David Sigmon left a comment for Penny Abshire
"Thanks mom."
Nov 16, 2011
David Sigmon commented on Joey Pepin's video
"Very well done Mr Pepin. Very well done."
Jul 13, 2011
David Sigmon commented on Jonathan Lipow's video
"This was truly ENTERTAINING!"
Jun 14, 2011
David Sigmon commented on Rick Party's video
"Very, very well done."
Jan 19, 2011
David Sigmon commented on Jon Bailey's video
"Very very cool Jon."
Dec 15, 2010
David Sigmon commented on Nancy Wolfson's video
"Once again, thanks Nancy. Every little bit helps."
Nov 9, 2010
David Sigmon commented on Mark Avery's video
"I'll take 2 cases."
Oct 27, 2010
David Sigmon commented on Bruce Jacobson's video
"From someone who has been kicked, drug, bit, and bucked off many times, this was very cool."
Sep 8, 2010
David Sigmon commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"This represents what we all hope for in our lives."
Aug 20, 2010
David Sigmon commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"This should be required quarterly viewing for all parents. Hopefully my grandson will benefit from me forwarding this to my son. GREAT JOB! Thank you for sharing this."
Feb 10, 2010
David Sigmon left a comment on Viva VO Atlanta!
"Great idea Craig. Thanks for taking the initiative."
Sep 8, 2009
David Sigmon left a comment for Bettye Zoller
"Bettye, I really enjoyed reading your latest VOxtra article. Most helpful were the last two segments, on agent communication and the value of hiring helpers. Thank you for the contribution to my education. I am looking forward to your next piece of…"
Sep 6, 2009
David Sigmon posted photos
Aug 7, 2009
David Sigmon left a comment on Ask a Casting Director
"Good morning Lani,
I too would be interested in the details of this upcoming teleconference series. Please fill me in and keep me updated.
Thank you."
Jul 4, 2009
David Sigmon left a comment on The Don Lafontaine Celebration of Life
"Thank you for allowing me entre into this hallowed arena. Don's reputation among his colleagues was a contributing factor in my choosing this voice acting adventure after retiring from the Navy. I only hope that in the coming years I can earn half…"
Mar 13, 2009
David Sigmon posted photos
Jan 18, 2009

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  • Thank you david. I appreciate your kind words.
  • Nicely done David. I think I like the second read on your demo the best. Keep on making progress my friend. Hope to re-unite with you and the crew at Voice 2010.
    Best regards
  • You are such a sweetheart David! Thank you - I appreciate your offer more then you know. Family loss aside - I look forward to watching your career grow. You are truly talented & I know that you will do well!
  • Thanks for joining my group on this site, Bettye Zoller's Voiceover Central." The discussion about "most valuable thing you've learned so far" is going great. Be sure and comment and read it. Fab comments so far. All best wishes and do keep in touch. I have a new podcast running on www.voices.com if you can go there and take a listen.
  • Hey David,

    Pardon the generic email, however, I just want to touch base with those of you on VOU & Voices.com to THANK YOU for commenting on the my recent podcast re TV Promos on Voices.com. In my world everyone is a winner... so if I can be of any assistance and answer a breif question or two, please feel free to contact me.

    Best regards,

    davo@davidalden.com or here on VOU
  • David:

    Bob Secondary here from Pat Fraley's class in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Hope things are proceeding well for you. Have you started acting classes yet?

    Break a leg and hope to see you out and about.

    Bob aka Hobart
  • Hey David!! Welcome to VO Universe!!

    Looking forward to meeting you at Bob's class in Atlanta!

  • Thank you for your offer greatly appreciate it! Good luck with your career!!
  • Hey, Handsome! Let me be the first to welcome you to the UNIVERSE! You've joined a great group of people - so good to see you here!

    And speaking of groups, let me also invite you to join my VU Group, Positive Thinkers UNITE! We can always use another creative, positive voice among us! You might also like to join the group, Friends of the Art of Voice Acting.

    Best wishes for continued success - and big hugs!

    Penny Abshire
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