Bob Loza left a comment for Patty Mo
"Patty....that's an excellent story, and you've got a lot more background than many who are starting in LA. (btw, I used to listen to KZLA and KICK FM, back when they were really country stations...anyway) hope you make it down on the 19th. We have…"
Oct 11, 2011
Bob Loza left a comment for Patty Mo
"Patty. Welcome to the Voices Anonymous galaxy - i.e. not really a Universe so much, but still pretty cosmic. I would like to hear your story and otherwise get you solidly on the VO track. Hope you can make our next event (Wednesday Oct 19)....which…"
Oct 10, 2011
Bob Loza left a comment for John Salwin
"John. Thanks for reaching out. good fortune out there, and stay tuned to my VO event announcements (i.e Voices Anonymous)
Oct 6, 2011
Bob Loza left a comment for Tatiana Javorsky
"Tatiana, hello. It will be great to meet you at our next event. Besides the info you bring about finding new work, this group will have a lot to say about all the different ways they do it. Hope to see you soon. - Bob"
Aug 13, 2011
Bob Loza left a comment for Frank Billman
"Frank - we have some OC crazies already, but we could use a few more. Check out our Voices Anonymous site and sign in if you haven't already. It will give you the lowdown on our next meetup (
Feel free to email me if you have…"
Aug 5, 2011
Bob Loza left a comment for Frank Billman
"Frank. Welcome, sir! Where in the world did you come from? Of course, you came from the voice over sarcasm intended. This is how we meet and encourage each other to go on in our personal venture. How bad is that is that?  Stay in…"
Aug 3, 2011
Bob Loza left a comment for Gene Dixon
"Hey Gene....thanks for hanging out with us at Voices Anonymous last week (or whenever). As I said, Marc Cashman is a "compadre" of mine from my early days in VO. You could do much worse than to listen to him. Unless it contradicts what I say...then…"
Jul 28, 2011
Bob Loza left a comment for Ratana
Yay for your Webby!
May 3, 2011
Bob Loza left a comment for Andrew Heyl
"Andrew....just saying hi from this end of the Universe. I keep forgetting I have friends and colleagues here, too. By the way, Voices Anonymous meets on the 18th this month (May). I'll keep you in the loop.  And nice burgers."
May 3, 2011
Bob Loza left a comment for Ann Simmons
"Ann - Same here. Let me know how things 'progress' or if you need any hints, clues, or priceless nuggets of advice. Talk to you soon. -bob"
Aug 24, 2010
Bob Loza left a comment for Alton (Al) Hoover

Good to hear from you at the other end, so to speak. Stay in the big loop. -Bob"
Nov 12, 2009
Bob Loza left a comment for Portia Scott-Hicks

I just became aware of your move to a new agency. Best of luck in the new venture and welcome to the universe! - Bob Loza"
Sep 10, 2009

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  • Greeting, My name is Sandra, I'm pleased to meet you I looked through your profile and I decided to write you message to inform you that I am interested in you please contact me at ( so I can send you my pictures and details about myself.Ok
  • Hey just wondering where the meet up group was going to take place on the 19th?
  • Hey Bob, thank you so much for reaching out to me.. so here is a little about my story... I have loved making up voices since I was a kid, my parents made the mistake of giving me a tape recorder to play with when I was about 4-5 years old. I used it so much that my mom would have to keep replacing the batteries about once every few weeks. 


    When I graduated High School, I started as an intern at the local radio station "KBIG 106.3" in Merced County. I was an intern for less than a month when they decided to give me my own radio show.. I was not live, at first but I did go on air every night from 9pm-12am. I  had found my dream job... Well a few months later the station got bought out from a different company, and my show was sadly canceled.


    I went on to college then my sister and brother in law were moving to LA and they dragged me with them... I then worked in the promotions department at KZLA 93.9 (while it was still a country station) then again there was a different company that bought KZLA and turned into MOVIN 93.9.  So from there I created my own radio show on the internet called Patty's Playlist... I hosted my own show for a few years then I had to let it go due to financial hardships. Meanwhile I was going to school to get my degree in Performance Broadcasting for RADIO/TV.


    Now I have finished school, finished my demo and now I am ready to jump back into doing voice overs that I have long awaited to do.


    So Here I am!!! That is me in a nutshell...

  • Hi Bob!!

    I'm just getting started in this thing called voice over. Still wearing my rose colored glasses and excited to be here. I'm in south OC but would certainly make the drive to LA to hang with the other "crazies" in this business. Have a great day!!


  • Hi Bob! Thanks for friending me!! :)
  • Hi Bob;
    Yes the proprietor of Third & Olive is my friend Namie Ojeill and the place is very fine,
    the cuisine, ambiance & service is superb.
    I have heard of the voice-networking gatherings held there but am not able to make plans as I have a day job at CBS which usually keeps me late on week days/nights.
  • Hi Bob, Thrilled to be your friend on FB. Moving along with things. Doing 2 new demos next week. More to follow. Best Juliette
  • Iksnay on the ampschay!!!
  • Thanks for the add, Bob! Hoping to make it to the March meeting...
  • Wow, Mr. Loza, you are looking dapper! We gotta work together on something one of these days. Hope you're well. ;-)
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