Herb Merriweather left a comment for Troy Klein
"...thanks for the connection, Troy! Blessings to ya..."
Mar 3, 2012
Herb Merriweather left a comment for William Williams
"..Hey there, William...
Thanks so much for the connection. See ya in the booth..."
Dec 8, 2011
Herb Merriweather posted photos
Aug 31, 2011
Herb Merriweather left a comment for KC Cady
"...thanks for the connection, KC!  Blessings to ya..."
Aug 6, 2011
Herb Merriweather left a comment for Darla Middlebrook
"Hey, Darla...
...Congrats on your recent VO success--onward and upward!..."
Jun 7, 2011
Herb Merriweather left a comment for Hélène Janover
"...thanks, my friend! That particular job became a watershed event in my ongoing voice over education. Check out the recent "Megaphone Musings" blog to get the back story on how this job developed. Once again, thanks for checkin' it out..."
Jan 9, 2011
Herb Merriweather left a comment for Hélène Janover
we are friends EVERYWHERE--whether it's in print or not...Blessings to ya!!"
Jan 8, 2011
Herb Merriweather left a comment for Sid Whatley
"Rest In Peace, Sid...Prayers for your family..."
Dec 12, 2010
Herb Merriweather left a comment for RUTH MANNARINI
"...OK I answered my own question. I see you on Voices...Here is another website to try--it's called Elance (like freelance) and it services professionals globally in our field. Browse the site when you have a chance and see if it interests you..."
Nov 7, 2010
Herb Merriweather left a comment for RUTH MANNARINI
"Are you a member of Voices.com? There are lots of opportunities worldwide for bilingual artists like yourself. Investigate the website and see if it might be something you can use in your marketing to a wider audience..."
Nov 7, 2010
Herb Merriweather left a comment for RUTH MANNARINI
"Hey there, Ruth...
It's good to see your face in this place...and your demos are very, very good--smooth, professional and very well produced , too!"
Nov 7, 2010
Herb Merriweather left a comment for Arlene Cooke
"...Thanks for the connection, Arlene--I need all the friends I can get..."
Nov 4, 2010
Herb Merriweather left a comment for Arlene Cooke
"Hi there, Arlene...
Welcome to the VU! Saw you on my buddy Andy's group page. Blessings to ya and happy voicing..."
Oct 29, 2010
Herb Merriweather left a comment on Ex-pat Voices
"...I know I'm a little late, but to answer your question, Gray--I speak with the non-accent generic Midwestern 'accent', which is neither Missourian or even St. Louisan..."
Oct 29, 2010
Herb Merriweather left a comment on Ex-pat Voices
"Does it count if you're from Missouri and now living and working in California...? I mean--they DO speak differently...
Oh, well...I just wanted to be apart of your new VO group...
Great job, Andy...!"
Sep 30, 2010
Herb Merriweather posted a video
This is the raw version of the exclusive History Channel video. I recite excerpts from the poem "Evangeline"...
Sep 21, 2010

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  • Thanks for the b-day wishes, Herb!


  • Hi Herb, It was a pleasure meeting you too. I know our paths will cross again, until then keep in touch here on V.U.

    Take care
  • Thanks, Herb! Don't feel bad. I can't keep track of all of the sites I belong to. Makes my head spin. Have great night!
  • Thanks for the add, Herb. Love your demos!!
  • Thanks for the add Great to meet ya!!
  • Breathe, it is all happening! Remember the Col. Sanders story of KFC? If not shoot me and email kurtkelly@gmail.com

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Yes it's short notice!

    There is a new animation group meeting this Sunday, and I am told it will lead to paid work! This is by only invitation, however, I have been told that it ok for me to invite a few select professionals! If you are interested, details and location are below. Please let me know if you plan to attend.

    Also, here is a special link for a trail monthly rate with voices to use

    3 jobs in the past week alone!

    "The Voice Of Experience"

    Wishing you the best,

    Kurt Kelly, Voice Artist - Actor
    Live Video, Inc. ©
    kurtkelly@gmail.com, livevideoinc@gmail.com
    TEL LA 310-925-2709, NY 347-497-3842, West Bloomfield, MI 248-325-8269 FAX (610) 885-2709
    Represented by TGMD Talent Agency

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    Date: Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 5:31 PM
    Subject: Thank you so much!
    To: livevideoinc@gmail.com

    Hi Kurt,

    It was great seeing you today and all your help and the mike you lent me, my goodness. Such a good boy you are! I will dive into things and see what I can do.

    I am hoping you can come to the Pink Slip Animation business meeting this Sunday. Here is the final info.

    Time 5-7


    Carol Wyatt
    1835 Colina Dr.
    Glendale 91208 in case you have to mapquest it.

    Please try to make it. You will be such an illustrious addition to the group. Come and see it this is for you.

    Big Hug,

  • Thanks for the add Herb. I'm a HUGE animation fan. Never outgrew it, I guess. By the way, I see we're both Leos. My birthday is today. Happy belated my friend.
  • Herb

    I am not the least bit disappointed... Happy Bday!

  • Happy Birthday, Herb!

    Be well,
    Bob Souer
  • Thanks, Herb! It was a fun spot for a grand reopening celebration. BTW, I really like this page! It's bright and has personality.
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