Joan Baker left a comment for Tom Leigh Knight
"Hi Tom,

You are so welcome! I wish you only but the best! Joan"
Aug 14, 2010
Joan Baker left a comment for Keith Jarman
"Hi Kieth, Well aren't you a special human being and "Voice"! Great meeting you and hope to met in the future!!

Best Wishes and success to you! Joan"
Jul 23, 2010
Joan Baker left a comment for Tigrjaw
"Hello Tigrjaw-

Wonderful hearing from you! Keep up you're wonderful spirit! All my best- Joan"
Feb 17, 2010
Joan Baker left a comment for Nicole Cabell
"Hey Nicole- Thank YOU for your lovely note- All my best- Joan"
Jan 27, 2010
Joan Baker left a comment for Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst
"Thank you for the invite Dan! I'll check it as soon as I have a free moment. My schedule is truly packed and I would love to check the group out when I have some time to enjoy.

Happy New Year's to you! Joan"
Jan 9, 2010
Joan Baker left a comment for Soraya Butler
"Hi Cutie-

Happy New Year! Joan"
Jan 8, 2010
Joan Baker left a comment for Connor Carson Heim
"Connor- Thank you and I love that Secrets had a impact on you! Happy New Years. I do hope we meet soon:) Joan"
Jan 3, 2010
Joan Baker left a comment for Benita Whitaker
"Thank you and Happy Holiday, Benita!"
Dec 13, 2009
Joan Baker left a comment for Ian Fults
"Thank you again Ian! I send you all my best for 2010-"
Dec 11, 2009
Joan Baker left a comment for Ian Fults
"Hey Ian-

Thank you for your wonderful note- Happy Holidays!! I wish you all my best,Joan"
Dec 10, 2009
Joan Baker left a comment for Loren Gursky
"You are HILARIOUS Loren!!!"
Dec 6, 2009
Joan Baker left a comment for Loren Gursky
"Hey Loren,

Thank you for your great note! Now go forth and work it that vo career!!!!!
All my best,

Dec 4, 2009
Joan Baker left a comment for Alix Michaels
"I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for writing me, Alix! Have a wonderful day:) Joan"
Oct 23, 2009
Joan Baker left a comment for Vida
"Hi Vida,

It was great meeting you at such a wonderful event! I hope you're well and take care- Best Wishes, Joan"
Oct 17, 2009
Joan Baker left a comment for Bob Souer
Oct 14, 2009
Joan Baker left a comment for Melissa Moats
"Hi Melissa-

What a great note! Laughs would be great with you And I hope soon:) JB"
Oct 8, 2009

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  • CONGRATS JOAN!!! I LOVE It when the Ladies of VO represent the craft so well!
  • I'm truly in awe due to all the voice over work you have done. Now I'm trying to glean as much as I can from your body of work.

    -Mista Taylor
  • Thank you so much for the add, I read your book,and for young talents like me, it was very helpful. Being able to know how some of the best voices made it to the top is just very inspiring.

    Thank you..
  • Thank you, Joan. I look forward to meeting you again as well! You have a AWESOME weekend, too!

    Take care, My Muse...

  • My Dear Joan...
    Thank you for your Friend Invite! It worked! Thank you for your best wishes, and it's wonderful to speak to you again after so long. I am flattered that you remember me from your seminar back in 2007. I consider you one of my Muses, and frankly, you're not too far from being goddess-like... Yes, dear. I know you're married. But, I have to get my complimentary flirts in once and a while. (;~) Take care and be well, Dear Lady...
  • Hi! I had the pleasure of meeting you in person at one of your NYC Learning Annex seminars (along with the late, eternally-great Don La Fontaine) and am finally beginning my VO career. I was excited to see you are a member of VU and wished to express my gratitude to you for your talent and generosity. I tried to send you a Friend Invite, but it's not going through. But, I at least wished to leave you a loving, grateful thought. Take care, Great Lady...
  • hey you,hadn't visit in a lil bit so i just wanted to stop by and check on you.
    i hope all is wishing you happiness joy and laughter.
  • Hi Joan, I am checking out your class schedule, considering your end of March Master Class. Hope my schedule will work out to come. I am very excited to learn more about VO. I am very new to this. Hope all is well with you. I will register when I know am able to go for sure.

  • Hey Joan!! It has been a while, hope this finds you doing well! Just thinking of wonderful you. Jasen my friend is excited about taking a seminar with you! We talk about how you ooze positivity and it is just so contagious! Have a great day! Best, Jessie Gilman
  • Thank you for your add you are amazing I love your owrk.
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