CJ Adams commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"Holy DOOOLEY!  I love it!

Wackiest thing I was ever asked to be was a bossy fly..."
Mar 1, 2012
CJ Adams left a comment on Christian Voice Actors
"Hi All,

Just starting to re-focus on voiceover work and thought I'd drop a note to say I'm encouraged there are so many more in this group than when I last was on the site much, back in 2009 or so. Awesome to see so many believers using their…"
Feb 23, 2012
CJ Adams left a comment on Demo Critique
"I'd appreciate some feedback on my demo and/or any of the spots I have uploaded...thanks!"
Nov 9, 2008
CJ Adams left a comment for praiZe
"Thanks, Praize! I'm glad to be a part of such a great community on here - it's awesome to hear other Christian's experiences in the industry...!"
Aug 3, 2008
CJ Adams left a comment for Edwin Sylvain
"Thanks for the compliment, Ed. I appreciate that!"
Jun 29, 2008
CJ Adams left a comment for Eric H Hollaway Sr
"Hey Eric - checked out your demos today after seeing you on the Christian Voice Actors group - wow, great stuff. And you really are versatile - often those deep booming voices aren't strong at characters, etc, but you're very good at those too -…"
Jun 29, 2008
CJ Adams left a comment for Don LaFontaine
"Welcome to the site, Don - I've listened to some of your work and it appears you are talented and might even be able to make a living at this voice over stuff. Let me know if you need any pointers? ; )"
Jun 29, 2008
CJ Adams left a comment for Cody Christopher Nichols
"By the way, Cody - I thought I'd also mention I'm a huge music fan, especially rock, and lots of Christian bands. Because I happen to work at Discipleship Journal magazine (www.discipleshipjournal.com) where we do some music recommendations, I am…"
Jun 20, 2008
CJ Adams left a comment for Cody Christopher Nichols
"Happy to add you, Cody - I really like the logo/pic you use -very stylized and grabs your attention - and I checked out your demos - I admire your versatility - you don't meet that many folks that have a great booming voice for radio type spots, but…"
Jun 20, 2008
CJ Adams left a comment for Deb Dockery
"Ok, if it's a pop quiz, since you've offered "Birds of a feather..." I'm gonna guess the answer's either "...are worth two in the bush" or perhaps "can also be killed with one stone."? ( ;

But yes, it is cool to see a group on here for fellow…"
Jun 17, 2008
CJ Adams left a comment on Christian Voice Actors
"Hey, great to see a group like this - glad to be a member! Thanks, Dave!"
Jun 16, 2008
CJ Adams posted photos
Jun 12, 2008
CJ Adams left a comment for Dave Kampel
"Hey there, Dave - cool pic, got my attention. Would love to check out your demos once they're uploaded...- welcome to the site - hope you enjoy it on here - I've found it fun and a great resource for meeting other VO artists and for…"
Jun 11, 2008
CJ Adams left a comment on Ask a Casting Director
"Hey there, Lani - just wanted to say thanks again for taking the time to discuss character work with me yesterday, to give your insights and specific tips on ways to achieve stronger dialects, and the good recs on essential equipment needed to get…"
Jun 10, 2008
CJ Adams left a comment for Mike Patrick
"Hey there, Mike - welcome to the site - I'm especially glad to see someone else on here from the Phoenix area! Hope you enjoy it here as much as I have since joining a few weeks back - it's a great place to network, get feedback, and keep on…"
Jun 9, 2008
CJ Adams posted photos
Jun 9, 2008

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  • Thank you CJ....it's great to be a part of this network.
  • Right on CJ. I'd love to talk music with you sometime! I get the new releases as well...I program a Christian station with a rock edge to it. I also hosted a worldwide syndicated show called Red Letter Rock20 for five years. We do a huge festival down in Texas called Red Letter Rockfest. We just wrapped up this year's event a few weeks ago. I've become good friends with alot of the bands in the Christian Rock scene. My wife and I serve at a Christian music venue in Kansas called the FireEscape. I'm the sound engineer there and PD for the radio station located inside the complex. We definitely needs to get together and talk rock! Blessings bro.
  • CJ, Glad you took me up on the invite. Saw you were a part of Christian Voice Actors. Birds of a feather...

    Hope you have a blessed day!

  • thanks CJ! I can't wait to explore this universe!
  • My friend, you may have bounced HARD!!! once to often (LOL)

    You are indeed a bonafide NUT, but I love it! We gotta get together over a cup of Mocha, Climente Jumpa Javya REAL SOON

    Don't use it ....IT"S MINE (LOL)

    peace my brother

  • thx bro..will post some demos soon!
  • Nice to meet a fellow cordless bungee jumper! We're an elite group!


  • Hello and good work there! In answer to your request to eval your demos, I have a lot of things to say and I think it'd be best to speak to you in person. For now the telephone call in idea is clever but the character voices you do are too buried in the background as the voice on the other end of the line. You should bring up their presence or levels and maybe not pay as much attention to the reality of phone line accuracy in SFX.
    I can help you get a better British accent if you like. Just a couple of tricks and you'll have it down pat.
    Your first demo has too much straight stuff mixed in with the character things, and you'd be better off doing commercials and a character one in two separate files. I have made the same error myself.
    it's not really an error, but an observation I've made when dealing with other casting directors.
    email me directly at lani@audiogodz.com
    My number is 619-583-2792
    Thanks and hope to work with you soon.
  • CJ,

    Thanks for commenting on VOX Daily today. I'll get back to you sometime soon about the question you asked.

    If I don't reply within a week with some follow up, shoot me an email to remind me ;)


  • It's going to be a compilation of stupid directions, funny stories and silly outtakes of anything V-O related. It'll be a behind-the-scenes peek and insight into the wacky world of V-O, told by soldiers on the front lines, or in the line of fire.
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