Chuck Matthews left a comment for Ed Weigle
"considering the new ISA One pre for use at work. hear anything on that one? Just a pre.. no compression or other bells n whistles."
Mar 24, 2011
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Ed Weigle
"Ah... I had a ISA220... but couldn't figure it out... want either an Avalon M5 or an Avedis MA5 500 series pre."
Mar 24, 2011
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Ed Weigle
"Hi ed... what focusrite pre (s) do you use... if I can ask?"
Mar 24, 2011
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Mike Patrick
"Great stuph Mike!"
Mar 24, 2011
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Ed Weigle
"Hi Ed

What outboard processors do you employ with the U87? And if you don't mind sharing... what plugs do you use on a regular basis on your VO? And/or on the Master out?"
Jan 20, 2010
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Alton (Al) Hoover
"Hi Alton

No word back from Cip on the 416 mount. But I believe I found it at BSW. Just can't recall the model at this time. In fact, I haven't bought it yet."
Jan 11, 2010
Chuck Matthews commented on Ed Weigle's video
"Ed, BIG Fan!

What mod was done to the u87? Do you run to an external mic pre, then to PT? If you don't mind sharing. What plugs do you use on your VO tracks?"
Nov 14, 2009
Chuck Matthews posted videos
May 28, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Ed Hunter
"Hi Ed! I didn't know you work at Level2. I did a part of a NOIC spot thru Mark."
May 28, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Jeff Jasper
"Hey Jeff

Love the demos! Especially the auto demo."
Feb 5, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Mitch Phillips
"Hi Mitch!

BIG fan!

Yours is a voice that one can never forget. Especially the Click It/Ticket spots."
Feb 5, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Brian James
"Hi Brian

I see you use the ISA 430... I have the ISA 220. Having issue setting the mic gain. May I ask where you have yours set? I'm using the Sennheiser 416. Can't seem to get the mic gain right...and not sure if I need to use the Trim.

Jan 22, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for TJ Jones
"Great booth!"
Jan 6, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Ryan Drean
"Hi Ryan
GREAT work! Love the podcast too.

Are you taking on new voices for your talent roster?

Please check out my demos at

Rates are extremely affordable.

Thank you

ps - I know Matt Ganssle from when we…"
Jan 6, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Ben LuMaye
"Hi Ben
Love your work! I used to work for CC when you did. I was in Raleigh NC at WRDU at the time. I think we have a mutual friend in Matt Anthony.

Anyway... need a fresh new voice that is budget friendly? Perhaps for your HD channel(s)?

Demos on…"
Jan 6, 2009
Chuck Matthews left a comment for Neil Wilson
Are you at the GBoro location or Raleigh? If Raleigh then you get to work with Mike Urben. Hands down the best commercial VO in the whole market. Mike is also the VO for many Salem news/talk stations. Great guy that Mike Urben!"
Dec 24, 2008

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  • Chuck

    I love your work. When were you on WMMS? I grew up in Cleveland in the 80's. WMMS and G98 were my favorite stations then. I worked in Cleveland for a little while too. WRQC and WLTF.

    I still hear your stuff on concert spots a LOT! Awesome!!

  • So your M5 MIC db setting is at 0?

    Uh, well no. That's how "loud" or "soft" you are hitting the M5. So, when I'm doing an uptempo Fox comedy...the input would be set around 10 oclock...if I'm doing a soft drama promo it might be at around 2 oclock. I set it based on the VU meter, so that I'm not hitting the pre-amp to hard or too soft. It's also different depending on what mic your using. It's all predicated by the VU. Joe
  • Hey Joe....was wondering the mic setting on your M5. I too use a 416 & M5 combo.

    Hi Chuck...the M5 is just flat. I don't have any filter or pad in. It's just mic in and audio out. Joe
  • Chuck!
    Really like your work. Glad you are doing well! Nice to see you here, too!
  • Shelly
    Much thanks for the critique. I will try your suggestion of taking off the phones. I do tend to "listen to myself" too much instead of interpreting the copy. Old radio habits die sloowwwly.

    Thank you again
  • Hi Chuck,
    You asked for a critique so here goes...You are definitely an imaging/promo guy. Massaging the words is required for imaging and promo but less so for commercial copy. I could still hear you working the words too much in the commercial reel. It might be different in your market, but in LA, it needs to sound very real and conversational. Try taking off the head phones and do the copy. I come from the world of radio and taking off the headphones made all the difference.
    Good luck!
  • "I really, really (sound like I'm begging? :0), REALLY want to be a voice actor/talent, specifically promo, trailer and anything else someone wants to hire me for."

    Hi Chuck,
    I think you're ALREADY there!
    Wow, GREAT demos!!!!
  • Let me be one of the first to welcome you to the Universe! You've joined a great group.

    And speaking of groups, let me also invite you to join my VoiceOverUniverse Group, Positive Thinkers UNITE! We can always use another creative, positive voice among us!

