JC Haze commented on Rick Party's article VO Equipment
" For sale:  M-Audio internal AUDIOPHILE Audio card. CHEAP! 
Apr 8, 2014
JC Haze posted photos
Jun 4, 2012
JC Haze posted videos
Nov 15, 2011
JC Haze left a comment for Adam Harrington
"Hi Adam,
Thanks for friending. You're a talented SOB! Nice work!
Regarding Howard Stern...when I interned for him, there were NO strippers, NO Sibians, and it was JUST Howard...BEFORE Robin, Gary & the rest. So the "fun" quotient was…"
Feb 24, 2010
JC Haze commented on Joe Cipriano's video
"If I were to kill my stage name of JC Haze, and revert back to my birth name-Joe Calabro...do you think they'd mistake me for you? Hmmm....something to ponder.
Happy New Year Joe, you're my VO hero."
Jan 11, 2010
JC Haze left a comment for JC Haze
"Thanks for the invite, Dan. I'll be sure to visit...right now!
Best to you in 2010
Jan 8, 2010
JC Haze left a comment for Rich VanSlyke
"Hey Rich! Great to see you on VU-- hope all is well with your rockin' self!
Nov 7, 2009
JC Haze left a comment for Brad Venable
"...why OF COURSE I'll be your friend!
Hi Brad,
Great talking with you Friday--I look forward to working together!
Thanks tons...
Aug 22, 2009
JC Haze commented on Rick Party's video
"Hello to Joe, Zurek & George...thanks for posting this, and i hope to say hi to you all in NYC on the 29th! Rock on!
Jul 14, 2009
JC Haze commented on Pat Fraley's video
"Pat...this is why you're the MASTER. I love it!
Thanks for sharing your talent, and spreading the creative process.
(by the way...Cilantro on ANYTHING is great!)

Voice-on, dude!
Feb 22, 2009
JC Haze posted a video
Dec 6, 2008
JC Haze left a comment on ASK JOE - VOICE OVER THEATER
"Another magnificent JC Production!
Hey...next time you're stuck near New Hampshire/Mass, give me a shout...we'll do a live remote together!"
Nov 19, 2008
JC Haze commented on Joe Cipriano's video
"I loved watching the emmys live, and hearing your voice! Thanks so much, Joe, for taking us into your world. It's anything BUT boring...it's quite fascinating! GREAT JOB as always!"
Sep 24, 2008
JC Haze commented on Joe Cipriano's video
"As much as we all miss Don...
we also missed YOU, Joe.
Welcome back. Hey...how 'bout you get ME a SPOT & A TAG(and I promise I won't waste the cash on caviar!)"
Sep 24, 2008
JC Haze left a comment on The Don Lafontaine Celebration of Life
"Hey Rick,
Thanks so much for the invite. It's an honor to grace the same page as our VO hero. This group is a fitting tribute to DON, who paved the way for everything we do, and was taken from us WAY too soon.
Bless you Rick!"
Sep 15, 2008
JC Haze left a comment for John Bigl
"Hey John! Thanks for the add...and yes, Manchester is quite lovely this time of year! Wanna come & rake some leaves next month!!!!!!!!"
Sep 9, 2008

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  • Hi JC ~

    Thanks for your nice note! I'm so happy to have made this discovery...where have I been? This is so much fun!!

  • Always been a bit "round the bend" JC. Glad you got in touch. It's been a while and I wondered what ever happened at the Mill.

    It's good to be out of radio for a while. I still keep in touch with DLR and the crew and I'm now enjoying being a granpa.
    Stay in touch.
    This domain may be for sale!
  • Hey JC!! Welcome to the VO nest. Thanks for the add request. Great to hear your talents.

    :-) Allison
  • Always great to see you and of course a friendly face. Great site and always good to hear your work. Thanks for the add.
  • Hey JC it's JC...so, tell me a little bit more about those satin sheets? I will not be held responsible for a third child born in NH or for your sliding off the sheets and into the wall. That's my liability waiver...please sign and return. :)
  • Thank you JC,
    Your good too! Better than good!!
    Feel free to join my group (ask a Casting Director) if you haven't already...and if you're interested, I cast for computer game voices.:)
  • Hey JC,

    Thanks for joining me. I love your Sanyo spot.
  • Hey Joe,
    If I could be HALF as successful as you...I can be twice as rich. I invest well, you see. Keep rockin. Love your stuff

    LOL. Hey JC, you should hang out a shingle and start giving investment advice to voice over artists :-)
    Thanks for the note.
  • Dear JC, I don't know if you up for it, but check my website, and this link: I'll be in CT for a couple of events later this month. Consider joining me. Regards, Pat

  • Backatcha J.C.
This reply was deleted.