Alex Myers commented on Rick Party's article VO Equipment
"I have an Aphex 230 Master Voice Channel Tube Mic Pre. It's in great shape and sounds great.  First $425 plus shipping from Austin, TX."
May 22, 2013
Alex Myers left a comment for Lani Minella
"Hey Lani,
Glad to have you in the "Network".
With all the layoffs in radio lately I've had to step up to the plate and do the work of a couple of people and it's been keeping me thumping.
The only voice work I've been doing is maintaining my regular…"
Jul 21, 2009
Alex Myers left a comment for Mike Bratton
I saw that you were offering to sell your 416 and ship it in your NTG-3 case. How do the two mics compare for voiceover?
Dec 17, 2008
Alex Myers left a comment for Dave Courvoisier
"Hello Dave,
I saw your quote on Nancy Wolfson's site, she does seem pretty impressive. Would you recommend her coaching? Are they any other coaches that you've worked with that you've found helpful?
Nov 2, 2008
Alex Myers left a comment for TJ Jones
Since the last message I spent some time on the phone with Aphex Tech Support. Let me just say here and now for all the world to hear; "Aphex Tech Support (and product specialist, Wayne La Farr) ROCKS!"
From this experience alone, I will be a…"
Nov 1, 2008
Alex Myers left a comment for TJ Jones
I see you have the Aphex 230--do you like it?
Mine sounds messy and splattery. I would love to hear some settings that are working for you (or if you've experienced any issues with it).
Oct 29, 2008
Alex Myers left a comment for Jon St. John
I think your reads are brilliant! They are diverse and interesting. Did you ever work with a voice coach?
Oct 16, 2008
Alex Myers left a comment for Penny Abshire
As evidenced below, your welcome means a lot. Doing voiceovers can be a solitary existence; most of the time you're alone with your microphone and copy, now and then a trip to a studio.
From what I've seen and heard about "Voice 2008", plus…"
Oct 15, 2008

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  • Hey Alex:

    Would you be willing to share how your Phone Patch is set-up with your MBox? I have an MBox 2 Pro and want to set-up the MBox 2 Pro with Protools 8.0.3 to support a Telos One for a phone patch. I assume your Phone Patch and the Telos One would basically function the same way with Protools i.e. implementing a Phone Patch.


  • Alex: Thought it would be interesting to collect the top recommended Pro Tools plug-ins used by voiceover home studio users. My list would include: BNR, Normalize, and EQ 3. When you are putting your money where your mouth is, what plug-ins add real value? Share and enjoy! Al
    Top 10 Plug-ins for VO Work in Pro Tools
    Thought it would be interesting to collect the top recommended Pro Tools plug-ins used by voiceover home studio users. My list would include: BNR, No…
  • Alex - I see you have an EV RE27 N/D. Would you mind sharing what your 3 RE27 roll-off switches settings? Thanks in advance! - Al

    P.S. God I miss Austin. Used to live in downtown 5th and San Jacinto (lofts) across from Eddie V's...
  • Thanks for the add, Alex! My hubby and I moved to CS two years ago from Massachusetts. He's a professor, and I currently work at A&M in marketing. I'm really looking forward to learning and growing in my VO skills. Do you have any recommendations for coaches or training in the Austin area? I'd love any input I can get!

    Thanks so much,
    Connor :)
  • No problem Alex...Times are tough and it's pulling teeth trying to help people by coaching them to be part of my talent pool which will more than make up for anything they spend now in future work. I show people instantly how to be my competition because I hate classes that rip people off and I try to bend over backward the other direction to try and make up for that. LOL
    I hope you have great successes in all you do and keep me posted
  • Alex,

    Luis here...hey man...How is that Aphex230 working out for you? I want to get some hardware and I am considering it. What I have right now is RodeNT1A mic, an Emu1616m mic pre and sound card, and intel core2duo PC... thx can email me at
  • HiYa Alex!

    I trust the Voiceover Universe experience has been good for you!

    Also, I hope you'll check out and join a new group that we just started called MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT. It's a group dedicated to discussing ways we can market ourselves - what works; what doesn't. With your experience, you would be a tremendous resource! The link is:

    Thanks for your time! I trust our paths will cross soon!

    Best to ya!

    dan (daniel eduardo) hurst
  • Alex,

    Got your message. I REALLY enjoy both. As for voiceover, they're really both perfect. The 416, as you probably have read here on the boards, is known as the "Hollywood Mic," due to it's prevalent use in the industry for trailers and promo work.

    The NTG-3 is amazingly similar in sonic characteristics to the 416. The pattern is a smidge wider...but other than that, sonically, I can't say that I've noticed much of any difference.

    I've used the 416 for years and years for's very up-front and present in the mix...and it rejects noise like crazy...which is great if you're working in a not-so-well-treated room, as I used to.

    It also makes using on the road a dream.

    Anyway, I realize you're probably asking this guy trying to sell his 416 or sell me on an NTG-3? The fact is, the 416 is still a great mic...and I'm actually kicking around keeping it and using it as my "on-the-road" mic.

    For the price...actually...I say go NEW, and try the NTG-3.

    : )

    Basically, what I'm trying to say i
  • Alex,

    Anymore I think Nancy Wolfson is one of the rites of passage for voice actors who want to take it to the next level.. Voice coaching, branding, connecting, referring...all that, plus just making you more savvy to the business. She's awesome!

    Best to you, Alex!
  • Hey Alex,
    Not sure about the Aphex as of yet, I'll send you the settings I'm using when I get in tomorrow.
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