Chicago Sugano left a comment for James Alburger
"Dear James Alburger;  Sad news so I waited until today to tell you,  Barry Trussell passed away on November 25, 2012 at his home in Huntington Beach, CA.  due to an asthma attack.  He thought the world of you so I thought you should know this.   …"
Dec 28, 2012
Chicago Sugano left a comment for Kathy Poelker
"Hi Kathy.  I haven't been on this site for a while.  I work as a Production Coordinator  for  television & Film (that's how I survive & I do not wish to leave my day job)   I do voicing because it's fun  and a great passion of mine.  I do not intend…"
Oct 19, 2012
Chicago Sugano left a comment for Joseph J. Norton III
"Hi Joe;  I haven't  been on this site in eons.  I noticed today  they are  REALLY HAWKING,
Big Time.  Everyone  wants  your money!   Sugano"
Nov 20, 2011
Chicago Sugano left a comment for Loryce Hashimoto
"Hi  Loryce;
Remember  me  from  Dolores'  classes?
I'm  doing  fabulous  and  would love  to hear  from you.
Wishing you a  FABULOUS NEW  YEAR !
Sugano  "
Jan 4, 2011
Chicago Sugano commented on Rick Party's article VO Coaches
"To: Rhonda Miles - Colorado:
If you write me directly, I'll give you MY Take on the Tips of Success in Performance.
I've been involved in the Film & Television Industry in Hollywood over 27 years and will
give you my tips............FREE. Yes, no…"
Nov 26, 2010
Chicago Sugano left a comment for Bob Loza
"Hi Bob;
Yes the proprietor of Third & Olive is my friend Namie Ojeill and the place is very fine,
the cuisine, ambiance & service is superb.
I have heard of the voice-networking gatherings held there but am not able to make plans as I have a day job…"
Mar 4, 2010
Chicago Sugano commented on Rick Party's video
"Thank You for posting this, especially the tribute to the Great Don La Fontaine, the GOD of male Voices,
indeed. He's unprecedented, incomparable, an illuminated Image of the Voice of the Century.
He was the quintessential Gentleman, First Class…"
Dec 14, 2009
Chicago Sugano left a comment for Kevin Delaney
Kevin, You need to spend some time at an Ashram or a Buddhist Temple so
you can possibly learn what LIFE is really about, and it ain't Money!
Dec 8, 2009
Chicago Sugano left a comment for Loryce Hashimoto
"Hi Loryce,
New & Improved Demo for my other Career:"
Oct 22, 2009
Chicago Sugano left a comment for Loryce Hashimoto
"Hi Loryce;
Give me an email at
Got something which you might like to make contact with.
Oct 22, 2009
Chicago Sugano left a comment for Morgan Bailey Keaton
"Hey, Homie-Girl;
Thanks for the notice. You're making me homesick with all those Homies (group shot)
I'm ready to fly into Midway...right now..........but got some sminars & bookings here
in 'Shaky-Town' it's like I'm being held hostage by my own…"
Oct 16, 2009
Chicago Sugano posted photos
Oct 12, 2009
Chicago Sugano posted a photo
Sep 12, 2009
Chicago Sugano left a comment for Kevin Doherty
"Hi Homies;

I'm stuck here in L.A. but have a gig & am supporting myself.
Miss Chi Town and all of your Hospitality big time.
Hope things pick for you soon.

Best Regards,
Chicago Sugano"
Sep 5, 2009
Chicago Sugano left a comment for Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst
"How do I join this BLOG thing, Mr. Hurst?
I am interested in this one.
Sep 1, 2009
Chicago Sugano left a comment for Loryce Hashimoto
"Yo, Yo, Yo Girlfriend;
Thanks for contacting me. Remember Joe Norton from Dolores' class? He is joining our VO workshop group. We're now in transit but are trying to set a locale and a night. What are your suggestions?
I've been on hiatus from…"
Aug 25, 2009

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  • Sugano! I'm looking at page 203! Great work! You are so talented in so many ways! I miss you, babe! Keep on working hard, it's totally paying off! xoxoxoxo!
  • Sugano!!!!! I miss you, babe! My Troy Boy is great! He was unable to attend the event as I was a last minute guest of Beau's... are you free next Thursday for our first workout? :)
  • Sugano!!!
    Hey...It's been a while! Congrats on getting an Agent and the Demo! How awesome is that??? =) Is the workshop in Santa Monica?? And how is the Make-up biz? Any new shows? Thanks for thinking of me...I've been busy performing Odori and Minyo...also been writing.

    You alwayz make me smile!!!

  • Hi Sugano

    Great to have you as a friend here...The legendary Don was really awesome...
    Hope to have some more interactions with you in future

  • Hey, Sugano...
    "Thank you for bein' a friend"! It's an honor to meet and hang out with you. My character in the 'Vipo' series is the "Iguana Summer King"...a villainous human reptile who harrasses Vipo and his friends. Lots o' fun!
    Your demo is AWESOME! Very good work.
    By the way (just curious) what made you look us up?
  • Hi Sugano... had a blast with you last night! You add so much energy to the group. Thanks for making it so much fun!
  • Hey Sugano,
    I just saw your posting to me. I'm having fun in Kevin's work-out as well. So great to work with you - even though we haven't paired together yet. Good luck with your "wing" repair. See you Saturday!
  • Sugano!!!! What a joy having you at the studio today! Thank you for all of your kind words and wonderful insight! See you soon, my friend! :)
  • Hey Sugano! How in the world are you? I heard that kinder care spot too on your demo - you NAILED that thing! Way to go.

  • Hi Sugano,
    Nice to meet you as well. It was a great evening and I look forward to next week.
This reply was deleted.