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  • My UPgraded studio is now at work. Check it out @ with gratitude, David
  • Ever wondered how to select a new mic?

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    With gratitude, David
  • What if you could give something back to the WORLD and it's not charity?

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    With gratitude,
  • I've got some studio equipment for sale...check it out on my blog, please

    With gratitude,
  • My VOICE 2010 package as been sold...thank you all for your interest!!! Special wishes for safe travels and a great time at VOICE 2010 to both Christine Ivy and Tony Carnaghi.

    with gratitude,
  • We've all either heard or asked the question: "Can you build a voiceover studio for under $1000? For under $500? For under $100?

    Check out my latest might just find out something interesting for yourself or to share with somebody else in our VO community.

    With gratitude,
    David Brower
  • Hi Alexis, Thanks for your comment. SaVoa doesn't accredit studios per se, just individuals. I think it's always a good idea to be peer reviewed and accredited, whether one is in academics or voice-over. :) It could possibly help you get more work. I know a few clients have found me through the SaVoa page. Mostly it's like a BBB for VO artists. If a client is dealing with a SaVoa accredited artist, they know they have a reputable, professional person on the other end of the deal.
  • Hi, someone suggested my dad get a SaVoa accreditation for our studio, but did not give me much detail. I hoped some of you might be able to tell me if its a good idea. Does it help you get more work?
    Thank Alexis
  • Cool Randye! SaVoa has secured a YouTube account, and we're gonna begin placing videos like that for all to learn. More on this as it develops.

    Dave Courvoisier
    (aka CourVO)
  • Hey - we can all use the extra tips, Randye. Great stuff! I really enjoyed watching that. :)
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