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  • An Open Letter to the Membership of SaVoa:

    The current membership of SaVoa deserves to know that the current Officers and Directors of the Board of Directors of SaVoa, most of which were appointed at a meeting on April 9, 2012, have resigned their committee chairs, offices and their memberships in the organization on April 19, 2012. These officers and directors have also been members of SaVoa almost since it’s inception, and have served on the Advisory Board for several years. 


    Ed Gambill, the Founder of SaVoa, is the only remaining Executive Board member and officer of SaVoa.  The former Board of Directors and Officers of SaVoa hereby wish to publically thank Ed Gambill for founding the organization and for his vision.

    While we certainly support that vision comprising the principles and ideologies behind SaVoa, namely, to enhance the quality of the voice over industry by accrediting qualified professional voice over talent it is obvious that in its current form, SaVoa will be unable to achieve those goals. The former directors and officers believe the existing corporate structure, foundation and framework that is in place is an obstacle preventing growth and the organization’s stated goals.

    We further believe that until the membership is given a voice, namely, for one, election of its leaders, the organization also cannot move forward.

    We do believe an organization should exist to set minimum certification standards that reflect a high level of professionalism and proficiency.  However, such an organization needs to have more transparency for it’s members, and that involves input from the entire voice over community rather than just a select few.   We are hopeful such an organization will exist in the future so we can continue our work.

    Any member who wishes further clarification from the former board should feel free to make contact with them.  It may also behoove you to seek answers on this state of affairs from the remaining board member: Ed Gambill.  You may contact him at edgambill at Hotmail dot com

    All the best,

    Andy Bowyer, Dave Courvoisier, Dustin Ebaugh, Dan Lenard, Chris Mezzolesta & Rob Sciglimpaglia

  • Hi Thomas, Thanks for joining!

  • Hi guys, didn't know savoa has a group here, so.... Here I am! :-)
    Have a great and successful time,
  • Good thoughts Dave!  Maybe some others will chime in too.  :)


  • Well, since I've been a member of SaVoa for less than a week, I'm not sure how much my opinion will matter here, but I'll toss an idea in for the sake of discussion.  Speaking as somebody who completed the entrance tests relatively recently, I'm wondering if maybe the entrance tests should have had two additional phases added to it. In addition to what we already had to do, here are two other ideas I had:


    1) Add another element to the entrance exam where a talent's ability to edit audio is assessed. If SaVoa accreditation is handed to people who can produce broadcast-quality audio, then shouldn't we assess a talent's ability to create that broadcast-quality audio? The audio that I submitted for the technical review was completely raw, unedited, and unprocessed, which--while important to review for technical purposes--is audio that I would never submit to a client under most circumstances. Having said that, between the two ideas, this is the one I'm less sure about, because everybody has some slight differentiation to how they edit their audio, and therefore I don't know how I would go about setting a standard here. So I'm not proposing a standard so much as I am proposing that this is something we may want to look into.


    2) A talent's ability to take direction. I'm wondering if perhaps we shouldn't also be taking this into account. Fortunately this is, in my opinion, a little easier to test than a talent's editing ability. We could do something to the effect of a "mock phone patch session," where a member of SaVoa assumes the role of a client, emails SaVoa applicants a script ahead of time, and asks them to read it with a couple different interpretations.


    Just some ideas, of course. Everybody, feel free to chime in!

  • Hey Bob: You bring up a good point on the noise floor issue. This is actually something our Technical Review Committee is looking into changing. My noise floor here is about -70dB and I'm with you and Todd on the need for a change.
  • Here's a lovely piece of narration from one of SaVoa's founders:


    An introduction to the work of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. - Narrated by Thom Wilkins


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