Lani Minella left a comment for Ed Mace
" I always look for new people to add to my talent pool, but I just can't wrap my brain around those who just point me to their demo and say, "add me." I have to speak with them (which takes time I seldom have) and see what they are capable of that I…"
Dec 13, 2012
Lani Minella left a comment on Ask a Casting Director
"Bryan, It never hurts to add a slight bit of compression like 2 to one in order to stand out from the crowd. More useful for commercials but if you don't overdo it, it's a good idea.  Make sure you listen again once compressed to eliminate noise…"
Aug 10, 2012
Lani Minella left a comment on Ask a Casting Director
"Just sent out a message regarding the respiratory virus going around....RSV
Please be careful and if you start to get a scratchy throat, don't rush out and start taking antibiotics or it could lead to Thrush.   Rest and decent supplements and…"
Jul 7, 2012
Lani Minella posted a video
The latest gameplay trailer for Neverwinter is here! Learn more about Vellosk, one of the many areas surrounding the City of Neverwinter; in the upcoming fre...
Jul 4, 2012
Lani Minella posted a video
Fast forward to 9 mins. San Diego Filmmakers brings together three voice actors to discuss the challenges of producing voice overs for projects crossing media such as television, advertising, and video games. Specifically, the panel will address a…
Jan 15, 2012
Lani Minella commented on Lani Minella's video
"Nah but thanks so much for offering.   They should have done something more interesting with the voice and definitely with some animation.  LOL
Let's catch up soon ok?"
Dec 22, 2011
Lani Minella posted videos
Dec 21, 2011
Lani Minella left a comment on Ask a Casting Director
"It's funny DC, the guy who hired me that I'd worked for before is in Jersey and so is another one that hired me a a few of my peeps for an MTV app and we've never seen any money from that either.   "
Dec 2, 2011
Lani Minella left a comment on Ask a Casting Director
"Warning.  Be careful working for a company called Gameshastra     I have been owed money since January and always hear a promise to pay with no results.  Enough said.  Wishing everyone happy holidays and good health!"
Dec 2, 2011
Lani Minella commented on Big LLou Johnson's video
"Way to go Llou!"
Nov 18, 2011
Lani Minella posted a video
This is the latest greatest RIFT trailer I had the privilege of voicing. What a good job they did!
Nov 16, 2011
Lani Minella left a comment on Ask a Casting Director
"Thanks William and everyone for trying to follow my trains of thought.  I'd like to add that I recently signed up for another pay to play site and just to let you know how stacked the odds are, it took me over 250 auditions to land 4 jobs paying…"
Nov 16, 2011
Lani Minella left a comment on Ask a Casting Director
"Another quick note about demos.   For the most part, demos are used to get your foot into an agent's door, for a profile on Voice 123 or other pay to play sites and I know some people say they get jobs from people listening to their demos, but that…"
Oct 9, 2011
Lani Minella left a comment on Ask a Casting Director
"For those of you reading this, I replied directly to Alicia. For all others I would be willing to assess your ideas for your demo and give suggestions before you simply pay someone to "do you up one real fancy-like"
Best to all"
Sep 29, 2011
Lani Minella posted a video
Video Game and Tune reel edited together by Adam Herrington
Sep 20, 2011
Lani Minella left a comment on Ask a Casting Director
"Pamela, Yours is a good question about agents. I feel a lot of agents really don't do a lot of work to find work. They expect you to do it and bring the money to them.  Many just pass along voicebank auditions and if we have a question about them,…"
Sep 13, 2011

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  • Lani,

    I've enjoyed your postings & discussions. I would really like to connect with you & provide some additional character voice options for your projects. Let's talk soon.

  • Lani,
    I'll definitely let you know!! I've got a few things of a personal note that I need to take care of in the next few weeks, but it should (hopefully) be sometime this fall, maybe late September at earliest, definitely October of November at latest. I apprecicate your help!!
  • Hi Lani,
    Thanks for adding me as a friend. I've spent some time reading your post on the Casting Director group about FiCore vs. Union. Enlightening stuff and something to think about when I get to that point. Thank you for all the great info...and your voice is awesome!!! I try hard to have that versatility you have...I just need to record my demo and get it out there. Thanks again!!
  • Hello my little Love Bundle , I sent you an Email to the address you sent me , but no dice , the Emailer Demon said Ugh Ugh !
    So please check your Address to see if you mistyped it.
    I'd give you my Email , but I'm not too sure if I can do that on this site .
    Anyway , I hope that you are well , and gainfully employed my little animated Cherub , and I look foward to your reply . Chris X .
  • Dear Lani , I got your last reply , but somehow it's not on my page with the other's , got any ideas why that would be ?

    It became visible only once at the top of my page, but now it's vanished from there . It's a shame , because I love to read and save your responses to me , because you are such a witty wee Gal . Take care of yourself cheeky chops . Chris. X .
  • Hey Lani,

    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the awesome conversation we had last week. Always super fun to talk to you and I can't help but walk away with a bunch of new things to think and ponder about. Hope you are doing well! :-)

  • Hello my clever bird , how are you ? she who is but the sweetest sounding nightingale to mine ears ( do you like this old English bullshit Lani ? ) to continue , there I was thrashing the old laughing gear on a character job , and I remembered that I have not spoken computer wise ( very late 50's American that ) with your good self for quiet a long time.
    Are you still a busy little Tinker ? I bet you are , or is the world economic situation starting to affect you ? I hope not !
    Things for me here in Old Blighty , are very up and down at the moment , but fortunatley I'm still ticking over fairy well , but sad to say , a lot of other voices are'nt so lucky , so it's fingers crossed for all of us here, I think.

    I must now away my little Fruit Bat , for the sound of the dance calls to me , and of course the opportunity of clumsy fumble with one of the old boilers that frequent our local Hall of delights. (dancing that is ) mind you, if it's got a pulse , I'll go for it .

    Well it's something to do , and it's far more interesting than basket weaving , don't you think ?

    Take care nice Lady . Hugs , Chris .
  • I don't really know how to add friends and stuff. When i click on view my invites, it doesn't do anything. But i'm here. :)
  • Lani!
    Wonderful connecting with you too. I'll write you on your personal account so we can D-I-S-H and others won't think we're shrews! teee heee. DD
  • Lani - Are you really just ONE person? I cannot believe the voice variations that I hear coming out of one little person! I am new to Voiceover Universe and I'm finding your Casting Agent ground incredibly enlightening. Where do you find the time to do everything? Your advise alone is making me so glad I joined this site!
    Sincerely, Diane Dimond
This reply was deleted.