    Best wishes for continued success!

    Penny Abshire
  • So, if that doesn't confuse you, let me simplify matters: The next classes in Cleveland are Monday's 9/22-11/10 and Tuesday's 9/23-11/11 both are 6-9pm and $375 for the 8 weeks.
    Again, call 216-521-3831 or email me at

    All my best- Jean
  • Hey native boy!! I'd be happy to give you class info. It's a ton of info, so if it's too much for this site, send me your email address to and I'll send it to your regular address.

    Find Your Voice - Voice Over Institute Is Celebrating 2 Years, 2 Locations (Lakewood, Oh & Pittsburgh, PA)
    and 2 days in Lakewood!

    Call 216-521-3831 to register
    Tues-Sun, 9am-9pm & Monday's, 9am-5pm
    Visit for Pittsburgh class info

    Thursday's September 4-October 23, 2008 SOLD OUT
    Next class begins October 30, 2008

    Thank You to the 149 Find Your Voice students
    for the hard work and commitment you've invested toward your future. It's been my honor to work with you!

    Now You Can Find Your Voice!
    Learn all of the technique and gain real world experience toward becoming a working voice over artist with Jean Zarzour & George Sipl Studios

    Jean Zarzour is a 30 year veteran of stage, screen, TV & Radio, most recently heard on ads for: Lakewood Hospital · Ruggles · Smith Dairy. Member of AFTRA-SAG-AEA-VASTA Owner of LIPSCHTICK and founder of The GOT PAY? Organization. for a full resume and Commercial demo.

    George A. Sipl Productions is an Emmy Award winning studio, specializing in sound design, musical composition and recording for radio & television ads, music videos, educational programs, live shows and industrial productions, since 1974. George spent 3 years as Keyboardist, musical arranger and vocalist with The Eric Carmen Band, receiving a Gold Single & Album for hits "All By Myself", “Never Gonna Fall In Love Again”, “That’s Rock and Roll”. Writer/composer for Cable TV's “Room by Room” and theme songs:“At Spitzer, Our World Revolves Around You”, “For the Best Car Insurance Rates in Town Call 1-800-General Now” and Ohio Lottery Daily Pick.Co-writer for “I-X Indoor Amusement Park”. Engineer and composer for Fitness Quest infomercials: AbLounge, BioForce, Pilates Power Gym, and hundreds more. Other clients include: Cleveland Natural History Museum, Cedar Point Amusement Park, The Cleveland Cavaliers, The Cleveland Indians, The Orlando Magic, The Baltimore Orioles, The Washington Capitals and hundreds more.


    Approximately 10 students will meet each Monday from 6-9 pm for 8 weeks. All recording equipment and copy will be provided. All you need to bring is a bottle of water to cool your chords! Your final class will take place at George Sipl Studios where you'll get the experience of working on commercial copy in a full service recording studio and walk away with a CD of your voice, on one, fully produced radio spot.
    You’ll learn Proper Studio Etiquette, Industry Terminology and Microphone Technique with the option to explore a variety of "reads" like: Announcer - Character Voices - Dialects - Industrial Narration Real Person - 2 Person Dialogue - Hard & Soft Sell - Cold

    2300 McKinley Ave. Lakewood, Ohio 44107
    5 Houses South of the McKinley Exit off I-90

    Now offering 2 separate classes per week in Lakewood!
    Every Monday for 8 weeks September 22 - November 10, 2008 6 - 9 pm & Every Tuesday for 8 weeks
    September 23 - November 11, 2008 6 - 9 pm
    Classes are not consecutive. These are 2 separate classes.

    $375 per 8 week class
    That's $16 per hour
    $350 for returning students & AFTRA Members
    Payment due in advance. Missed classes are not refundable. Must be 18 years old.

