This page you too see other talent in their recording sessions! Grab a webcam, give us a time, and we'll tune into your LIVE sessions. It's free! Grab your webcam! Get started and create a www.STICKAM.COM when to tune into your live show.
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  • What's up "TrishHairJune08"?
  • I'd love to do this, but then I'd have to wear clothes during my sessions. Oh well... :-p
  • Yesterday was so much fun to watch! I've dug out my camera and am good to go for the next time I can catch you. Ladie Most you crack me up!
  • This is so cool!. what a great way to network. I have to get a camera and then I will be on!
  • Thanks for the invite.I enjoyed listening to your demo and other samples. You've got great talent. Hope to learn from you.
  • oh WONDERFUL!!!! You mean now i gotta actually put makeup on to do a session??? sheesh......
  • R.P.!
    I caught the vo session today.. I think you will get a better sound out of your mic if you get a $40.00 swing arm/boom, like you used in the radio days and a wall mount for the boom. The desk picks up vibrations from your voice in the booth. everytime you touch the desk the mic reacts with a loud boom from the vibration. If you screw the side mount (available through bsw $20.00) link- into a stud on th e wall you can eliminate the vibration and get a cleaner sound.
    link to ebay 40.00 mic boom arm -

    other than that you sounded great as usual..
  • are you holding the mic in your hand?
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