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May 2, 2012
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Appreciate the invite; On my way. Have blessed holiday season."
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Jun 30, 2009

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  • Thanks for the heads up... i didn't know. But of course, it didn't come up when I went on the site.
  • I think my voice changed when I was 8, too ;) all the best:)
  • BZ,

    Heck there's not room for ME here at KLAS as a voice-actor. Our imaging is done by someone else who's a member here: Max McGill. Alice did my demo...she's great. I hope to get with Nancy this August during VOICE.... are you going?

    Thanks for the shout!
  • Oy Mate!

    Darn good sound BZ... as I'm listening and reading your gear list... I gotta ask... are you getting all that sound out of the Rode?

    ...course, I'm just an ol Loozzeeanna boy so ya know...

    Good to e-meet ya BZ...
  • Thanks for the comment!! I had a great time this year on my b-day! Is a blessing to be alive!!! All the best!!
  • Hey B.Z. thanks for adding me....and for the heads up on Marc Graue. Marc and I have been corresponding. he'll be presenting at Voice 2008 this summer too
  • There you are mate!!! I tried searching for you in vain, I'm glad you found me, we are mates everywhere now!! ; )

  • Thanks for the welcome. I'm glad to be here
  • A friend of mine has been telling me about this for weeks. I finally made it.
  • Nice to meet you.

    James Alburger
This reply was deleted.