    216-521-3831 to register

    Testimonials From Recent Students

    NEW "Jean Zarzour’s Voice-Over Class has been, by far, the best class setting I have ever experienced! The class was just as much fun as it was challenging! And believe me, being stretched beyond my comfort zone was challenging. Jean was the perfect instructor, coach and motivator. She utilized all of her skills and voice-over repertoire to guide my “nice voice with potential” much closer toward becoming a “multi-dimensional, multi-character voice with potential!” Jean taught me that the other key component to becoming a successful voice-over actor was not just the voice; it was developing....Hey, want to know that other key component? TAKE THE CLASS!! You may see me there. I definitely want to add another level to my training. Kudos to George Sipl of George A. Sipl Productions for the high level of professionalism and expertise in the making of our class demo." Marla B. Lakewood Class, May, 2008
    NEW "Jean Zarzour's Voice Over class was just what I needed to motivate me to use what everybody says I have - "a great voice"! Now I know what it takes to make that voice work for me. The class was so good for me that well... I'm taking another one!" Richard Weber Lakewood Class, May & July, 2008
    NEW "As a teacher, Jean gives of herself totally and unselfishly, sharing not only technical knowledge, but wisdom, advice, and respect for the art and craft of voice acting. Encouragement, empathy, and a quick-silver sense of humor that doesn't quit, made for some of the most fun times I've ever had in any course." James Meyers Lakewood Class, May, 2008
    NEW "The toughest thing about “hellos” is knowing one day you’ll have to say “goodbye”. To say that I enjoyed myself in your class would clearly be an understatement and not give justice to your enormous talents in waking up my inner creative soul. So how does one say, ‘I appreciate your patience, drive to find my best, being able to motivate me and the rest of the talents and personalities in class, all while laughing at my corny and sometimes off-color joking around?" Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Bob Green Lakewood Class, May, 2008
    “The experience of learning to become a voice-over artist can be intimidating. My experience was exciting! The eight weeks of on-microphone work offered not only a great “vocal work-out”, but an excellent introduction into the world of voice-over artists. Jean’s expert guidance and brilliant sense of humor more than prepared me for our “final exam” – recording our “commercial spot” during a professional recording session. Thanks for sharing Jean.” Frank E. Baker Pittsburgh Class @ Donna Belajac Casting
    "Originally, I had signed up for Jean's voice-over class because it was always something I had been interested in pursuing. Throughout the eight weeks, I learned a myriad of techniques that would strongly help someone to break into this medium. Jean's high energy and expert knowledge made class a great joy to attend. I could hardly wait till next week's lesson!" Rocco Marrongelli Pittsburgh Class @ Donna Belajac Casting
    "Class with Jean is a laugh! The atmosphere is such that when you are pushed to step out of your "comfort zone", you are comfortable doing it. You realize you have more in there, and Jean and your classmates help you find it and bring it out. The recording session at Market Street Sound was a great crowning moment to the class. Do I really sound like that?! Thanks Jean and my 'burgh classmates!" Mary Ann Graziano Pittsburgh Class @ Donna Belajac Casting
    "Being in Jean’s class was worth 100% of the time, money and effort I put into it. Not only does she manage to instruct her class with the utmost professionalism, she’s amazingly fun and talented. Before taking the Find Your Voice - Voice Over class, I thought I really knew all I needed to know about getting into voice over acting but after this class, I realize there was so much that I was clueless about. I would most definitely recommend this class to anyone." Bethany W. Pittsburgh Class @ Donna Belajac Casting
    "Jean's class was fun and was able to make the shyest person open up. She's a wonderful woman who knows her stuff and helps improve beginners or pros. The recording studio is top of the line with great engineers. Find Your Voice - Voice Over Institute is really more than I imagined it would be." Jennifer Heilman Pittsburgh Class @ Donna Belajac Casting
    "I really appreciate your enthusiasm, professionalism and heartfelt coaching. It is amazing what you are able to get people to accomplish with a mic in front of them. Each week built on what we had done previously, and I felt as if I had taken positive steps with each class. You also inspired some confidence. I especially could see that with the others in the class. Last week’s finish left us all in a natural high. Thanks, it took me about four hours to settle down so I could sleep!!" Gary Maurer
    "Jean's voice over class was great! She provides a comfortable atmosphere where you can explore and learn. Her knowledge of her craft, her ability to bring out your best, and the interaction with your fellow students made this class a very positive experience." Barb Dragony
    "Jean! Thanks for sharing your experience and your wealth of talent. You made every class fun, challenging and informative. And compared to other courses, yours is the best deal for the money. I'm so glad I took your course and am looking forward to coming back for more. You're the Greatest!!" Dave Rader, Bass Player and future VO talent.
    "This course truly lives up to its name. Without Jean, I would never have found all the nutty characters that live in my larynx. Yes, she will challenge you, but never make you feel insecure. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, met a lot of cool, hilarious people and came away with professionally produced piece of work. A very creative, rewarding experience." Carolyn Cull
    "I have been wanting a better audio demo for years. Jean Zarzour's expert advice and coaching have been invaluable in helping me to create one. Thanks, Jean." Pete Ferry
    "The minute you meet Jean, you get your first lesson in self-confidence. She has a great gift for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each student, addressing the concerns, questions and specific goals of each individual. Her friendly and relaxed approach coupled with her passion for what she does makes for a juicy environment for creative challenge and growth. Highly recommended for people at any stage of their voiceover career." -Anne McEvoy
    "Some key words about Jean: Professional. Prepared. Capable. Shrewd. Supportive. Open. Creative. Hard-working. Committed. Funny. A leader. Caring. Knowledgeable!" - James McCormack

    From Jimmy Silver, Owner of The Reel Thing Recording Studios

    "Over the years, Jean's students show up prepared and well-schooled in voice over technique and understanding of the craft. If you want to start to develop your skills as a voice over talent, Jean's class is a good place to start." Delete Comment
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