
Lisa Foster left a comment on Tech Notes for Voice Talent
"Hi Beau! Thanks for the tip on Twisted Wave - I downloaded the trial version today - does it have a noise gate expander feature available? Sometimes when traveling, I'm in my hotel room and need to remove ambient fan noise or other stuff from my…"
Jul 18, 2008
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Lisa Foster's spoiled girl Molly
Jul 16, 2008
Lisa Foster left a comment on DJ's in Recovery
"Omigawd Jeff! YOU have nightmares about your old radio days too??? I have a recurring dream that my host tosses to me for news and I have nothing prepared - no script, the computer won't let me in, or I can't get my mic open! I always wake up in a…"
Jul 16, 2008
Lisa Foster left a comment for Craig Koepke
"Hey Craig! ROCK SOLID demos - you really do possess the "velvet hammer! Thanks for your comments - and I agree, that this business is infinitely more supportive of our individual efforts (compared to the back-stabbing environment I experienced in…"
Jul 13, 2008
Lisa Foster left a comment on DJ's in Recovery
" I can hardly say it any more! After 15 years of getting up at 3 AM to cohost morning shows in Seattle, I am happily sleeping in, and like Trish, sometimes stay in my pajamas till 2PM happily working in my studio. I miss "doin' a…"
Jul 13, 2008
Lisa Foster left a comment for RICK SYKES
"Hi Rick - great to meet you on VOU! Leaving the world of radio behind, eh? I did it 3 years ago - my days of getting up at 3 AM are well behind me now......"
Jul 9, 2008
Lisa Foster left a comment for DB Cooper
"Hey DB! So glad YOU'RE here! Thanks again for the great converstation we had at VOICE 2007 in Vegas (we were sitting in front of the nickel machines) - your words of wisdom still follow me around!"
Jul 7, 2008
Lisa Foster left a comment for Stacey Stahl
"Hey Stacy! I was just in Digital One Studios in Portland yesterday producing demos for students, and talked with Cameron and Lisa and Guy - they all say great things about you! Hope to hear from you soon regarding my representation! Nice weather…"
Jun 24, 2008
Lisa Foster left a comment for James Clamp
"Yay! A fellow copywriter! LOVELY sound too! Thanks for the add - proud to be on your friends roster!"
Jun 15, 2008
Lisa Foster left a comment for Sheryl Lee Ralph
"Big FAN! I loved "It's A Living" and especially your turn in "Designing Women!" It's an honor to be a member here with you!"
Jun 14, 2008
Lisa Foster left a comment for Jenna Weinberg
"Thanks for the add Jenna! Your sound is awesome!"
Jun 12, 2008
Lisa Foster left a comment on NW Voice Actors
"Um, is any body else flippin FREEZING here in June??? Great comic I saw today; guys asks a pharmacy clerk for the best sunscreen he has available - the pharmacist says "Sure", and hands the guy a piece of paper. The guy says "What's THIS?" The…"
Jun 11, 2008

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  • Hey Lisa,
    Just wanted to say THANKS for all your help in the studio!
    Here's to the future now!
    So glad I found this very cool forum. Could spend days on it!

  • LF, we've talked about your stalking of me before and I'm so glad you're not listening. Look -- being the busy boyfriend of Nancy Drew ain't easy. Cut me some slack on your little celly calls! I'm hungry. Buy me lunch!
  • Hi Lisa, thanks for sharing one of probably many stories that you would have in radio. It's people like you that make this site what it is, GREAT!

  • Hi Lisa ~

    Thanks for your nice note. By the way, your headshot is GORGEOUS! Who shot that? Love it!

    Have a wonderful Friday ~

  • Hi Lisa:

    Thanks for the add. I enjoyed listening you you and Terry last night on the tele-conference. Lots of great info. I look forward to networking with both of you. How is business in Seattle? My brother lives over in Silverdale so I get up there from time to time. Beautiful country!! If you know of, or hear of, any GREAT voice coaches in the Atlanta area, please let me know
    Looking forward to hearing you on more tele-conferences.
    Meantime, take care.
  • Hey Lisa, girl after listening to your demo - I'm a BIG FAN. Maybe I can start a group called Designing Voice Over Women.....LOL. Thanks for your comment, it's an honor to be here.

    Sheryl Lee
  • Great to meet you too Lisa. Love your characters

  • Hey Lisa -- thanks for the shout. Do you have a sister in radio? I seem to remember another Foster who did p/t at KMTT...
  • aww thank you Lisa, let me know next time you're on the east coast! or if we're in the same state somewhere else in this country.

    keep rockin the mic & the classroom ;)
  • It was so great to meet you in person. You are very engaging to watch while you teach. It's obvious you are very knowledgeable about the industry and enjoy doing it, I love that! Hope to see you again soon :)
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