Greg Hamilton left a comment for Dan Harder
"Hey Dan. I feel bad that I haven't even gone onto this website in months. How very sad it is. I really miss the time when this was such a big part of my life. I noticed a hello from you dated back to January. Sorry buddy, I'm history. Done for the…"
May 3, 2010
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Bob Bergen
"Hey Bob, Sad to hear about the loss of Wayne Allwine. Its a sad day for Disney and "Mickey's" many friends.
May 20, 2009
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Brian James
"Thank you for all of your advise you have so graciously handed out to me Brian. You will be missed very much my friend.
Greg Hamilton"
Mar 7, 2009
Greg Hamilton left a comment on Positive Thinkers UNITE!
"I had this sent to me today and thought it should be posted here too. The important thing is this:
To be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are, for what you could become"
Jan 4, 2009
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Wilson Versolato
"I am very well my friend. Thank you! I hope you are well too. Have a great '09!
Greg Hamilton"
Jan 1, 2009
Greg Hamilton left a comment on Tech Notes for Voice Talent
"A question for someone out there in the universe who knows their software. (I am assuming it is a software issue but maybe not?) I use Adobe Audition 2.0 with my PC and a Preconus Fire Box. I have the main level knob cranked to the max and my levels…"
Nov 7, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Brian Haymond
"Thank you Brian! I'll hold you to that!
Greg Hamilton"
Nov 6, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment on Canadian Voice Actors
"I would expect nothing less, Liz!"
Oct 31, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Wilson Versolato
"I'm not sure what commercial you want. Do you mean my demo? You say text it, do you mean email it to you? I am glad to help you out but I want to make sure I know what I'm sending and how. Have a great weekend!
Oct 31, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Wilson Versolato
"Mui bueno demo amigo! Mucho gusto!! (what the hell does that mean anyway?) Its funny that I don't know what you are saying, Wilson, but I can hear your talent a mile away! Keep it up!
Greg Hamilton"
Oct 30, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment on Canadian Voice Actors
"Okay, I've had my people check you out. You seem pretty safe. BTW, nice Demo Liz., and the photos! Wow, you're hangin' with some pretty swanky folk!
Can I hang out with you too?"
Oct 30, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment on Canadian Voice Actors
"We'll have to put you through our rigorous screening process, Liz, I'm sure you can understand. It's a "Standing on Gaurd for Thee" kinda thing. Just act natural, we will be watching you and of course, listening...."
Oct 30, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Rich Owen
"Hey Rich!!! Wow I really miss you guys. I loved the photos you posted! Great memories. I logged onto the trailers page and noticed your comment about the trailer course with Rod Saulsberry. Thanks for that! I've started the course and it's very good…"
Oct 20, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Joyce Castellanos
"Thank you for your great advise Joyce. I'll keep in touch with my progress.
Greg Hamilton"
Oct 19, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Joan Baker
"Hi Joan! I finally, finally, finally, got your book in the mail the other day. I'm reading it with a fervency unlike most books. I saw your podcast of you talking about your dad. What a lucky girl you were to have a dad like that. I can only hope my…"
Oct 17, 2008
Greg Hamilton left a comment for Terry Evans
"Welcome my Albertan friend! Can I let you know if I hear of any VO course you might be interested in even if it's in Cow Town? You can always do the same for me. Thanks!
Oct 13, 2008

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  • Hi Greg,
    Thanks for your kind words about my demo! You sound great too and I love your demo! Honestly, the promo/commercial demo is just something I pieced together quite a while back. The guy that produced my first demo is Mark Conklin in New Jersey. I recorded the voice dry and he produced it for me and did my cd's and all the art work. He does a good job! I'll try and find his contact information for you. Thanks again and talk soon!

  • Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your kind words! I guess with a few exceptions none of us are ever as busy as we'd like to be! I produced all the demos on my own, been doing radio for years so it kinda comes with the territory but you can find some terrific producers if you'd rather go that way. It is generally best to have someone else put your demo together as they can be a lot more objective about the final product. Geez, when I get done with one I can never figure whether its decent or not, we're just too close to it! Your demo sounds great. Best of luck and keep on pluggin' brother...there is and will always be just one Greg Hamilton, be the best one you can be!

    All the best,

  • Greg!...until the will not be normal... but I'm still standing -- even tho the TV station cut 21 jobs. Ouch!

    Have a great weekend!

    Dave C
  • Hello Greg,

    I'm so glad that you liked my book "Step Up to the Mic." Keep an eye on my web site for the next promo/trailer teleclass. The web address is:

    Take care
  • and now the LONG awaited answers to your questions....
    I appreciate the props...all the demos are produced by me...I have been a production geek 4-ever..made money with my hands before I did my first VO track. So there is no cost...I just took things my clients had produced where I liked the copy and then re-produced them so they stand out a little more. There is no course other than VO coaching I could suggest...the creative just has to come oozig out naturally and baby I am a sick man so the oozing is quite profuse sometimes. IF you need a set of hands I am more than happy to help...On the how to read it already have a distinct sound...use it and never let up...just keep getting yourself in front of people and eventually one of those people will be the RIGHT one!!

    All the best my friend!!

  • Hi Greg,

    Nice demo! The secret is persistance, persistance, persistance! Best of luck and stay in touch!

  • Hi Greg,
    You mentioned one of my very favorite people on the planet, Joe Cipriano! I adore that man from head to toe!
    Yes, you can get Secrets at any bookstore but even quicker on Amazon.
    I'd love to teach in your neck of the woods- well if you can arrange it or a school that have guest teachers- then have the contact me-

    Thank you again for your wonderful note-

  • Thanks for the props....ask away...I am at your service!!
  • Thanks, Greg. It was great working with you at VOICE 2008. I hope that our paths cross again in the future - maybe VOICE 2009?
  • Sorry Greg! Work in progress... All the goods coming soon.
This reply was deleted.