Gregory Best commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"I like it.  Anyone know who does the VO for  Chrysler new Motor City ads?"
Apr 6, 2011
Gregory Best left a comment on PDR Voice Over Coaching
"Thanks for the ivite Peter."
Jul 29, 2010
Gregory Best left a comment for Debbe Hirata
"Hi Debbe, Nice to see and hear you on VU."
Feb 25, 2010
Gregory Best left a comment for Doug Medlock
"Hey Doug, I see we also have some VO friends in common, like the world traveler Bob Souer. There are some really nice peeps in this biz."
Oct 5, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Bill Ratner
"Hi Bill, had a blast (once I got over being nervous) at the Marice Tobias workshop last weekend. She really is amazing and brought me along in development more than I thought was possible in two days. Maybe I'll see you at one of her workshops once…"
Oct 5, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Rodney Saulsberry
"You are welcome, Rodney. Marcy remembers watching the episode and didn't realize it was time which means you were really "in character". I was in and out of meetings all day today and only got to see clips on the news of the MJ tribute - WOW! I am…"
Jul 7, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Marilee Williams
"Nice demo. Check out (I am Greg Allen on there from my old radio days) and read the archieves for a wealth of info. Pay particular attention to Phillip Banks, Bob Souer and Frank Frederick they know their stuff. There are many other…"
Jul 7, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Kurt Kelly
"Thanks Kurt. it is nice geeting to now all these fine VO folks. I am going to try and make VOICE2010. I was a speaker at the fisrt one in 2007 and attended in 2008 which was great for meeting hundreds of our wierd profession - those who go into…"
Jul 6, 2009
Gregory Best commented on Rodney Saulsberry's video
"Rodney, Nice work -- you look good in a cop uniform."
Jul 6, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Marilee Williams
"Marilee, I'll have to check your site out too. Do you have any demos posted? I am out the door with my wife for dinner after a water district meeting."
Jun 30, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Michael Glover
"Nice to have people here to talk to once in a while. We never talk LOL."
May 6, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment on Mic n Me - Candid Corner
"Deb, Looks like you've been busy lately. I've seen the email blasts. Good luck with the cruise."
Mar 26, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment on LET'S TALK! PROMOS AND TRAILERS
"I am hoping to connect soon too and do some training with you. I have heard only positive things."
Feb 22, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment on ASK JOE - VOICE OVER THEATER
"Nice studio Joe. Congrats to GW on a good setup. I like the "club house" feel and the conmfortable working environment. Reminds of how much work we have left on remodeling here."
Jan 23, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Bill Jurney
"Thank you Bill, I feel blessed to have met and been mentored by some wonderful caring and generous people in this business. I know of no other business like it. Thanks for the positive comment on my narration demo. I am re-doing my demos as time…"
Jan 21, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Rodney Saulsberry
"You're welcome. Enjoy the day. I was just watching the JFK inauguration from 1961 on C-Span. It was another uplifting and joyous occasion with a theme of hope. It is fitting that this historic the inauguration follows MLK day."
Jan 19, 2009

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  • And I hope you do Gregory, call me anytime.


  • Hi Greg,

    Always love meeting talented people like you ...Shout at me any time...

  • Thanks Greg!! - stu
  • Hi Greg, Keep up the good VOs!!
    I very much enjoyed your narration demo.
    What a gift to have known DLF.

    Best, Bill
  • Hello Gregory,

    Thank you so much for your very kind words! Have a wonderful MLK Day and enjoy the inauguration tomorrow.

    Take care,

  • Hey Greg, All the very best to you too! I wish you a healthy and wonderful 2009!
  • Hi Greg,

    Happy New Year to you... I am always open to a conversation about voiceover. Feel free to email me at

  • Hi Greg-

    Thanks for the invite fellow Midwesterner! Yeah, I left Chicago back in '83 and have been in Portland (OR) ever since. I'll give you a holler if I ever get down to SD. I'm thinking about a trip there over the summer - best time to be there!
  • How cool! Ottawa? I LOVE that town!!! We boat on the Illinois river and we have a slip in Seneca and have gone through the locks to Ottawa. Love the Beehive restaurant.

    There's this really cool house for sale on the bluffs on the opposite side of the high school on the river. Boy, would I like to live there but the commute would be outrageous!

    Although I don't listen to B96 I am familiar with Eddie and JoBo. I believe they're still doing their thing. They've got some local auto insurance spots running here as well.

    Well, this Voiceover Universe can be a small world sometimes, eh?

    Again, thanks for the connect!!!
  • Thanks Gregory, Happy New Year to you too!
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