CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Penny Abshire
"Hello lovely one , thank you for asking how I am , that was very sweet of you.
I'm fine and thank goodness I'm still ticking over here , and like everybody else , praying it stay's that way till the present financial world crisis resolves it's self.…"
Nov 6, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment on The Don Lafontaine Celebration of Life
"Dear Rick , I thankyou for the honour of including me in this group.
I never met the great man , but I admired his work so much , because he set a very high standard , for us all to aspire to.
Here in the UK , as indeed world wide , he will be…"
Sep 15, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Lani Minella
"Your Grace , Marton is the name of one of the Marmots who likes to be watched by duckie costumed Ducheses , so please forgive my familiarity by using his Christian name slightly out of context , actually he prefers to be called Shirley , on account…"
Aug 29, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Lani Minella
"The Duches of San Diego Calif. Your Grace , thankyou for elevating me again to the gentry , I'm sorry to hear that you've been indesposed due to health problems , and that you are currently whizzing back and forth in the Rolls Royce . May I suggest…"
Aug 29, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Don LaFontaine
"Dear Don , may I wish you well very soon . In the UK you are a Legend , and one of my hero's , and an inspiration to us all.

So if positive waves of thought work , the amount thats coming your way right now , will help you recover very soon.

Aug 28, 2008
CHRIS GRANT posted photos
Aug 28, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Lani Minella
"Hello you cheeky monkey , how the devil are you , you have been quiet lately , which is a world first , are you OK ? please email me ....... Oh yes.........Behave !"
Aug 28, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Mike Patrick
"Dear Mike , I notice a subtle rye tone in your reads , with a touch of the ironic and that all knowing feel , which makes for very interesting listening. No doubt with your very interesting style , you are I'm sure gainfully employed by many clients…"
Aug 28, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Mike Patrick
"Thanks for the add mate , I llke your work , first class !"
Aug 28, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Rick Party
"Dear Rick , I cannot seem to find any messages on my page from you or anyone recently , they used to appear automaticaly , but now I'm stuck , so cant reply to anyone."
Aug 27, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Rick Party
"Dear Rick , I sent you a message about Don , cant seem to send one from his page , please wish this great man well from me , and all the UK voice artists , he is a Legend , God Bless him."
Aug 27, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Rick Party
"Dear Rick , thankyou for you very kind remarks , and I checked you out.

Respect , for the great work you've done . Chris ."
Aug 4, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Lani Minella
"Hello my little Love Bundle , I sent you an Email to the address you sent me , but no dice , the Emailer Demon said Ugh Ugh !
So please check your Address to see if you mistyped it.
I'd give you my Email , but I'm not too sure if I can do that on…"
Aug 4, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Lani Minella
"Dear Lani , I got your last reply , but somehow it's not on my page with the other's , got any ideas why that would be ?

It became visible only once at the top of my page, but now it's vanished from there . It's a shame , because I love to read and…"
Jul 27, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment for Lani Minella
"Hello my clever bird , how are you ? she who is but the sweetest sounding nightingale to mine ears ( do you like this old English bullshit Lani ? ) to continue , there I was thrashing the old laughing gear on a character job , and I remembered that…"
Jul 25, 2008
CHRIS GRANT left a comment on VO Characters
"This must be an Amerian thing as we Brits very rarely slate our voice stuff, the computer sound file title , or CD is usualy the way we do it.

Jun 18, 2008

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  • Chris, Thanks for that clarification on 'toodle pip." I don't want any extra "s's" out there! :-) And thanks for sharing the other phrases. I love learning new things and these will really help me when I'm performing my British character. What fun!

    Toodle Pip!
  • You do know that "cute & clever" never has to write just IS!! So, I think that you will forever be safe! Hey you...I'm great! In Savannah Georgia at the moment about to do a beach drive-by. Only here for the day...all is wonderful. How was your weekend?
  • Hey, Chris - how are things on your side of the "pond" today? Learned a new one . . .

    Toodles, Pip!

  • Thank you so much for your compliment on my work=)

  • Chris,

    It is my pleasure to meet you. I will enjoy communicating with you here in our wonderful Universe=)

    have a beautiful day!

    Ladie Mo$t...
  • Good morning...I was going to write something very clever & cute and realized that it's only 5am and although my sultry & sexy are wide awake my cute & clever is knocked out. What are you doing this weekend?
  • Fangs a lot my darling death dwarf! My parents did the same thing to me. My dad would take me out shooting and I'd be the target. Got real good at dodging the bullet, so to speak. Good thing he left the silver bullets at home or I wouldn't be hanging around upside down in my cave flapping my yap -- trying to draw blood from a turnip. I'm Guano stop now, but thanks for always putting a grin on my chin. I'll send you a can with a string and we can try a trans Atlantis call that way.
    You rock!
  • You're absolutely right about Tanya. I loved all of your demos + hers and know I'd get along smashingly wif bowf of ya', yeah? I've loved my UK clients and friends and even recorded in London and New Forest. Not only does the pseudo "proper" Brit accent make most people sound more intelligent, I think you all actually DO have more upstairs than most Americans do who went to schools that are so politically correct, teachers can't even break up a fight by laying a hand on a tangle of kids. We should all get on the phone sometime and have a 3 way --har har---I used to have purple in my hair too and I have lots of Goth clothes and wigs I could sport.
    I'll leave my whip in the closet. (wink wink)
    Hope your Horror ad was a scream!
  • I always dress like that before i go into a session.....doesn't everyone?! With regard to your own stunning outfit, i bet you are a huge hit at the 40's dances! How's work for you this week? So far bloody quiet for me, just my regular on holds and one studio hire. I hate bank holidays, they always screw things up! Have a lovely day x
  • You put a huge grin on my chin and you already have such a rapier wit you'd better not get close to any inflatables. :)
    Yes I didn't get the best citizenship marks in school because I always had a retort or smart ass comment to make behind the teacher's backs. Ah ----now I'm just a smart ass with the world as my classroom. Watch out.....if I think I'm a wit I'd better make sure I'm not half right.
    Ha ha
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