Ok, D.C. - Let's talk. How many of you hail from the area? I'm including Maryland and Northern Virginia folk. DC can be a tough market. Let's see if we can't help each other out.
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  • Hey DC folks! I am Melody Jones that Victoria mentioned and I really look forward to meeting and getting to know VO talent in this area. I work from both my studio in New York and Spotsylvania (6 miles from Fredericksburg). The studio in VA will hopefully be finished soon. It will be state of the art...with a 10x15 booth. If I am spending all day and night in the booth, then I wanted room for me and my clients. Hope to talk with you soon.

    Please let me know of I can assist anyone with an audition, coach you, or prepare you for a new demo. Love VA and so glad to be a part of this group. Here's to us working together and getting to know each other.

    NY Studio: 212-543-4359
    VA Studio; 540-582-8080
    Melody Jones
  • Hey Brenda - Hey Washington D.C. 


    Looking for a coach? Maybe a place to practice? Or a studio to record, mix and master your auditions, demos or client sessions?  VOworks Studios is here to serve your needs.  Look us up today at http://www.voworks.com

  • Hello all!

    I live in DC and am BRAND SPANKING NEW to this Voice Over world. Just attended a workout this week and hope to attend a workshop soon. I do need some more practice though. I have a home studio because I am a part time audio professional. Hope to make time to really dig into this site.



  • Hi ya all, I am here in Chesapeake Va, I have  Coach in northern Va ... Melody Jones she wants to start having workshops with some named guest so if you are interested in a workshop in Spotsvailna( I know I spelled that wrong) (fredsrickburg)

    she is on VU and she is on facebook, just friend her and tell her I told you about her and the workshops... hope to meet ya all soon ...

    I am working towards breaking in the VO biz too. so if you know of any avenues I could take I am open for suggestions too, Have a great day!!!


  • Hey Ron!  This Ron.  Welcome aboard.  If I can be of any help just let know.  I'm always happy to share info.  This can be a tough market as resources and people in the business seem to be scarce.
  • By way of introduction, I'm located in Fredericksburg VA....or as some folks say No VA south. Can't agree more....we all should share info and work together to break into the market here..
  • www.melissavoice.com. check her out she does work outs twice a month in Bethesda MD.

  • Hi Ron ...

    Just joined VU and am JUST getting started in the wonderful world of VO, slowly but (hopefully) surely ...

    Originally from NYC but have lived in the DC area since 1989. Would love to find out more about the VO community here, since I am so envious hearing/reading people talk about all the mixers and networking events in NY and LA ...

  • Great! Thanks Victoria.
  • http://www.stevievallance.com/toonedin.html

    she should be on the edge studios ask an expert page too
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