Jesse Springer posted photos
Mar 7, 2013
Jesse Springer posted a video
An international infomercial I was blessed to be able to voice.
Jul 4, 2010
Jesse Springer commented on Jesse Springer's video
"...Not sure why the video isn't showing. I might have re-upload..."
Jul 4, 2010
Jesse Springer commented on John Taylor's video
"Good gosh. That's some fast moving."
Jul 22, 2009
Jesse Springer left a comment for Brian James
"Brian, you are a legend, and always will be. An inspiration, an encourager, and a hero. I love you and will miss you. My best to your family. I'll be praying during this time of change."
Mar 6, 2009
Jesse Springer commented on Pat Fraley's video
"Simply inspirational and fascinating."
Feb 22, 2009
Jesse Springer posted photos
Feb 6, 2009
Jesse Springer left a comment for Rick Party
"Thank you, Master! I certainly HOPE I'm growing everyday..."
Feb 5, 2009
Jesse Springer commented on Joe Cipriano's video
"Very clean, efficient, and sleek. I'm likin' it!"
Jan 28, 2009
Jesse Springer left a comment for isaac totton
"Hey, Isaac-

Good to see you on here. Post some clips when you can; I'd love to hear what you're doin with KVPW!

Jan 18, 2009
Jesse Springer left a comment for Rick Party
"I'm diggin that BET Inauguration promo.

How's that 416 been workin out for you?

Jan 18, 2009
Jesse Springer left a comment for Townsend Coleman
"Hehe, true enough. Wish I had started up in VO in the pre-ISDN era. I get depressed without real-people time.

Well, maybe some day."
Jan 15, 2009
Jesse Springer left a comment for Townsend Coleman
"Mr. Coleman!
Dude, I wish I heard your voice more! Well... wait... hear it every day...

Always been a big fan of Odyssey since before I was born. That's some legendary stuff, my man! Good to know you're keeping on top of the market these days. I…"
Jan 13, 2009
Jesse Springer commented on Jesse Springer's video
"Haha, hey I don't wear sunglasses as much as Jeff McNeal!"
Jan 12, 2009
Jesse Springer left a comment for katie leigh
"Odyssey, its characters, and the whole world created by the show have affected my voiceover ambitions, pursuit, and now, career, in more ways than I could count. I wish you and the show continued success and hope to be on it one of these days, Lord…"
Jan 10, 2009
Jesse Springer left a comment for Ben Patrick Johnson
Aug 28, 2008

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  • Happy Birthday!!
  • I looooooove the 416! Did I say I love the 416, Jesse? You're growing daily... I hear ya.
  • hey thanks for the add mayne..yeah im gonna get a demo of all the material i have done for kvpw and post it here on vu
  • Hey Jesse, thanks for the kind words... yeah, AIO has been a real treat and a blessing to work on over the years, glad it's been an inspiration to you. Hope all's well with you these days and yes, it would be great to work together someday. Although it seems I don't really work with anybody anymore... it's all ISDN stuff these days (in a very tiny closet!). God bless, TC
  • oh that's neat! well, I think we are recording again in March or April if you want to tagalong.
  • Nice work Jesse! At what age did you get started? Nice too see someone getting some serious work!

    I hope to get my first VO job and I am getting started way later!

    Thanks for joining the site!

  • Thanks for the add Jesse. You certainly are one talented young fellow!

    I see you are the same age as my daughter. Are you attached? Not that I'm a Yenta or anything... just the Italian equivalent ha ha!

    JUST KIDDING!!!!!!

    Thanks again!
  • It's so good to be in contact with you again. I hope that you are doing well. :) All the best!
  • Jesse,

    Thanks for the friend request. Good GRIEF, you are a talented twenty year old! Let's see...what was SHANE doing when he was twenty...probably something he shouldn't have been doing that caused him to burn one too many brain cells. Ha!

    Hey, keep on rockin'. I predict that you will be one of the top ten before you know it (if you stay the course). You definitely have a gift, my friend.

  • Jesse,
    Because so many Interactive Games take place in medieval times, you might want to brush up on British, Cockney and Scottish dialects. Many games are war games as you know and Arab, Russian and mid European accents are a must.
    There are website that will help you..but I would suggest a good dialect coach.
This reply was deleted.