Jeff Berlin left a comment for Safi
"Safi ! Sorry i took so long to respond.. haven't been on VU for a long time i guess !"
Oct 25, 2010
Jeff Berlin commented on Michael Rhys's photo
Dec 16, 2009
Jeff Berlin commented on Ed Weigle's video
"I love the read. Understated, effortlessly invoking power. The mic is a U87?"
Nov 14, 2009
Jeff Berlin left a comment for Bob Souer
"Damn, i forgot - it's my birthday !! Thanks for the friendly reminder :) Damn, you're good.."
Nov 11, 2009
Jeff Berlin left a comment for Kevin Collins
"Hey Kevin - thanks!"
Sep 4, 2009
Jeff Berlin left a comment for Drew Hall
"Hi Drew !"
Jun 3, 2009
Jeff Berlin left a comment on New England Voice Actors
"Hi everyone. I just wanted to post so I'd have February 2009 all to myself :)

Haze.. how are you getting from Westfield to Boston in 45 minutes? Transporter? Helicopter? TGV?"
Feb 26, 2009
Jeff Berlin left a comment for Kevin Collins
"Yikes, sorry it's taken me so long to reply back ! You asked "Did you do that read dry with nothing on your voice track?" answer: yes, completely dry and unprocessed. The producers at A&E know what they're doing regarding sound. Refreshing.

Feb 26, 2009
Jeff Berlin left a comment on Production Freaks
"What's the best digital audio editor?"
Oct 7, 2008
Jeff Berlin left a comment for Diana Gannon
"Hi Diana ! Yeah, it's a party.. !"
Oct 3, 2008
Jeff Berlin left a comment for Jon Carter
"Hey Jon ! I hear you all the time on WQRC Cape Cod. You fit that station perfectly - it sounds like old fashioned community radio being run by bright young hipsters. Some of the music is actually a little edgy, but it's the station you turn to when…"
Sep 23, 2008
Jeff Berlin left a comment for NIk Carter
"Did "Lezbos" ever make it on? I had to cut a pickup that said "Lesbians".. now i know why !"
Sep 15, 2008
Jeff Berlin left a comment for Chris Kelley
"Yo Chris Kelly ! Sorry so long to reply back. Yeah, Schneider & I talk about you Mountain Biking before he leaves me in the dust hamming up an impossible hill. I think I used to play "Education in Love" on WAAF's Bay State Rock. Definitely played…"
Sep 2, 2008
Jeff Berlin left a comment for Ann DeWig
"Hey Annie! Lovin' the new studio ?"
Aug 25, 2008
Jeff Berlin left a comment for Chuck Davis
"Yeah, i left Kiss108 in 2006 when layoffs started hitting. I'm doing fine, but there's something comforting about a steady paycheck and benefits from a large company that can weather economic downturns - even if you earn more $$ on your own.

Aug 21, 2008
Jeff Berlin left a comment for Chuck Davis
"You're not really leavin' the station are you ? I hate when eras end.."
Aug 21, 2008

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  • I understand, pro's like you stay busy. Oneday I hope to be half as busy as you.
  • Hello Jeff

    I keep hearding your a&e spot. Good job. Did you do that read dry with nothing on your voice track?

  • Jeff, I heard your bit with Ryan on his podcast. You are all over the science of this man. Who knew there was so much to know about waves! Gotta hand it to you. We can all learn a lot from you. Thanks for taking the time to sit for the interview.
  • Hello Jeff
    I have heard the voice, but never knew the name. Glad to put the name with the voice. I am a big fan. Keep up the good work.

  • Hey Jeff! Great hearing from you. Thanks so much for the kind words, Jeff. I enjoyed your demos as well. You do excellent work. Keep in touch!

    Jon Carter
  • "Lezbos" it is my friend.
  • So Friday our prod dir was emailing several people trying to see if we were ok to air a spot with the word "Lezbos" in it, I thought "what kind of crass shit is that"?. Little did I know it would be Jeff berlin's "Mansers" spot which Ive run four times this Good stuff man sounds great, reminds me of the good ole days!.lol
  • JB

    Schneider that dog........he made me wear his old biking shorts once and 'endo' my way thru the Winchester Woods.......He made me do a lot of drink til i could hardly stand on stage...hahahaha........shake it easy, Jeff.


  • OK Jeff......i wan't thinking straight....of course you and Schneids are good buddies..........i'm back on the planet.....Hoss and Wass have done well by you. I'm happy 'bout that............Keep on Truckin', dude.

  • Hi Jeff

    God...weren't you on the air in Boston in the 80's? I used to front the band Rods & Cones ('82-'88) and had airplay on BCN and FNX with th' beginning of the end' Education In Love...hahahaha......don't think we ever met....but i know your name from back in the day.....and Hoss used to represent me (til he stabbed me in the back in a full-office meeting....hahahaa), ...Wasser......Marber.....anyway....just joined this thing and wanted to say hi.....also came across Ian O'Malley yrs ago in NYC on the VO circuit never realizing he was the Ian O'Malley VJ on V66 where Education In Love was launched.......16 weeks in the Top 10....go figure.....luckily i slid into VOs and stopped staying up for days at a time.......i bet you know my friend and old manager Tom Schneider....hahahaha....he's the man. See ya in the Bleachers in October......we know you've got equiptment, Jeff....but once i saw your list i just came up with a vaguery....hahahaha. Take care, man.

    Chris Kelly
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