AL Shaw posted a video
Al Shaw does a GREAT James Earl... Hear the Talent... Hire The VOICE thanks to everyone would love to hear your feedback Twitter!/alsha...
Jun 12, 2012
AL Shaw commented on Rick Party's video
"NICE... I'll be watching for sure. Congrats"
Feb 28, 2011
AL Shaw posted a video
Al Shaw Voice Box
Jan 25, 2011
AL Shaw left a comment for Kyrsten Weber
"Thanks Kyrsten :-).. excelent VO work.."
Jan 25, 2011
AL Shaw posted a video
Al Shaw Voice Box...
Nov 30, 2010
AL Shaw posted a video
BFMG and L.I.T. Entertainment present Silver Screen Saturdays. The Premiere of The Movie Perfect Peace by Lorenzo Thomas is on Saturday, October 16th at the ...
Oct 23, 2010
AL Shaw left a comment for Nelson Jewell
"Thanks Nelson... for your kind words and checking out my video. Your VO brotha from anotha motha..
Al Shaw"
Aug 26, 2010
AL Shaw posted a video
Hard Rock live concert promo
Aug 19, 2010
AL Shaw left a comment for Heather Martinez
"Hey Sweety... been too long.. all is well in the 305... how you been?"
Jul 11, 2010
AL Shaw commented on Mike Hudson's video
"Mike... Big Ups my brotha.. you def NAILED it"
Jul 5, 2010
AL Shaw left a comment for Heather Martinez
"One love... been too long.. all is well.. One can only wonder what side of the world you are now on..ehh...emm or have been on ;-)"
Jan 7, 2010
AL Shaw left a comment for Tammie Peterson
"Happy Day of birth...can you say double the gifts :)

AL Shaw"
Dec 14, 2009
AL Shaw left a comment for Frank Sanderson
"good for you fellow VO fam... I am doing the same thing.. "marketing is key" let's start 2010 off with a BANG..
Nov 28, 2009
AL Shaw left a comment for Lonni Delane
"geeez.. you got me wanting "PONZIO" ummmm.. Big UPS"
Nov 24, 2009
AL Shaw left a comment for Jef Brown
"Jeff, congrats my VO bro on the signing.. I'll be looking to sign with an agency soon as your commercial demo.. NICE"
Nov 24, 2009
AL Shaw left a comment for Rick Party
"thanx zurek.. your my inspiration...just getting new material together for my new demo.."
Nov 24, 2009

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  • Thanks!
  • Uh oh! The Voice Box is out the box... great stuff!
  • love the spot and all your stuff! Come listen to my work and it would be nice to get some advice from someone talented like u!
  • What's up, Al.
    Good work on the Soul Train spot and congratulations! We met at a luncheon Zurek pulled together a while back. We have to do that more often.

    Giving Voice to Your Creativity
  • AL!!!!

    Thanks for your kind words! We should talk soon!

  • HEY its the Guy with the "SUPER" 808 Voice!!!! lol Great to hear that things are going well for you and progressing. I hear ya, about the dusty show that use to bite...LOL!!!! Grind time is always good=) Do keep me posted on the internet show "CAMEO" that you're gonna put me up on! :-)

    So far so I grind...and it's all good with my relocation status...lots of family, lots of friends, lots memories and LOADS of opportunities!!!

    Keep in touch=)

    Ladie Mo$t....
  • Hey, hey, hey AL...Long time no hear or read...LOL
    How's everything at Cox, in the booth and the starch thing? I see you doin' your thing=)

    Keep in touch!


    Ladie Mo$t...
  • Al, I listened and here's my two cents. I like your real reads the best. I think they will be the underpinnings of your career. Sometimes when my first read sounds too announcer(y). I say it again like I am talking to a friend. When I do the same lines-without reading the words, but more like saying it again from memory I am happiest with that read. So, it's like saying it again..just a little more relaxed. That is where YOUR money voice is.
  • Hey Al, thank you for the invite and the kind words sir. You inpire me also! It is so good to see talented guys as yourself out there doing the work! Keep it up bro!
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