Ed Mace posted a video
Rocky Curby's DARK VESSEL is a visually stunning and intense 5:44 minute film with hard hitting sound design.Written and Directed byRocky CurbyCastEd MaceTim SimmonsSound DesignTapio Liukkonen
Nov 29, 2012
Ed Mace left a comment for Lani Minella
"Lani-I just caught your demo on Voices.com. I marveled at it throughout. The last word was killer and cracked me up!! You are an inspiration. Great work! Thank you. Ed "
Nov 29, 2012
Ed Mace commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"Nice job and relaxing delivery."
Jul 27, 2012
Ed Mace posted a video
Can you avert disaster? Climb aboard the bridge of that famous ship and see if you can rewrite history. Compete for the top spot on the online high score tab...
Jun 21, 2012
Ed Mace commented on Jon Bailey's video
"Good for you Jon!"
Jun 8, 2012
Ed Mace commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"Awesome for Jake!!"
May 3, 2012
Ed Mace commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"Love it!! Thanks so much!"
Apr 11, 2012
Ed Mace posted videos
Apr 1, 2012
Ed Mace left a comment on Tech Notes for Voice Talent
"Thanks Alexis-TW is sounding better and better!"
Mar 8, 2012
Ed Mace left a comment on Tech Notes for Voice Talent
"Thanks Howard for that great recommendation! I love simplicity. It's funny that in addition to being voice talents,it doesn't hurt to be quasi recording and editing engineers! I am not super tech savvy but have done well with audacity over the years…"
Mar 8, 2012
Ed Mace left a comment on Tech Notes for Voice Talent
"Hi Beau-I'm thinking of trying out Twisted Wave on my 2011 iMac. I've been spoiled by Audacity's the ease of use on the PC for years.I've done very little recording it with the exception of Audacity for the Mac which doesn't have the same features…"
Mar 8, 2012
Ed Mace posted a video
A hopeless romantic becomes a vessel of death. facebook.com/DarkVessel Written and Directed by Rocky Curby Cast Ed Mace Tim Simmons Sound Design Tapio Liukkonen
Mar 6, 2012
Ed Mace commented on Joey Pepin's video
"Funny Funny Funny!!!   And soooooo true."
Feb 9, 2012
Ed Mace left a comment for Ronda Hernandez
"Welcome Ronda and have fun on this great website."
Jan 7, 2012
Ed Mace commented on Jon Bailey's video
"Hey Jon-Very well done!! Just visited your website. In the words of Christopher Walken.."UhWow!" I tip my hat to your sir."
Jan 5, 2012
Ed Mace posted a video
Happy Halloween!! Once again I had the golden opportunity to work with Tapio Liukkonen of Kaamos Sound. He is a true master at his art of sound recording and...
Oct 28, 2011

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  •  I always look for new people to add to my talent pool, but I just can't wrap my brain around those who just point me to their demo and say, "add me." I have to speak with them (which takes time I seldom have) and see what they are capable of that I can use. As we all know, demos can be self-limiting.  You need to live up to your demo and then some. In games there are more commonly needed accents, ages, dlalects etc.  I hope to be able to help you and others get into my pool the best way possible.

  • Haha! I will and the same goes for you! :)

  • Thanks, Ed! That means a lot coming from someone as talented as you! I wished I had the resume that YOU do!
  • ED!!!
    Hi there! Things are good. A little slow maybe. I just took some demos up to some LA agents so I have my fingers crossed (again). I made a cute package using a clear plastic paint can, some gel clings you see in windows and a flashy-blinky light. I made a stand and put my cd inside with the "Always Room for Shell-O" cover and a nice engraved pen with my name and phone number on it. I hope it grabs their attention enough to at least listen. It is nice to have a laser for engraving at my disposal!
    I am taking a class on Sunday up in LA with Marc Cashman and his special quest Lani Minella (from the ask a casting director forum where we met). It is a video game intensive type class so hopefully I will actually get on Lani's radar and get to audition for upcoming projects.
    What is new with you?
  • Thanks Ad!
    Thanks allot!
  • Oh, and I also want to add...my friend Ginny Tyler? Well she was hand-selected by Walt Disney to be the official storyteller at Disneyland. She was also a Mouseketeer. (did I spell that right?) who reported from Disneyland. When the theme park was opened, Mr. Disney wanted to drive visitors there from the Mickey Mouse Club TV audience. During the show, which was taped, they cut to Ginny live at Disneyland. She was amazing. Voiced hundreds of films for Disney and a myriad of other things. And she was my neighbor for ten years. She recently moved to be near her son.

    Just want you to know what it means when I said you remind me of Ginny Tyler. She was/is one of the most talented character voice talents to have ever lived. Seriously she was incredible...and so are you.

    I too, will send business your way when the opportunity arises...and I hope there are many.
  • Great to meet you Ed. You remind me of the time when I had the great privilege of working with Ginny Tyler, an amazing character talent in Hollywood for over 40 years. She returned to Seattle to care for her elderly mom and that is when I had the pleasure of working with her and developing a deep friendship.

    Character voice over is an amazing genre that you clearly move in with ease. I can do it, but it doesn't come natural to me. Hope to learn more on VU.

    Thanks for reaching out and for your kind comments.
  • Again I am grateful for your compliment and if you ever want to learn how to do more weird creatures....ask. Have a great October with lots of cool ghouls and treats!
  • Thanks for your comment on Tiamat, Ed. The surprising thing to me is that they really didn't alter my voice much. I was looking forward to a lot of scary processing, but I guess I'm scary as is. Wonder if that's a good thing? LOL
  • Hey Ed! I'm on the VO Coaches page and I saw that you were looking for a coach in the RI area. I'm based in LA, but I offer private sessions over Skype. Or, if you can get some people in your area interested in a workshop I can fly out there and teach you.
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