Bobby Sheldon left a comment for Lowell Deo
"Lowell, I keep meaning to say congrats on the Wave TV spot!!! Awesome to see you on the big screen!!!  Are you going down to Fort Myers for Randy Thomas' VO Mastery Conference late November? If so, I'll see you there.
Take care,
Oct 28, 2015
Bobby Sheldon left a comment for Lowell Deo
Great to see your face on Grimm the other night!!!!  And as Mayor of Portland no less... WOW!!!  Way to go brother, way to go!
All theBest- Bobby Sheldon"
May 5, 2015
Bobby Sheldon left a comment for Christopher E. Dillard
Great to see you here at VU! I wish you much success for 2013."
Feb 28, 2013
Bobby Sheldon commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"Hey Jonathan!  Just wanted you to know you're doing some great stuff for the VO community by posting the audition and such an informative "fly-on-the-wall" follow-up video!  My congratulations to both Stephanie & Kyle for getting cast as your…"
Oct 22, 2012
Bobby Sheldon commented on Jon Bailey's video
"Beep, beep, beep...  Way to go Jon!!!  "
Jun 7, 2012
Bobby Sheldon commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"I can testify that Randy is also one the most generous voice actors that I know!  She recently volunteered an hour and forty-five minutes of her time to Skype my first all-female voiceover boot camp class.  My students got to interview her, and then…"
May 31, 2012
Bobby Sheldon commented on Rick Party's video
"Zurek, great work.  Loved the tasty contrast between you and Roger's reads!"
Apr 24, 2012
Bobby Sheldon commented on Rick Party's video
"Yet another Zurek Family rock star!!!  She is priceless... I especially loved "...only ONE Daddy!" "NOW!" and her ad-libbed tag...  "don't hate me 'cause I'm barefoot!"  That should be on a VO tee-shirt!  "
Mar 17, 2012
Bobby Sheldon commented on Rick Party's photo
"Wow!  He's already a great voice actor, I see he's using his hands!!!  Got him signed yet?  Thanks for sharing, you must be really proud of both of them."
Mar 16, 2012
Bobby Sheldon commented on Joey Pepin's video
That's CRAZY good!!!  You had me rollin' on the floor... oh BTW, can you give me one more like "Joey Pepin?""
Feb 9, 2012
Bobby Sheldon commented on Big LLou Johnson's video
"Big LLou, as always... YOU ROCK!!!!   
Nov 18, 2011
Bobby Sheldon commented on Scott Gentle's video
Very informative read, no hype, just the facts!  Way to go.
Nov 17, 2011
Bobby Sheldon commented on Darren Altman's video
Nice studio and video tour!  I'll bet that Apogee mic-pre really makes that U-87 pop.  Nice combo.  I also have a Prima LT for ISDN, and I love mine.  Happy voicing!
Sep 25, 2011
Bobby Sheldon commented on Lani Minella's video
"I bow to you my Queen... You are truly Queen of The Endless Court.  Lani, that was incredible!"
Sep 7, 2011
Bobby Sheldon commented on POCHOLO GONZALES's video
"Way to go Pocholo! Nice job too with the agency, and your inspiration of young people to get into the biz."
Aug 12, 2011
Bobby Sheldon commented on Rhonda Nolen's video
Fantastic read! Great to hear your warm dulcet tones right in the middle of all that testosterone."
Aug 8, 2011

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  • Thanks Bobby, good of you to say so!

  • Thanks for connecting Bobby!  Appreciate you taking the time to listen to the podcast and demo.  Hope to meet you someday.  Seattle is one of my favorite cities... I lived in Queen Anne for a few years.  Maybe I should bring the workshop to the Northwest:)  Now there's a thought!  Continued success Bobby!



  • Hi Bobby,

    How are you? Still see you've got that same bright smile.

    I'm good! Living the dream. Almost figured out who's dream it is. ;)





  • Hi Bobby, 

    Thanks for the feedback on my video. 

    No, I've never learnt to use avid. I ended up doing that all on iMovie.

    I already had the mixed clips, so I just had to edit them up, lay the voice and music. A good but steep learning curve for me.

  • Thanks Bobby! Back atcha! I especially like your commercial demo!
  • Bobby you cracked me up talking abuot the distance from the production studio to the air studio, Did your PD tell you not to do production whilr you were on the air? and that box of tape is going to come alive like the toys in toy story and it is going to completely encase your body so you cant reach the mouse while you are in front of your DAW.
    Thanks for the comments!
  • Bobby, the updated version of Creating Character Voices (25 years old) is Cartoon Voice! Check it out on my shop page, Get it, and I'll throw in "Greatest Cartoon Voice Tricks Ever Smuggled Out of Hollywood" PF
  • Thank you so very much!!!!!!
  • Hi Bobby!

    I know you’ve been a member of Voiceover Universe for some time, but I wanted to introduce one of our groups to you.

    I hope you'll check out and join a group called MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT. It's a group dedicated to discussing ways we can market ourselves - what works; what doesn't. You’ll find some very interesting ideas and concepts there! And we would appreciate your input. Click here for the link: MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT!

    Thanks for your time! I trust our paths will cross soon!

    Best to ya!

    dan (daniel eduardo) hurst
  • Hello Bobby,

    Thanks for watching. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.
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