Greg Hamilton left a comment for Dan Harder
"Hey Dan. I feel bad that I haven't even gone onto this website in months. How very sad it is. I really miss the time when this was such a big part of my life. I noticed a hello from you dated back to January. Sorry buddy, I'm history. Done for the…"
May 3, 2010
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Bob Bergen
"Hey Bob, Sad to hear about the loss of Wayne Allwine. Its a sad day for Disney and "Mickey's" many friends.
May 20, 2009
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Brian James
"Thank you for all of your advise you have so graciously handed out to me Brian. You will be missed very much my friend.
Greg Hamilton"
Mar 7, 2009
Greg Hamilton left a comment on Positive Thinkers UNITE!
"I had this sent to me today and thought it should be posted here too. The important thing is this:
To be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are, for what you could become"
Jan 4, 2009
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Wilson Versolato
"I am very well my friend. Thank you! I hope you are well too. Have a great '09!
Greg Hamilton"
Jan 1, 2009
Greg Hamilton left a comment on Tech Notes for Voice Talent
"A question for someone out there in the universe who knows their software. (I am assuming it is a software issue but maybe not?) I use Adobe Audition 2.0 with my PC and a Preconus Fire Box. I have the main level knob cranked to the max and my levels…"
Nov 7, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Brian Haymond
"Thank you Brian! I'll hold you to that!
Greg Hamilton"
Nov 6, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment on Canadian Voice Actors
"I would expect nothing less, Liz!"
Oct 31, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Wilson Versolato
"I'm not sure what commercial you want. Do you mean my demo? You say text it, do you mean email it to you? I am glad to help you out but I want to make sure I know what I'm sending and how. Have a great weekend!
Oct 31, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Wilson Versolato
"Mui bueno demo amigo! Mucho gusto!! (what the hell does that mean anyway?) Its funny that I don't know what you are saying, Wilson, but I can hear your talent a mile away! Keep it up!
Greg Hamilton"
Oct 30, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment on Canadian Voice Actors
"Okay, I've had my people check you out. You seem pretty safe. BTW, nice Demo Liz., and the photos! Wow, you're hangin' with some pretty swanky folk!
Can I hang out with you too?"
Oct 30, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment on Canadian Voice Actors
"We'll have to put you through our rigorous screening process, Liz, I'm sure you can understand. It's a "Standing on Gaurd for Thee" kinda thing. Just act natural, we will be watching you and of course, listening...."
Oct 30, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Rich Owen
"Hey Rich!!! Wow I really miss you guys. I loved the photos you posted! Great memories. I logged onto the trailers page and noticed your comment about the trailer course with Rod Saulsberry. Thanks for that! I've started the course and it's very good…"
Oct 20, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Joyce Castellanos
"Thank you for your great advise Joyce. I'll keep in touch with my progress.
Greg Hamilton"
Oct 19, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Joan Baker
"Hi Joan! I finally, finally, finally, got your book in the mail the other day. I'm reading it with a fervency unlike most books. I saw your podcast of you talking about your dad. What a lucky girl you were to have a dad like that. I can only hope my…"
Oct 17, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Terry Evans
"Welcome my Albertan friend! Can I let you know if I hear of any VO course you might be interested in even if it's in Cow Town? You can always do the same for me. Thanks!
Oct 13, 2008

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  • Great voice wishes in your career!
  • After Rodnesy's teleclass, I took some additional classes from Rodney in LA. He became a coach and director to the demo I have on VU. He is such a positive thinker for those of us trying to become better at this business.

    VOICE 2008 was such a positive and uplifting experience for me. I met so many new and encouraging friends and have developed new professional contacts. I am still jazzed about it all. I'm glad the additional pioctures refreshed those memories in you!

    Take care. It was good to hear from you. Stay in touch!

  • Hi Greg,
    It's good to hear from you.
    My feeling is that training is always the first line of defense to doing the job right. Imaging is a unique area and very stylized so it's good to listen to radio and television stations in different areas so you can see the trends and attitudes are around the country. There are instructors who really know this area, and if you need help finding them please let me know and I'll do some research. Then you need to have your imaging demo done by people who know that genre. I do have a couple of names for you on that, so when you're ready, just let me know. When looking for imaging work, you definitely need a demo that reflects your sounds. You may also want to talk with Voice Hunters about this. Radio and television imaging is one area they really focus on and help v.o. talent find work. If they can take you on, they'll also help you with a demo.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Be well,

  • Hi Greg,

    Thank you for such kind and deeply touching words to me! You made my week!!!!

    Always and cheers to the reading!!

    Joan xo
  • Hi Greg,

    No worries, you're not "over asking" your welcome... but thank you for having that in your consciousness, I appreciate it. Also, I would love to hear about your experience with Rodney's teleclass when you're done with it in six weeks.
    He's a great guy and knows alot! As far as radio imaging goes, that's not really my area, but I'm sure, as you know, that there plenty of folks here on VOU who could offer you some guidance.

    Now regarding TV promos & Trailers, that is my area and I would encourage you to get all the training you can before dropping some coin on a professional demo. And it would probably be best if you did it with someone who knows the genre very well. You wouldn't take your Ferrari to "Uncle Bill's Garage" just because he works on cars. For the best results, work with the best in that field. Once you get to the point to produce your promo/trailer demo, and you'll know when it's time, I feel it's best to be in the studio with the producer & engineer... there's a certain creative dynamic that occurs and flows... it's a little elusive to explain right now, but that's just me. However, if you have ISDN or SourceConnect it would probably workout just fine. Just remember, preparation is the key on any production at any level. To travel or not to travel for training... be wi$e and selective... what does your intuition, your gut, tell you and then go from there... are you willing to travel 100miles? 500miles? 2500miles? Is it cost effective, a once in lifetime chance, or would you get more from a teleclass, a book, a cd or private coaching via the internet or phone? Where do you want to invest your dough (esp. in this economy) for the highest ROI? And that's probably a subjective thing too considering this creative medium.

    Anyway, there you go Greg. Hopes this info serves you in furthering your VO
    goals and dreams. Take care bud.


  • Hey Greg,

    Pardon the generic email, however, I just want to touch base with those of you on VOU & to THANK YOU for commenting on the my recent podcast re TV Promos on In my world everyone is a winner... so if I can be of any assistance and answer a breif question or two, please feel free to contact me.

    Best regards,

  • You're so funny....I'm on my TOUR so it's too hard to keep up with everything...didn't touch VO Universe for a few sad....but I'm catching up and will be here more often soon I'm hoping
    Big hugs Greg
  • Ya sent it on ...hope you have my email
  • Ya sent it on buddy...hope you have my email
  • Greg,

    Thank you for listening to my song and I really appreciate your kind words. I look forward to our teleclass.

    Take care,

    Rodney Saulsberry
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