Chuck Matthews left a comment for Ed Weigle
"considering the new ISA One pre for use at work. hear anything on that one? Just a pre.. no compression or other bells n whistles."
Mar 24, 2011
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Ed Weigle
"Ah... I had a ISA220... but couldn't figure it out... want either an Avalon M5 or an Avedis MA5 500 series pre."
Mar 24, 2011
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Ed Weigle
"Hi ed... what focusrite pre (s) do you use... if I can ask?"
Mar 24, 2011
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Mike Patrick
"Great stuph Mike!"
Mar 24, 2011
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Ed Weigle
"Hi Ed

What outboard processors do you employ with the U87? And if you don't mind sharing... what plugs do you use on a regular basis on your VO? And/or on the Master out?"
Jan 20, 2010
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Alton (Al) Hoover
"Hi Alton

No word back from Cip on the 416 mount. But I believe I found it at BSW. Just can't recall the model at this time. In fact, I haven't bought it yet."
Jan 11, 2010
Chuck Matthews commented on Ed Weigle's video
"Ed, BIG Fan!

What mod was done to the u87? Do you run to an external mic pre, then to PT? If you don't mind sharing. What plugs do you use on your VO tracks?"
Nov 14, 2009
Chuck Matthews posted videos
May 28, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Ed Hunter
"Hi Ed! I didn't know you work at Level2. I did a part of a NOIC spot thru Mark."
May 28, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Jeff Jasper
"Hey Jeff

Love the demos! Especially the auto demo."
Feb 5, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Mitch Phillips
"Hi Mitch!

BIG fan!

Yours is a voice that one can never forget. Especially the Click It/Ticket spots."
Feb 5, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Brian James
"Hi Brian

I see you use the ISA 430... I have the ISA 220. Having issue setting the mic gain. May I ask where you have yours set? I'm using the Sennheiser 416. Can't seem to get the mic gain right...and not sure if I need to use the Trim.

Jan 22, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for TJ Jones
"Great booth!"
Jan 6, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Ryan Drean
"Hi Ryan
GREAT work! Love the podcast too.

Are you taking on new voices for your talent roster?

Please check out my demos at

Rates are extremely affordable.

Thank you

ps - I know Matt Ganssle from when we…"
Jan 6, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Ben LuMaye
"Hi Ben
Love your work! I used to work for CC when you did. I was in Raleigh NC at WRDU at the time. I think we have a mutual friend in Matt Anthony.

Anyway... need a fresh new voice that is budget friendly? Perhaps for your HD channel(s)?

Demos on…"
Jan 6, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Neil Wilson
Are you at the GBoro location or Raleigh? If Raleigh then you get to work with Mike Urben. Hands down the best commercial VO in the whole market. Mike is also the VO for many Salem news/talk stations. Great guy that Mike Urben!"
Dec 24, 2008

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  • Sure, Chuck! It's called a Focusrite Producer Pack ISA430.  Love it!
  • Chuck - That mount in the video with Joe Cip is the Audio Technica AT8415.

    It lists for $85 and you can buy it for $49 at BSWUSA and B&H among others.

    Best - Al
  • Chuck - Did you get an answer from Joe Cip on his 416 mount? I'd like one like that too. TIA Al
  • Hi Chuck!

    I know you’ve been a member of Voiceover Universe for some time, but I wanted to introduce one of our groups to you.

    I hope you'll check out and join a group called MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT. It's a group dedicated to discussing ways we can market ourselves - what works; what doesn't. You’ll find some very interesting ideas and concepts there! And we would appreciate your input. Click here for the link: MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT!

    Thanks for your time! I trust our paths will cross soon!

    Best to ya!

    dan (daniel eduardo) hurst
  • Chuck - Actually, I don't work at Level 2, I "do" audio work there. I work at an ad agency in Toledo and Mark handles just about all the audio stuff I get involved with. I occasionaly voice stuff for a client there too. Even if I record something at home I have Mark check it over at his place. I have known him for a long time ... at Audiocom on Sylvania Ave in Toledo, and before that HANF recording, which eventually became Audiocom. He's the best and is a great friend. Did I see somewhere that you work(ed) at WLKR? I applied for a job there one summer while I was in College. I remember the owner saying to me, "Why would I have any more work in the summer, than I do in the Winter?"
  • Hey Chuck...thanks for the kind words...Matt is a great guy.

    I will keep your demo and if I ever need someone I will sure have you in mind. Thanks again

  • I like BC... but ya don't get alot of variety with him. Wells stuff sounds good.

    Hey... Question, is that getting you any hits (or work) I'm on the hunt for an agent and was thinking of signing up for that.
  • Sure am! I oversee the Greensboro cluster and Raleigh too. Did you VO? BC is our guy now...
  • Looks like we're crossing paths, I'm the Imaging Director for VBZ and RDU as we speak! I'm growing and trying to get more VO gigs as we speak...

    Hit me up...
  • First you make me create a Facebook account, now you get me on this fantastic VO site with the fantastic Rick Party. Want to be my agent?

    After hearing your demos, maybe I could be yours. I hear money!! You are definitely the next BIG voice dude!

This reply was deleted.