Joan Baker left a comment for Tom Leigh Knight
"Hi Tom,

You are so welcome! I wish you only but the best! Joan"
Aug 14, 2010
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"Hi Kieth, Well aren't you a special human being and "Voice"! Great meeting you and hope to met in the future!!

Best Wishes and success to you! Joan"
Jul 23, 2010
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"Hello Tigrjaw-

Wonderful hearing from you! Keep up you're wonderful spirit! All my best- Joan"
Feb 17, 2010
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"Hey Nicole- Thank YOU for your lovely note- All my best- Joan"
Jan 27, 2010
Joan Baker left a comment for Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst
"Thank you for the invite Dan! I'll check it as soon as I have a free moment. My schedule is truly packed and I would love to check the group out when I have some time to enjoy.

Happy New Year's to you! Joan"
Jan 9, 2010
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"Hi Cutie-

Happy New Year! Joan"
Jan 8, 2010
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"Connor- Thank you and I love that Secrets had a impact on you! Happy New Years. I do hope we meet soon:) Joan"
Jan 3, 2010
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"Thank you and Happy Holiday, Benita!"
Dec 13, 2009
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"Thank you again Ian! I send you all my best for 2010-"
Dec 11, 2009
Joan Baker left a comment for Ian Fults
"Hey Ian-

Thank you for your wonderful note- Happy Holidays!! I wish you all my best,Joan"
Dec 10, 2009
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"You are HILARIOUS Loren!!!"
Dec 6, 2009
Joan Baker left a comment for Loren Gursky
"Hey Loren,

Thank you for your great note! Now go forth and work it that vo career!!!!!
All my best,

Dec 4, 2009
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"I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for writing me, Alix! Have a wonderful day:) Joan"
Oct 23, 2009
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"Hi Vida,

It was great meeting you at such a wonderful event! I hope you're well and take care- Best Wishes, Joan"
Oct 17, 2009
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Oct 14, 2009
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"Hi Melissa-

What a great note! Laughs would be great with you And I hope soon:) JB"
Oct 8, 2009

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  • Joan,
    Hot Fork Dipped In Lava?
    I told my wife what you said and she threw me to the ground and had her way with me. Funny how some words just set people off.
    Ok, when I decide to cast one of my shorts ( wait, that doesn't sound right ) in NY, I will contact you.
    Have a super week.
  • Hey Hot Knife Through Butter,
    Thanks for welcoming me to the club. Love the piece about your dad. My daughter and I have a great relationship, unless she gets pissed at me, then I let the dogs taste the food she serves me before I eat it.
    She is an actress as well. SOooooooo talented!
    Hope she writes a book about me some day, but no pictures..not with these ears.

    I guess you are located in LA yes?
    Are you SAG? I know you are AFTRA. Are you up on the SAG/AFTRA issue? The election?
    Asking for a reason.

    Casting for the voice of a black actress who is profficient in Ghetto Speak. No money, barely food, and 4 hours of voicing a pissed off sock puppet. Sounds like fun huh? Meeting with a couple of actresses next week before I make a decision. Shoots on the 17th of August in a crummy motel on Sepulveda Blvd. Crew will be several of the actors you will see OC in the short films I produced for

    E me if you are interested. If not, no soap radio. Still glad to make your acquaintence oh talented one.
  • Thank YOU Joan. :) You have a great weekend as well!

    Talk soon... cr
  • Hey Joan!
    Great hit in the New York Post (Learning Annex)
  • Joan Baker I wanted to write and thank you. Two years ago I was given your book "Secrets of Voiceover Success" by a friend. I read it back to front and even marked pages. I read every story over and over again and hoped that someday I would be like the amazing talents that were in your book. I prayed that one day I would be represented by an amazing agent just like them and today I am in there company. Sutton, Barth and Vennari took me on and I still cannot believe it. Two years ago I had no clue how to go for my dream but thanks to your book today I am on my way! Thank you for showing, inspiring and instilling faith in a girl who had no idea how to get there and now can't believe she is somewhat there! God Bless you!
    Xoxoxo- Marina Gordon
  • Joan... HUGE fan of your work. And whenever I need a boost or a kick in the rear... I pick up "Secrets" and read a chapter. What a great book!

    Also, you picked a wonderful cause to support with the book. Both of my maternal grandparents had Alzheimer's... it's a horrible affliction. And hopefully your contributions are helping find a cure.
  • Howdy, Joan! Thanks for putting together such a great book! - Warmest Regards
  • Hi Joan:
    I just finished your book. I got it after Joe Cip recommended it. Both my grandmother's had Alzheimer's. Your book touched me at the heart and encouraged me on my path as a voice artist too. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  • Hey Joan,
    Thanks for the add.
    Love your sound (and look!)
  • thanks, Joan ... great admirer of your work!
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