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  • Hi all! Proud to be in your ranks -- do we work twice as hard, twice as creatively to get work or what?
  • I haven't been here in...forever! Actually I've been focusing on my show which premieres in Sept. If you're curious, go to www.journeytothecenteroftheuterus.com for info about the show. It did very well in previews so let's hope it gets bigger and bigger!
  • Hi Everyone...it's been a while since I've been here so I thought I'd check in. Been busy completing the last bits of my show...Journey to the Center of the Uterus; Adventures Infertility! It's going up at the beginning of May so I'm excited! I've done a couple of readings for it...all with great feedback and constructive comments. It's a humorously poignant look at my own journey through IVF etc. I've been interviewing people with my little H2 Zoom mic and they've come out pretty well actually.

    The VO stuff has been slow...auditioning though...but very excited about the show!
  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm hoping that you can do me a favor. I've recently launched a website called www.ivfjourneys.com. I hoping that you might pass this along to anyone who might be interested or anyone who could benefit. Let me know if you have any questions!

    Many thanks in advance...

  • Hello all! :)
  • Hello! Glad to be part of the group! Can't wait to learn and share! Sincerely, Diane Merritt
  • Hey Kathleen! Thanks for starting this group. After our class in LA, I got in the Master Class prior to the Audio Publisher's Conference and met some more great women VO actors. We actually formed a small group here, Voxchicks, and meet regularly to do what we're doing here: encourage, inspire, help each other. There's plenty of work for us all. We're all unique.
  • There is a techy group that you could join. They'd probably be able to help. Although I'm sure there are some women here who know those ropes.

    Ladies? Marketing ideas?
  • I have been having some trouble with the software that I have - Sound Forge. I am technologically challenged and cannot figure out how to fix it. I also have been told that marleting is essential, but I have been having some trouble being motivated enough to do what I need to do. Any suggestions or encouragement would be appreciated.
  • Welcome everyone! So, what kind of help do you need Susan?
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