KD Bowe left a comment for Denise Langshaw
"Hey there! Pleasure putting a face to the voice... been listening to you for years! Have been a quiet fan for a while.. great pipes.. hope to meet one day. Many blessings to you!"
Nov 19, 2008
KD Bowe left a comment for joi
"Hey there... great voice! Thanks for the invite. Many Blessings to you!"
Nov 19, 2008
KD Bowe left a comment for Rick Flanagan
"Thanks for the request man! Would love to hear your stuff, so be sure to post your audio!"
Nov 19, 2008
KD Bowe left a comment for Brian T.
"Sup man! I see you're at MY school! Great production work... if you ever need anything just hit me up. I don't mind voicing some stuff for the station. Welcome to the VO Universe!"
Sep 18, 2008
KD Bowe left a comment for Val Jones
"Look at Val with the GLAM shot!!! Who YOU lookin at?????? Good to hear from you. I will complete the VO's/Production sent by tomorrow. Good to hear from you lady!"
Sep 3, 2008
KD Bowe left a comment for LEZ
"Been following you for years... great to be able to say hello to you! Much success to you in all you do..ok?"
Aug 17, 2008
KD Bowe left a comment for Marque Denmon
"Hey man! Thanks for the love, I really appreciate it. Feel free to reach out.. here's my email address kdbproductions7@aol.com. We can exchange numbers from there. God Bless!"
Aug 17, 2008
KD Bowe left a comment for Daniel Wallace
"Thanks man! I really appreciate it.. look forward to hearing some of your stuff as well!"
Jul 29, 2008
KD Bowe left a comment for Parry P
"Lol! Anytime bro!"
Jul 28, 2008
KD Bowe left a comment for Jaye Delai
"What up Jaye?! Hit me up on my email address kdbproductions7@aol.com. Thanks for hittin me up!"
Jul 16, 2008
KD Bowe left a comment for Ben Patrick Johnson
"Wow brother! Amazing voice.. and thanks for the You Tube interview. It was very informative. You guys make me want to keep on pressing until I can crack the 7 figure club..

Thanks for the inspiration man.. really appreciate it!
kd bowe"
Jul 14, 2008
KD Bowe left a comment for Big LLou Johnson
"Great sound! Rich and robust.. you give us guys with deep voices something more to reach for. Any tips you can give to me would be GREATLY appreciated!"
Jul 14, 2008
KD Bowe left a comment for Sheryl Lee Ralph
"Lol.. your voice is incredible! I mean, some people just have it ALL. You are quite a talent.. on and off the camera. have admired your work for years.. the few that you've been here :o)"
Jul 14, 2008
KD Bowe left a comment for Joan Baker
"I have a question for you.

It seems as though some of the VO actors, like yourself, that book the big gigs have an 'in front of the scenes' image as well. In your opinion is this something that is becoming (or has always been) necessary?

Jul 14, 2008
KD Bowe left a comment for Power Voice Media
"Yeah man.. fa sho! If you ever need a voice for anything just let me know. I will reach out of one of my guys can't make something happen as well. Again, keep doing it fella!"
Jul 14, 2008
KD Bowe left a comment for Joan Baker
"Incredible voice... you guys are really making it happen! Love your site.."
Jul 13, 2008

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  • I'm still impressed by that incredible voice......What a sound. Want to trade?
  • Yo KD...

    Been tryin' to connect with you bruh...let's talk we've got some mutual friends!
  • Sup KD.. Thanks for stoppin by my page and for the kind comments.. I enjoyed your demos and your singing had me ova here praisin!!! As far as tips go.. buy bonds.! Seriously, I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.. at any time.

    Big LLou

    Each 1 teach ONE
  • Hi KD-
    This is not an easy question to answer- because I know many many many vo's that don't have an out there image- who book "the big jobs" and yet I think having a more public image certain doesn't hurt any.
    I think the focus should be on your work and the body of work that is created from your talents, skills, creativity etc...

    Keep your eye on the prize and let these other things be a byproduct of the prize.

    Take care,


    You are a doll!!
    Big hugs to you-

  • KD...thanks for the kind words...your demo is smokin man...keep knocken them dead

  • Wow!
    What a voice!
  • Nice work, KD - very nice.

    You have a terrific set of chops. I have one suggestion - I'd ask you to relax a bit more on the drama/action reads. You're right in the pocket, but pushing it a bit. I'm talking about a very small adjustment. Play around with various changes in the intensity of the delivery. I think you'll know when when you've hit it.

    Again - good work.

    Don LaFontaine
  • Hello KD,
    You can hear some of our voice talent by visiting www.suchavoice.com/social
    and/or you can contact ben@suchavoice Ben will be happy to help.

    Nice to hear from you-- Rachael @ Such A Voice
  • KD,

    Good to see you, man!
This reply was deleted.