CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Penny Abshire
"Hello lovely one , thank you for asking how I am , that was very sweet of you.
I'm fine and thank goodness I'm still ticking over here , and like everybody else , praying it stay's that way till the present financial world crisis resolves it's self.…"
Nov 6, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment on The Don Lafontaine Celebration of Life
"Dear Rick , I thankyou for the honour of including me in this group.
I never met the great man , but I admired his work so much , because he set a very high standard , for us all to aspire to.
Here in the UK , as indeed world wide , he will be…"
Sep 15, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Lani Minella
"Your Grace , Marton is the name of one of the Marmots who likes to be watched by duckie costumed Ducheses , so please forgive my familiarity by using his Christian name slightly out of context , actually he prefers to be called Shirley , on account…"
Aug 29, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Lani Minella
"The Duches of San Diego Calif. Your Grace , thankyou for elevating me again to the gentry , I'm sorry to hear that you've been indesposed due to health problems , and that you are currently whizzing back and forth in the Rolls Royce . May I suggest…"
Aug 29, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Don LaFontaine
"Dear Don , may I wish you well very soon . In the UK you are a Legend , and one of my hero's , and an inspiration to us all.

So if positive waves of thought work , the amount thats coming your way right now , will help you recover very soon.

Aug 28, 2008
CHRIS GRANT posted photos
Aug 28, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Lani Minella
"Hello you cheeky monkey , how the devil are you , you have been quiet lately , which is a world first , are you OK ? please email me ....... Oh yes.........Behave !"
Aug 28, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Mike Patrick
"Dear Mike , I notice a subtle rye tone in your reads , with a touch of the ironic and that all knowing feel , which makes for very interesting listening. No doubt with your very interesting style , you are I'm sure gainfully employed by many clients…"
Aug 28, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Mike Patrick
"Thanks for the add mate , I llke your work , first class !"
Aug 28, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Rick Party
"Dear Rick , I cannot seem to find any messages on my page from you or anyone recently , they used to appear automaticaly , but now I'm stuck , so cant reply to anyone."
Aug 27, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Rick Party
"Dear Rick , I sent you a message about Don , cant seem to send one from his page , please wish this great man well from me , and all the UK voice artists , he is a Legend , God Bless him."
Aug 27, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Rick Party
"Dear Rick , thankyou for you very kind remarks , and I checked you out.

Respect , for the great work you've done . Chris ."
Aug 4, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Lani Minella
"Hello my little Love Bundle , I sent you an Email to the address you sent me , but no dice , the Emailer Demon said Ugh Ugh !
So please check your Address to see if you mistyped it.
I'd give you my Email , but I'm not too sure if I can do that on…"
Aug 4, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Lani Minella
"Dear Lani , I got your last reply , but somehow it's not on my page with the other's , got any ideas why that would be ?

It became visible only once at the top of my page, but now it's vanished from there . It's a shame , because I love to read and…"
Jul 27, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Lani Minella
"Hello my clever bird , how are you ? she who is but the sweetest sounding nightingale to mine ears ( do you like this old English bullshit Lani ? ) to continue , there I was thrashing the old laughing gear on a character job , and I remembered that…"
Jul 25, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment on VO Characters
"This must be an Amerian thing as we Brits very rarely slate our voice stuff, the computer sound file title , or CD is usualy the way we do it.

Jun 18, 2008

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  • OMG...your voice is smashing Chris! Thank you so much for the kind words and warm welcome..It is a true honor to call you friend!

    warmest regards,
  • We are buying our 1st house...
  • Hey you...when you finish walking along that virtual beach with yours truly, how about heading over to help pack some real boxes? Or you can just talk me through it with that wonderful voice and make it all better!!! Hope you're doing something a lot more fun than packing??!!
  • Oy today has been challenging for sure. From leaky pipes (and I don't mean incontinence) to door installation adjustments, I haven't had the time I need to correspond in a polite fashion.
    So let me drum up another bad joke for you to placate you possibly and buy me some time:
    Three nuns die at the same time & when standing in front of the pearly gates, St.Peter says, "You each have to answer a question correctly to get in. Sister Susan, come over here. Who was the first man?"
    "Hmm.. that seems to easy...uh...Adam!" she said.
    Crrrreaaaaakkkkkk the gates open.
    "Sister Magdaline, come hither. Who was the first woman?"
    She looks puzzled because the question is so simple and says, "Why, Eve, of course!"
    Crrreaaaaaakkkkkk the gates open.
    "Sister Lani, what was the first thing that Eve said to Adam?"
    Lani seemed puzzled and said, "Jesus, that's a hard one!"
    Crreeaaaaakkkkk the gates opened.
  • Chris the Conqueror...what will you do with my soul now that you've won it hands down? I'll put on my fire retardant long johns in case you cast me in too devilish a light and I end up standing on my head in Satan's latrine.

    If your tongue doth wag such magic, you should have Merlin as your houseboy by now. Maybe he is --hmmm. Out here in So Cal, he'd probably be a pool boy named Stavio in a neon pink thong, who greases his pierced nipples with bergamot balm.
    Ok I guess you are ripe for another joke....where do I go to get this one......?
    Here goes:
    Two cowboys are riding the range in Montana when they come up to a sheep with its head stuck in the fence. Bart says, "Hey now, that looks mighty temptin'" and he jumps off his horse, pulls down his trousers and boinks the sheep in the ass. He turns around as he's zipping up his fly and says, "That was sa-weet. You want some?"
    Clem flushes and eagerly jumps off the horse, "Sure do!" he says as he pulls down his pants and bends over.

    I know ---that's baa----ad.
  • And your KISS ASS comment reminded me of yet another groaner:

    What's the difference between brown nosing and ass kissing?

    Depth perception
  • You're elk milk bath reminded me of a joke.
    Cleopatra called upon her handmaidens to fetch her milk bath. One asked, "Do you want it pasteurized?" Cleopatra answered: "No just enough to cover my tits, thanks."

    Your stimulating words and ceaseless wit effervesce in my cup to the point of foaming over. Guess I'd best buy a larger bra.

    Hey Chris.. do you have Skype?
    audiogodz is my name over there but I don't hang out there like a lost dog waiting for its master. If you are ever on it and can let me know---I'd love to hear your dulcet uvula waving in the wind.
  • Love the Rent a Gob phrase and of course all your other rapier witty funny as shit words too. You have me going with the smile that would crack a face full of Botox. Not that I have that, but I starch and iron my face every morning to keep a stiff upper lip and a grin on my chin.
    You have a fan club worldwide too, my metamorphing cousin. Winston Churchill and WC Fields look like distant cousins don't you think? I bet you can do WC as well can't you?
    I'll be your Maybe West (Mae West) and you can be my Uncle-Ostomy...or Aunty Biotic.
    What fun!
    Thanks for always brightening up my day. I'd seen you some San Diego sunshine, but we're in a bit of June Gloom at the moment. I know you can relate to that. Well here's a rainbow hug and a bowl full of Lucky Charms.
  • Love it, Love it, Chris!!!! Thanks! Keep them coming!
  • Dear Lady , it was a great pleasure to be of service to you .
    Here's an amusing one or two from World War 2 , if a British pilot nailed a German plane , it was often refered to as " A WIZARD PRANG " or "GOOD SHOW " if someone was behaving rather badly , it was usally met with the remark of .." I SAY , STEADY ON OLD CHAP " ....did I mention that one before ? and if someone was not considered to be high born , but of the middle class , they were .." NOT EXACTLY TOP DRAW " ......... So ,Toodle Pip old Gel . Christopher John Grant ESQ.
This reply was deleted.