Adam Harrington commented on Rick Party's article VO Equipment
"I need lavs or a shotgun mic for shooting youtube videos. Don't want to buy brand new. Anybody looking to sell? "
Jun 19, 2013
Adam Harrington commented on Jon Bailey's video
"Great interview Jon.  Funny though, the way the video is framed, if you mute the volume it looks like he's got you up against a wall shaking you down for some money you owe him. lol."
Mar 12, 2012
Adam Harrington posted a photo
Assembling a few of my more unruly alter egos for a group photo proved challenging to say the least.
Mar 12, 2012
Adam Harrington posted a video
My latest Video VO Reel! A compilation of website videos for the incomparable John Taylor, America's Voiceover Sweetheart! Not only incredibly talented, but one of the nicest guys I've ever met. John Rocks! For more info including bio, contact info…
Jan 23, 2012
Adam Harrington commented on Rick Party's video
"Great work Zurek!  And a Hulu intro by Dave Fennoy to boot!  "
Jan 14, 2012
Adam Harrington posted a video
A new year, a new commercial reel! All male characters voiced by Adam Harrington. To book Adam for your project please contact Stars the Agency: (415) 421-6272 or visit http://www.starsagency....
Jan 10, 2012
Adam Harrington posted a video
Trailer I voiced for a project I will be narrating. Regina Mason discovers her ancestor William Grimes, a runaway slave who became (among many other things) an author, landowner and highly successful businessman. An incredible journey directed by my…
Jan 6, 2012
Adam Harrington posted a video
A little thank you note to my agents and every one else at Stars The Agency for a standout 2011. My biggest year for video game VO yet. All your hard work is hugely appreciated guys. Here's to an even bigger, BADDER 2012!
Jan 2, 2012
Adam Harrington commented on Lani Minella's video
"I'd love to get some of this in your reel too!"
Dec 22, 2011
Adam Harrington commented on Lani Minella's video
"Awesome Lani! Wanna put some of it in the reel?"
Dec 22, 2011
Adam Harrington posted a video
Hallelujah! Here's a funny TV spot I recently voiced, now airing in Europe. I'm an evangelical spokesman in this one.
Dec 20, 2011
Adam Harrington posted a video
To download Tintin visit Voiceover produced at Somatone Emeryville For more of Adam Harrington's gaming characters visit ...
Dec 14, 2011
Adam Harrington commented on Philip Banks's video
Dec 13, 2011
Adam Harrington posted a video
Hey smartphone and tablet gamers/GTA fans, check out my voicework in Gameloft's 9MM. Thanks to my brother, Michael Djfats Chambers, for the intro/outro music for this reel. Visit to download 9MM and many other very cool mobile games…
Dec 11, 2011
Adam Harrington posted a video
My latest is a website video compilation reel for VU creator Zurek! Your dedication to (and mastery of) the craft is undeniable sir! I'm sure all my fellow VU members will join me in thanking you for giving all us Voices... a voice! You rock dude!…
Sep 16, 2011
Adam Harrington posted a video
My latest video VO reel features none other than The Queen of Gaming VO herself, Lani Minella! This one was a challenge. Her many hundreds (yes folks HUNDREDS) of video game titles makes choosing just a few to include excruciatingly difficult. Lani…
Sep 15, 2011

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  • Adam,

    Thank you for your kind words about my tongue twister video. No, I won't be at VOICE 2010 due to prior commitments. I will be there in spirit though.

    Take care
  • email me a demo
  • Thanks for reaching out Adam. Nice to meet you!
  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for linking up. I love your Avatar - I think its quite creative! Listened to your Demos too - Great Voice :-) .

    Take care......................................................
  • Will do Adam...great voice!!!
  • I KNOW RIGHT?!!!! IT'S CRAZY!!!!!
  • Awwwwwwww =) Thanks!! Keep in Touch!
  • Thank you, Adam, for requesting to be friends on VU. I'm happy and honored to connect. Do tell me about your activities and your location and other details so we can get to know one another better!
  • Hi Adam,
    Thanks for friending. You're a talented SOB! Nice work!
    Regarding Howard Stern...when I interned for him, there were NO strippers, NO Sibians, and it was JUST Howard...BEFORE Robin, Gary & the rest. So the "fun" quotient was minimal!!(bummer, huh?).
    But there were still a few fun moments, like when Howard would put me on air as a 'character.' He had me do my Belushi impersonation (...But NOOOOooooooo). And then there was the time we went into the production room to light someone's fart on fire.
    Honestly, that's about ALL the fun I had. But it was my first 'lesson' in real radio, and that proved invaluable! Stern left while I was still in my internship, and his star has been shining brightly ever since. STILL love him. STILL listen occasionally on Sirius(My wife listens every day and fills me in). I'd love to get back in touch with him again---Not sure he'd even remember me. Damn. That was 30 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All the best in your VO career! Hope to work alongside you one day!
  • Hey Adam where did we meet? Fill me in. MJ
This reply was deleted.