Gregory Best commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"I like it.  Anyone know who does the VO for  Chrysler new Motor City ads?"
Apr 6, 2011
Gregory Best left a comment on PDR Voice Over Coaching
"Thanks for the ivite Peter."
Jul 29, 2010
Gregory Best left a comment for Debbe Hirata
"Hi Debbe, Nice to see and hear you on VU."
Feb 25, 2010
Gregory Best left a comment for Doug Medlock
"Hey Doug, I see we also have some VO friends in common, like the world traveler Bob Souer. There are some really nice peeps in this biz."
Oct 5, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Bill Ratner
"Hi Bill, had a blast (once I got over being nervous) at the Marice Tobias workshop last weekend. She really is amazing and brought me along in development more than I thought was possible in two days. Maybe I'll see you at one of her workshops once…"
Oct 5, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Rodney Saulsberry
"You are welcome, Rodney. Marcy remembers watching the episode and didn't realize it was time which means you were really "in character". I was in and out of meetings all day today and only got to see clips on the news of the MJ tribute - WOW! I am…"
Jul 7, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Marilee Williams
"Nice demo. Check out (I am Greg Allen on there from my old radio days) and read the archieves for a wealth of info. Pay particular attention to Phillip Banks, Bob Souer and Frank Frederick they know their stuff. There are many other…"
Jul 7, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Kurt Kelly
"Thanks Kurt. it is nice geeting to now all these fine VO folks. I am going to try and make VOICE2010. I was a speaker at the fisrt one in 2007 and attended in 2008 which was great for meeting hundreds of our wierd profession - those who go into…"
Jul 6, 2009
Gregory Best commented on Rodney Saulsberry's video
"Rodney, Nice work -- you look good in a cop uniform."
Jul 6, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Marilee Williams
"Marilee, I'll have to check your site out too. Do you have any demos posted? I am out the door with my wife for dinner after a water district meeting."
Jun 30, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Michael Glover
"Nice to have people here to talk to once in a while. We never talk LOL."
May 6, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment on Mic n Me - Candid Corner
"Deb, Looks like you've been busy lately. I've seen the email blasts. Good luck with the cruise."
Mar 26, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment on LET'S TALK! PROMOS AND TRAILERS
"I am hoping to connect soon too and do some training with you. I have heard only positive things."
Feb 22, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment on ASK JOE - VOICE OVER THEATER
"Nice studio Joe. Congrats to GW on a good setup. I like the "club house" feel and the conmfortable working environment. Reminds of how much work we have left on remodeling here."
Jan 23, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Bill Jurney
"Thank you Bill, I feel blessed to have met and been mentored by some wonderful caring and generous people in this business. I know of no other business like it. Thanks for the positive comment on my narration demo. I am re-doing my demos as time…"
Jan 21, 2009
Gregory Best left a comment for Rodney Saulsberry
"You're welcome. Enjoy the day. I was just watching the JFK inauguration from 1961 on C-Span. It was another uplifting and joyous occasion with a theme of hope. It is fitting that this historic the inauguration follows MLK day."
Jan 19, 2009

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  • Hey Greg! Not gonna make it this year, studio upgrades took a top priority in the budget. Maybe '09.
  • Hi Greg! Nice to see you.
  • Greg, It has been a long time, I'm in Poway now, re-married and trying to get things settled. Of course there's the VOICE 2008 web site I'm trying to re-tool and finish up this moment.. but other than that I'm so darned busy I can't find time to think sometimes.
  • Good luck with that tree! Wow! You need a family of beavers or something.
  • Alrighty then. Let's hear it for East county! We should talk soon
  • It is so good to see your photo and hear your demos. You're wonderful. My Dallas seminars are June 14 and 15 and as always would appreciate your referrals. I sincerely hope to see and talk with you again soon!
  • Hi Greg. Good to hear from you. Glad you're doing voice work.
    Certainly Jim and Penny have been a great help. I'm about 90%
    retired at this point. I Exec. Produce the SDG&E stuff, but that's
    about all. Don't want to do much else. Warmest regards, Mel
  • Dear Greg,

    I just got no less than four "Knock Knock" messages from you. Also, Greg...I don't understand your message.

    Regards, Pat Fraley
  • Warming up? Well it hit 110º last week, a new record for us on that date, and it should be around 100º the last part of this week. Yep, that's warm!
  • Hello Greg. I am from Ottawa, Kansas. Ottawa is a town of 13,000 that is 40 miles southeast of Kansas City. It is a great small town in mid-America, USA. Was Ottawa, Ill. the same? Your demos are great. I hope to be able to provide such a quality body of work as you. - Derek
This reply was deleted.