Brian James left a comment for Brian James
"Hello VU. I am Mike, Brian's brother.

I express my appreciation to you all for you comments and support.

Brian was a foundational man; someone others could learn from and build on what he gave them.

Thank you all for enriching his life and…"
Mar 7, 2009
Brian James left a comment for Mike Kaminski
"IF there were an academy award for puppy surely would have the statue...I miss the good Ole radio's strange to see rules get tighter and the years go on...Remember when Flounder tells you the story about a Pony and a…"
Nov 14, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Mike Kaminski
"Love the video..You are amazing my Friend!! Reminds me of Puppies and snakes and fun...Oh My!"
Oct 7, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Marina Gordon
"Still stalking.....see..I promised!"
Sep 10, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Greg Hamilton
"and now the LONG awaited answers to your questions....
I appreciate the props...all the demos are produced by me...I have been a production geek 4-ever..made money with my hands before I did my first VO track. So there is no cost...I just took…"
Sep 3, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Marina Gordon
"Hey Marina...thanks for friending me....LOVE the demo...
All the Best
Your new friend and now that I've seen the picture....stalker!!

Sep 3, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Greg Hamilton
"Thanks for the props....ask away...I am at your service!!"
Aug 25, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Chris Rollins
"Hello to the man that has made me sound good for years..all the while he was honing his true craft...welcome my friend!!"
Aug 2, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Kevin Collins
"Thanks for the props...KLIF has recently turned things around in the copy department and the station is getting a little more aggressive...and THAT makes me happy!"
Jul 23, 2008
Brian James left a comment for John Willyard
"Nice to meet you face to face and thanks for the props...You Sir are my hero..I love your work and admire your versatility!!"
Jul 17, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Don LaFontaine
"I Bow at the Altar of Don. You really should wear a cape...I am in awe of your Super Powers!"
Jun 30, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Kevin Collins
"I appreciate both the props and making me feel old...I will post some WLW Ids. I just gotta go through the archives!!
All the Best!!

Jun 29, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Trish Basanyi
"Thanks for the props and I LOVE your demos...great stuff!!"
Jun 27, 2008
Brian James left a comment for KellyKellyKelly
"I am a huge fan...and I know stuff about you....(bus stuff) so talk nice about me!"
Jun 26, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Joe Cipriano
"I am a Big Fan Joe...Love your work!!!"
Jun 26, 2008
Brian James left a comment for Stephanie Ciccarelli
"Thank You Stephanie and what a great site!!!
Glad to be on board!!"
Jun 26, 2008

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  • You're my friggin' hero. You were the reason I listened to Star94 in the early 2000s. Wish I could've met you. You are forever missed.

  • I finally got the Manley settings set up and working. Thank you for looking over us last night. Ruben was twisting knob's till almost midnight.

    I have listened to your demo's for hours on end. I did the first reads this morning, and I am dropping the rest of it tonight here in a minute. The imaging changes over from Mitch Craig on the 2nd to my voice. I hope that I can do justice to you with your stuff. I only wish that you were here to give advice to me as I see you have done for so many others.

    I still hear you every day on Bubba's show. I hope I can be that good some day...

    Thank you again,
  • Godspeed.
  • I still vividly remember the day you agreed to have lunch with me at a little Mexican dive in Tampa and share some precious advice. Long may your voice fly across airwaves worldwide. God bless, my friend.
  • Not a day goes by that you and your family aren't in my thoughts and prayers, Bri.
  • Just checkin in on ya Brian! Your spirit is still with us.
  • You will be missed ma Man... the great voice!
  • I never knew who you were...but I always knew your were incredible and someone to certainly look up too...God Bless you and your family
  • Hi guys-

    Rick Allen & I wanted you to know that we are organizing a benefit for Brian's children within the next month in Phoenix. We're still working on an exact date & location and will get that info to you as soon as it's finalized. In the meantime- please let us know you're interested in attending by emailing so we can secure an appropriate venue to accommodate everyone.

    Because this is a fundraiser- tickets will need to be purchased for entry with 100% of proceeds going directly to this fund. We've had amazing production dinners in the past that only required an "RSVP"... and I wanted to make sure you're aware that this one's different.

    Please pass this info along to anyone & everyone you know that would like to join us in celebrating the life of Brian James... self-proclaimed "Evil OverLord of the Voice Universe" (action figure sold separately). We'll be gathering audio, pictures & fun things to share.

    Rick Allen will keep you updated through Brian's facebook page here:

    Also- send us your info ( ) so we can keep you updated & get a head count.

    If you are unable to make it & would still like to donate... we will have that set up soon, too.

    Thank You!
    Kelly & Rick
  • I will miss you greatly Brian...
    Goodbye my friend.
    Hope to see you again one day.

    Brian Lee
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