Brian James left a comment for Brian James
"Hello VU. I am Mike, Brian's brother.

I express my appreciation to you all for you comments and support.

Brian was a foundational man; someone others could learn from and build on what he gave them.

Thank you all for enriching his life and…"
Mar 7, 2009
Brian James left a comment for Mike Kaminski
"IF there were an academy award for puppy surely would have the statue...I miss the good Ole radio's strange to see rules get tighter and the years go on...Remember when Flounder tells you the story about a Pony and a…"
Nov 14, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Mike Kaminski
"Love the video..You are amazing my Friend!! Reminds me of Puppies and snakes and fun...Oh My!"
Oct 7, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Marina Gordon
"Still stalking.....see..I promised!"
Sep 10, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Greg Hamilton
"and now the LONG awaited answers to your questions....
I appreciate the props...all the demos are produced by me...I have been a production geek 4-ever..made money with my hands before I did my first VO track. So there is no cost...I just took…"
Sep 3, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Marina Gordon
"Hey Marina...thanks for friending me....LOVE the demo...
All the Best
Your new friend and now that I've seen the picture....stalker!!

Sep 3, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Greg Hamilton
"Thanks for the props....ask away...I am at your service!!"
Aug 25, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Chris Rollins
"Hello to the man that has made me sound good for years..all the while he was honing his true craft...welcome my friend!!"
Aug 2, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Kevin Collins
"Thanks for the props...KLIF has recently turned things around in the copy department and the station is getting a little more aggressive...and THAT makes me happy!"
Jul 23, 2008
Brian James left a comment for John Willyard
"Nice to meet you face to face and thanks for the props...You Sir are my hero..I love your work and admire your versatility!!"
Jul 17, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Don LaFontaine
"I Bow at the Altar of Don. You really should wear a cape...I am in awe of your Super Powers!"
Jun 30, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Kevin Collins
"I appreciate both the props and making me feel old...I will post some WLW Ids. I just gotta go through the archives!!
All the Best!!

Jun 29, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Trish Basanyi
"Thanks for the props and I LOVE your demos...great stuff!!"
Jun 27, 2008
Brian James left a comment for KellyKellyKelly
"I am a huge fan...and I know stuff about you....(bus stuff) so talk nice about me!"
Jun 26, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Joe Cipriano
"I am a Big Fan Joe...Love your work!!!"
Jun 26, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Stephanie Ciccarelli
"Thank You Stephanie and what a great site!!!
Glad to be on board!!"
Jun 26, 2008

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  • You will be missed. :(
  • To the family of Brian prayers are for you...
    Michael Stuart
  • Hi Brian

    I see you use the ISA 430... I have the ISA 220. Having issue setting the mic gain. May I ask where you have yours set? I'm using the Sennheiser 416. Can't seem to get the mic gain right...and not sure if I need to use the Trim.

    Any advice you can provide is most welcome.

    Thank you

    ps - BIG fan of your Power Pig days and your WLW work. I also imaged WWWM/Toledo when you were the VO.
  • I hope your voice recovered from all the friggin reads I sent in the last couple of weeks. Thanks for the quick turnaround on all of it. KDKA loves the vocal jihad!
  • "I know 'dats right!"

    Thanks Brian! We had way too much fun, back then!
    Didn't animal rights activists show up at the station when we did that?
    I had gone home after we did the bit...I guess I missed the action. lol.
    They must've felt embarassed when they learned that it was just me, doing a squealing puppy imitation, feeding a snake.
    Damn, that was back when stations were more than happy to welcome complaints and chalk up ratings, rather than appologize for extreme fun & entertainment as they do now!
    What's the world coming to? =]
  • THE VOICE OF "UNIVERSE" around the world
    3 2 1 goes on air
  • Hey Brian!

    You... are... everywhere!!!,,,
    ARE you on that site?

  • Nnoooo! Frightening! . Yo Brian!
    Glad to see you, here.

    I was just talking to Flounder about the "Puppy-Snake parody" we did...rofl! (amung others)

    Great to see you! Give me a ring, soon.
  • Thank you for being my stalker! Your amazing!! xoxoxo-m
  • Hi Brian

    LOVE your reads 4-ever. I'm a Creative/studio rat. Have worked Cleveland, Raleigh, Columbus and smaller markets. Did a lot with Clear Core over the years til downsizing hit me in Raleigh, and more recently Toledo. I produced you for WWWM/Toledo for about two years.

    LOVE the mic chain. Can't afford the Massive or the e251... but I do have an ISA220 and would like to get the Soundelux U195 (now Bock Audio).

    I can't seem to get a lot of punch from the ISA. I use it with a 416.

    mic to the ISA to an old Symetrix 528, for gating only.

    On the ISA I have the Gain at 20-50, then the Trim at roughly +8.

    Comp is 3:1 and the only EQ I have on is the ALL EQ and the Shelving EQ with the low at 0 and 160Hz and the hi at about 2 oclock and 10kHz

    Any suggestions. I of course utilize L1 and C1 comp/gate plugs.

    Love your reads. Sarcasm is the best. Your reads for WLW and back in the day on :"The Power Pig" are incredible.

    I think a station like the Pig would work today.

    Bumper Morgan is a friend of mine. Used him on oldies WMJI Cleveland for a few years.

    any suggestions for the ISA220 would be much appreciated.

    Rock On
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