E.J. Smith left a comment for Anna Kingsley
"Sure Anna, Let me know if there is something that i can help you with. "
Jun 19, 2012
E.J. Smith commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"Thanks Nancy. Are you ever in the Atlanta area? I was told by September Day Carter that you're the best coach in the biz. Please inbox me if you're ever in the Atlanta area. Thanks. "
May 22, 2012
E.J. Smith left a comment on Voices of Colors
"One of "Those" sessions

Just had one of Those sessions. I'm sure many of you can relate. Ha. Keep laughing. "
Jan 5, 2012
E.J. Smith left a comment for Rodney Saulsberry
"You got robbed. I thought that you were going to win tonight. NAACP was fun to watch though"
Mar 4, 2011
E.J. Smith commented on Tom Leigh Knight's video
"Great. I think that I might have heard that on the radio yesterday."
Jan 30, 2011
E.J. Smith left a comment on Demo Critique
"Hello VoiceOver Universe family. I hope that you all enjoy your weekend. I'm asking for a little feed back about my demo, mainly because so far, the work that I've done as a professonal (i use that term loosely) hasn't been worthy of being used in…"
Jan 22, 2011
E.J. Smith left a comment for Rodney Saulsberry
"Also congrats for the nomination for the Image award. I just read your "Step up to the Mic" book. I really enjoyed it. Especially the Interpretation poem."
Jan 13, 2011
E.J. Smith left a comment for Miles Mussenden
"Congrats on the Publix gig. Great way to start off 2011."
Jan 7, 2011
E.J. Smith left a comment for Harry Legg
"Thanks Harry. You're website and demos are fantastic.. do you do all of the engineering yourself?"
Jan 7, 2011
E.J. Smith left a comment for Jon Bailey
"Hey Jon. I've been very impressed by all of the work that you've done. Congrats on the success and happy new year."
Jan 1, 2011
E.J. Smith left a comment for Rodney Saulsberry
"I'm not a soap opera watcher, but I did catch you on "The Bold and the Beautiful" congrats on your continued success."
Dec 22, 2010

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  • Thank you for accepting, and I will be sure to do so. I look forward to learning more and more about voice acting.

  • Hey E.J., so cool of you to ask, thanks for the request!

    Best, Channe

  • Hi E.J., Thank you for the connection, Keep Voicing!
  • Hey E.J.  Thanks for the add.  Welcome Friend@
  • Thank you so much E. J. Happy New Year!
  • Thx EJ. May your 2011 be prosperous as well. Cheers!

    BTW nice demo.


  • Thanks.  I do fully produce.  I'm a former Imaging/Creative Director.  Some of the production work on the voice demos is mine and some of it is from clients who sent it back to me...  I'm trying to produce less and less nowadays because it is so time consuming - but sometimes being able to produce will also land you the gig - especially for commercial work.
  • Hey EJ!  Welcome and thanks for the connection!  Hope 2011 is great for you!



  • Thanks, EJ! I appreciate the compliment and I hope you're right! Here's to the best year ever!
  • HI EJ,

    Thanks for thinking of me with this FRIEND link! Best wishes and Happy New Year,



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