Brian Lee left a comment for Brian James
"I will miss you greatly Brian...
Goodbye my friend.
Hope to see you again one day.

Brian Lee"
Mar 9, 2009
Brian Lee left a comment for Ann DeWig
"Hello Ann-

Hope all is well.. We haven't spoken in ages... but it seems that biz is good for you, and you're rockin' and rollin'..

Be good.

Oct 9, 2008
Brian Lee left a comment for Townsend Coleman
"Thanks for the kind words Townsend... You are a gracious man... and a "legend" in this biz. It has been awesome to be on NBC with you.

I remember how much I loved watching The Tick. One of my favorite episodes, is when you were on the roof setting…"
Sep 29, 2008

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  • Happy Birthday buddy! I hope you are taking a day to enjoy your success!

    Your biggest fan!

  • Hi Brian:

    In honor of your birthday, I sat down and wrote you a
    song. Here are the lyrics . . . .”This is your Birthday Song,
    It isn’t very long . . . “ And many more . . . !

    Bob . . . at . . . - Orlando, FL
  • Hi Brian!

    I know you’ve been a member of Voiceover Universe for some time, but I wanted to introduce one of our groups to you.

    I hope you'll check out and join a group called MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT. It's a group dedicated to discussing ways we can market ourselves - what works; what doesn't. You’ll find some very interesting ideas and concepts there! And we would appreciate your input. Click here for the link: MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT!

    Thanks for your time! I trust our paths will cross soon!

    Best to ya!

    dan (daniel eduardo) hurst
  • Hey Brian. Glad to see you here. I hope you had a great holiday season!

    Are you gonna be at the meet...Saturday, in Tampa?

    Call me for the time and place.

  • Brian...You are.......a wonderful human being.

    Love and Auralex,
  • Hey Brian- Thanks for the remembering 'The Tick'... probably the most fun I've had in animation! Also, thanks for your cool acknowledgement of Joe Cip... he absolutely blazed the trail for those of us with a 'more youthful' sound! His early days at Fox laid the foundation for the rest of us without the huge pipes to take a crack at this promo thang, and darned if it didn't work... :) I know you got your start in radio... are you still on the air there in sunny FL? I'd love to talk to you 'bout that sometime, as I pretty much got my start the same sorta way, 10 years on the air in Cleveland, 5 different stations and tons of production. Anyway, you're one of the best in my book, and on a pretty short list at that. Thanks again and stay in touch. Peace to you, TC
  • Hey Brian!

    It was great to see you back in Colorado! I wish we could've hung out more. Thanks for keeping me inspired as the dream progresses into reality! I look forward to your tutelage...

  • Brian-
    Great to see you here on VU! You sound incredible, as always, on NBC. And everywhere else. :)
  • Good 2 see ya on here bro. U still with the girl from Colorado?
  • Brian! It has been a looooong time since we talked! How are things with you?? How is Taylor?

    Hit me up when you have a second... cr
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