Craig Koepke left a comment for Tess Morgan
"Thank you for getting in touch. Look forward to hear more from you. I agree GREAT demos. Nice work.

Mar 17, 2010
Craig Koepke left a comment for Matt Wiewel
Thanks for the add. It's always great to hook up with new friends.
Craig K"
Sep 22, 2009
Craig Koepke left a comment for Greg Cleveland
"Hello Greg,

Thanks for the add. I hope you have much voice over success. Enjoy this site it ROCKS!"
Jul 15, 2009
Craig Koepke left a comment on Future Voice Over Stars

I see you already have been doing some investigative work.:)

Apr 8, 2009
Craig Koepke left a comment on Future Voice Over Stars
"Patrick these are some good questions. I can give you my opinion only and it may differ from what others say. So as I have found with different things in life, take a little from here and a little from there and when you are done, you have your own.…"
Apr 6, 2009
Craig Koepke left a comment for Daxtonn Marshall

Smart Mom!! You will love her and thank her that when you get older, trust me on that one my young friend.

Well lets see, I live in Waterloo, Iowa. Home of the John Deere Tractor Works.

take care and keep trusting your mom. You have a great…"
Mar 19, 2009
Craig Koepke left a comment for Daxtonn Marshall
"Hey Daxton, great job! Ya this was a fun one for sure. Thanks for getting in touch with me. Did you record at their studio in SLC? Today was a bummer for me. My ISDN is down, put in a new router last week and my Source Connect and it are not getting…"
Mar 4, 2009
Craig Koepke left a comment on Future Voice Over Stars
"Hey Kipp, I agree! I love telling people what I do and then wait for that dumb-founded look to come. What? I always say, "if this is work, give me all you throw at me." Encouragement and motivation? Give me that too. As Zig Zigler said: “People…"
Mar 4, 2009
Craig Koepke left a comment for Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst
"Thanks for the add Dan it's appreciated! Not to worry on the forgetting that's just getting to be common in today's hectic world.

Nice rich voice, I love it!

Jan 15, 2009
Craig Koepke left a comment on Tech Notes for Voice Talent
"Hello to all,

I was hoping someone could help this audio nerd hook up some equipment. This is what I have cooking and need help with.
I have a Tapco Mix 120 mixer and just bought a JK Audio Broadcast Host (Desktop Digital Hybrid). I want to be able…"
Dec 10, 2008
Craig Koepke left a comment for Tom Test
"Were you the other guy from Loris that worked on that spot. I heard there was someone else from the agency. I've just been with them since late June 2008. Felt good to book a gig with them rather quickly. I've have one other agent that dang for all…"
Oct 10, 2008
Craig Koepke left a comment for Tom Test

Thanks for the input. The agent I'm talking about is Lori Lins LTD in Milwaukee.

I may try and contact the engineer since I recorded on spot in Minneapolis and see if he has anything. We hit it off fairly well.

Thanks for the tip,
Oct 10, 2008
Craig Koepke left a comment for Tom Test
"Hey Tom,

I saw it in print somewhere on this site. I don't remember now though. I talked with my agent and they said they did not want me contacting the creative or the agency directly, so I guess I will have to wait.

Nice demo and very unique…"
Oct 10, 2008
Craig Koepke left a comment for Tom Test
"Hello Tom,

I was curious as to your vo of Time Warner. I just did a national radio spot for them where I played the character "whimsical Bob". I have been trying to hear the spot but not having much success. Congrats on your success and may it…"
Oct 9, 2008
Craig Koepke left a comment for Bruce Jacobson
"Hey Bruce! Just came across your profile on V123. Listened to some of your demos. Fantastic and I'm not kiddin with you. Love your narratives. Well done.

Sep 25, 2008
Craig Koepke left a comment for Jennifer Cudahy
"Thanks Jennifer for coming on board and gracing my page."
Sep 18, 2008

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  • Hi, Craig! Thanks for the comment on my demo. I feel like goof! Before "inviting" you here I looked and looked for you on here but didn't get a result?! Now I see you've been here for ages.

    Nice to be in touch with you too....
  • Love brought me here....
    My husband is from Springfield MO.
    I did join the KC group.
    Look forward to keeping in touch!
  • So Craig, where do I find the cool little demo player that you have on the left side of your page?

    By the way, I really enjoyed listening to your demos too. Wow...this site is amazing. My first day on it and it's hard for me to sign off and go to bed!!

  • Thanks i liked it to. I live in Utah so i just went to the studio to record. My mom added the radio commercial to my page. i really love doing commercials. but my mom makes me save some of the money for when i get older. that part i dont like. :)
  • Hi,

    My name is Dax. I play the role of the "boy" in the radio spot both of us did today for Voicesonlinenow. I think it sounds cool.
  • Thanks!!!

    A pleasure!!!
  • Craig,

    Nice to see you on here! Hope all is well....

    Mackenzie Vick
    Voices On Line Now
  • I booked this gig through Lily's Talent in Chicago. But companies sometimes have different ad agencies for radio vs TV. At the very least, they have different teams of creatives from the same agency, who might do things their own way, e.g., work with different talent agents based on the relationships they have established with.
  • I'm exclusive with Lori for all of WI, and love them dearly. But they are more strict than some talent agents about contact with the client. So do be careful not to do anything you think they might frown upon if they knew you were doing it. They're wonderful agents and good people, and that relationship is important to your career.
  • How'd you find me, Craig? I've heard some TWC-BC spots on the radio, I wonder if I heard you! Did you ask the agency folks for a copy? It often takes "polite persistence...."
This reply was deleted.