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May 20, 2013
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"For Sale - Telos One plus One Dual Digital Adaptive Hybrid with Dual SAA Boards installed - Price $800.00. Original list price is $2,500 (without Auto Answer board option). Unit contains Qty. 2 Super Auto Answer Boards (SAA) installed. These are a…"
May 20, 2013
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"Victoria - Sample rate measured in kHz is not the same as compression data bit rates measured in kbps.

Bit rates vs. sample rates

The bit rate simply refers to the number of bits per second that should be devoted to storing the final product-the…"
Jul 10, 2010

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  • Hey Al,

    Sorry for the rather long delay in getting back with you. I'm on the road heavy this time of year. 10 states in 6 weeks! Now back to the subject at hand...

    Let me preface this by saying this setup is for the MBox 2 Pro. The MBox Mini seems to work fine with setting your Skype properties as Audio Output/Input as the MBox Mini. But for the Pro I had to do a little work around.

    For the MBox Pro - Set the output as the MBox Pro in Skype. The input will be your computer's Line In (microphone jack).

    Get a 1/8" to 1/4" cable, something like this should do just fine Put the small end 1/8" into the Line In (microphone jack) on your computer. Plug the 1/4" end into the back of the Pro in one of the Line Out sends (in my case I used #1). Open up PT and Skype. You have to have a session in PT ready to record or recording to hear yourself and for the audio to be picked up in Skype. Do a test call and you should be up and running!

    Although this is the only way I could get the studio mic into Skype, it did give one added feature. You now have an extra control on your levels through Skype. Which means your studio levels can be set properly for recording, and you can control the volume separately for the call. Saaaaaweeeeeet!

    If you wanna jump on Skype sometime and test it with a human let me know and I'll shoot ya my info!
  • Thanks Al, Still taking voice acting classes in Cleveland .Hope to make Demo in next year.Will need to talk with you soon with questions about equipment. Eddie Gorman
  • Awesome! Thank you for accepting the request! :-)
  • Al, thank you for your comments...I'm elated about my new adventure with VOX!
  • OK AL--yes James and Penny r excellent teachers an VO artists---tell em i said hi...and
    good luck with your VO career!
  • Al,

    I appreciate the 'friending'.

  • Al,
    I just noticed your message regarding my Telos One setup. My system is running through a Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro Mixer so I think that is a little different setup than you have. Rather than even try to give you any technical guidance...because I am in no way qualified to do so...I don't even understand my own advice is to do what I did. I called Telos in Cleveland and they were wonderful in guiding me step-by-step through setting up my Telos One. They even helped me test it when the installation was complete. Nice guys at Telos. I wish you all the best. -Tom
  • Al: Hi. Always happy to share! My setup of the phone patch really is done through a small Mackie mixer I also have in my audio chain. I use the Mackie 1402-VLZPro. So all my audio sources feed into those inputs (including the output of the phone patch)...then the Mackie feeds my Mbox Pro. Then my Auxillary #2 on the mixer feeds my Send bus on the phone patch.

    Hope that helps a little - let me know if you have questions.
  • Hi Al,

    Good question. Truth be told, I've sort of gone away from my JK AutoHybrid because it's passive. Meaning there's no gain control to adjust the output volume for your listeners. It needs to run through a board, or something to boost the signal (or at least control it). Before, the chain was - Mic-Pre-MBox-Mackie Board-JK. So in a sense, I split the signal so I could control volume for record, and control volume for my listeners.

    I've actually been experimenting with using Skype as a phone patch and I have to say it's worked WONDERS! Especially when on the road (and I travel quite a bit). Because of PT being proprietary you have to have a session open for Skype to read the interface. Then you set Skype as your interface for both I/O. Instant phone patch!

    I can't speak to how the Telos One is (since I've never used it), but I imagine you could take one of the Line Outs from the MBox Pro.

    Hope that helps!

    - T
  • My engineer handles all of the technical stuff. In my big studio there is no's some other protools interface.
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